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Running all over town, and a wreck-light Feed

Well, I have a few minutes to filter the Feed and write something cogent about the wrecks and other articles. I went to the church writers’ group Quill Questers this morning, went with the kids to take my wife to lunch for Mothers’ Day (beat the rush, take Mom for dinner on Saturday), and I have the D&D game tonight, which leaves me with an hour to filter and compose before I must take flight again…

Up first is an update on the hit-and-run of a cyclist near Charlotte, NC. Police seek driver in hit-and-run fatality of cyclist This is very frustrating, I just wish the driver would turn himself in…

The only other wreck we have is in MI. Lake Orion officer knew cyclist killed in crash Cyclist had been consuming alcohol prior to the wreck and rolled a flashing red, the driver of the cop car couldn’t stop in time and centerpunched the cyclist. To avoid don’t drink and ride, and don’t roll stop signs or flashing reds.

Up next is another article promoting the Ride of Silence world wide. Ride of Silence Just a reminder, Blue and I will be at the Mother Ride on the 18th at White Rock Lake in Dallas. Look for the guy riding a blue crank-forward bike with a full face helmet, more than likely that will be me. I don’t think there are 2 people fitting that description in the US, much less Texas, or especially Dallas.

Speaking of Dallas, after discovering that the lowest speed limit they could set on the trail system was 30 MPH, the city of Dallas and Friends of Katy Trail have decided to put up advisory signs about good trail manners instead. Signs Promote Safety on Dallas Trails There is so little off-street trail space in Dallas County that it quickly gets overwhelmed with other users that make actually riding a bicycle on the bicycle transportation facility very difficult.

LifeStyle from OR. Eugene police take on bike ride honoring fallen officers As a relative of LEO the management of WoaB strongly supports this ride…

And from PA comes a report on a man riding through as much of the US as he can to raise awareness of the deadliness of epilepsy. Cyclist bikes to raise epilepsy awareness So many people die from epilepsy every year that shouldn’t if they were just treated with anti-seizure drugs that are cheap and readily available.

And that’s all I have today, back with a wreck-free post tomorrow.

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