Daily Archives: May 8, 2011

DFW residents should consider someone other than DJ’s Tree Service for their tree-trimming needs

So, to provide the background for the headline. I was riding Blue to the church for the RPG night, and headed west on Castle, east of the Sonic, when this white Dodge pickup comes blowing by way too close and the driver is red-faced and screaming at me from inside closed windows. I can hear the screaming, bit not understand any of it. The driver had dark hair and I assume light skin, I couldn’t tell the actual skin color because of the redness of the face, and I couldn’t guess as to ethnicity because of the facial distortions that went with the screaming. The driver could be any of the races with lighter skin tones and dark hair. There was an ad painted on the back window of the truck advertising DJ’s Tree Service and giving 2 numbers to call.

None of that is important. The important part is the driver passed way too close in obvious anger, in a vehicle that can be readily identified, and a vehicle that is associated with a business that can have negative impact on that business. So, I’m going to attempt to negatively impact that business because the person driving their vehicle was rude and unnecessarily placed my safety in jeopardy. Don’t use DJ’s Tree Service in Garland ever.

PSA, Opus