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About to go to a car dealer, but you get the Feed first

No, I haven’t given up my car-free lifestyle, I got a prize from a local car dealer that I need to pick up at the store. I’m sure it’s some trinket that isn’t worth anything, but it gives me an excuse to get out and burn some of yesterday’s beans and rice off. I’m looking at about 16 miles of riding to pick up whatever it is I won.

Up first are two links to another death in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle, Florida. Bonita Springs woman killed in crash involving bicycle and Inquiry ongoing in death of Bonita cyclist If I understand the reports correctly the cyclist was riding on the shoulder when it ended in a right turn lane and was crossing the right turn lane when she was hit from behind by an unlicensed driver, and still about 1/3 of the people commenting blamed the cyclist for being there, not the unlicensed driver (in fact out of all the comments to both articles, 22 at the time I posted this, only one person even commented about the driver’s illegal status on the roads). Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols with extra care merging into or across a turning lane.

Closer to home is a hit-and-run with serious injury just up the road in Denton. Oak St hit-and-run Another TX hit-from-behind wreck with typical TX LEO reaction, the victim had to go retrieve the evidence from the scene to present for forensic work.

A cyclist is hit from behind while trying to make a left turn in UT. UDOT wants cyclists, motorists to share the road safely I’m still trying to wrap my noggin around this one. A cyclist signals a lane change, waits for traffic to clear, makes the lane change and then after he gets in the lane another vehicle passes the one that let him in the lane and hits the cyclist, and the cyclist gets a ticket? for what, exactly? And how does this help cyclists share the roads with motor vehicle drivers?

More links to an odd wreck near DC. Breakfast links: Unfortunate contradictions As far as I can tell the cyclist carried a lot of speed off the hill and went wide around the corner, hitting the other vehicle on the wrong side of the road in a head-on wreck, not survivable. To avoid control your speed so that you can remain in your own lane.

A wreck reported here last week turns out to have never happened. Bike crash report proves false Even though this is a common wreck scenario, driver pulls out from a driveway and clips a cyclist on a sidewalk or in the road, this one didn’t happen. LEO are citing the age of the cyclist involved as a possible contributory agent to the wreck, and the false report.

Moving on to Oz, a killer driver who was under suspension for drunk driving when he killed while driving drunk complains his sentence is too severe. Unlicensed driver to appeal over fatal sentenceSeeking leave to appeal against his sentence, he argued in the Supreme Court the length of his licence disqualification would have a serious impact on him, given there were limited public transport options on Yorke Peninsula.” Cry me a river pal. You killed someone while illegally in control of a deadly weapon and you got pittance for it. I would have just put you away permanently. I suggest that you buy a bicycle and learn to ride it, because that is how you’re going to have to get around unless you prefer to walk.

Sometimes even if you’re obeying the laws and doing everything right you still get hurt, as in this report from Enn Zed. Teen cyclist injured in hit-and-run Waiting at the red light, and he gets hit-and-run and his face bashed in for his troubles. This is not a wreck that can be avoided by a cyclist, it’s almost an assault with a deadly weapon. I sincerely feel for this young man…

And winding things up is a lifestyle article from VA. Residents Pack Nightspot in Support of Police Unity Tour Bike Rider As a relative of a LEO, the writer at WoaB supports this activity.

And that’s all the links I have that don’t lock up my computer, I had one from the Utah DOT about sharing the roads that made me have to re-boot so I won’t send you there. Now I have to go claim my prize from the car dealer.

Billed @$0.02, Opus