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Happy “mule day”, and the Feed

Yes, it’s that time of the week again, I get to be the beast of burden to haul home the munchies. But before that I have a Feed that made me madder than a wet hen to filter.

Starting with the most egregious wreck first, an apparent murder by Hummer in CA. ! cyclist killed, 2 others injured in hit-and-run A witness was reported to have said the vehicle appeared to have targeted the 3rd cyclist, the one that was killed, before leaving the scene. The fact that there were 2 separate wrecks in quick succession tells me that this was an intentional act, and there should be 1 murder and 2 attempted murder charges filed against this driver. Also they should impound the vehicle and destroy it after they find the scum guilty, not much need for a Hummer on death row.

And from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike (the redundancy in the statement is because FL is so stupidly dangerous) they added another body to the toll. Second bicycle death on SR-214 in month I don’t recall reporting that first wreck alluded to in the article, but this is just annoying to me. Two fatal wrecks in the same place in less than a month indicates a serious infrastructure issue here. At least this guy hung around for the cops, even if the wreck wasn’t survivable. As of right now I don’t have any information about who was doing what in the road to tell you how to avoid such a wreck except don’t live in FL. For those of you who don’t have a choice about living in FL contact your legislator about: 1. making it harder to get a Driver’s license in the state of FL and much, much easier to lose one, 2. educating drivers about the fact that bicycles have a right to the road and that drivers have only a revocable privilege to use the roads, 3. educating cyclists about their rights and responsibilities for using the roads. Don’t let them pick and choose, all 3 of those are vital to reducing the carnage on the roads.

Another report on the cyclist killed in a head-on collision in the bike lane on the causeway leaving Sanibel Island in FL. Cyclist, 46, killed in tragic accident along causeway What I don’t see in most of these reports is that the cyclist was hit head-on by a vehicle on the wrong side of the road, that “drifted” across 2 lanes to hit the cyclist. If someone driving a car was hit head-on that fact would have been the first thing to be stated in every article about the wreck.

A wreck in MI involving a moped, similar to what happens to many bicycle riders so included here. Man hit and killed, moped found 3 miles away The wreck was a hit-from-behind with a lighted bike, and the driver dragged the bike for 3 miles trapped under the truck. Moped lighting is much brighter and larger than the usual bicycle light, and the rider still got hit from behind. There are some wrecks that just can’t be avoided, even with a motor to pull you away from trouble.

More on the cyclist killed in SD last week. Family says bicyclist killed “had a heart of gold” The world lost a good man when this one was killed. I hope his killer is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The burn his car…

Moving a bit west, a cyclist is injured when struck by the rearview mirror of a passing truck. Bicyclist Injured in Park Collision There was little doubt about this wreck, passing too close. The irony is that infrastructure construction to make a parallel bikeway a safe distance from the highway is due to start next month. The scary thing is this wreck was so similar to the one that killed Larry Shwarz, the guy we remember ever May at the Ride of Silence, who was killed by a large vehicle passing too close and hitting him with a projecting rearview mirror.

We have more information on the bike wreck in NJ that killed a man. Cops ID cyclist killed on Route 1 in Trenton The information given tells us the driver was paying little or no attention to the road:”One of the drivers who struck him told police Apai came out of nowhere from the grassy roadside” and I have a beach in New Mexico I want to sell. This was a SWSS caused by a driver not watching for slow moving vehicles using the road.

Last link is from Oz, about the lawyer that killed a cyclist in a hit-and-run not losing his law license. John Rau reviews ruling on hit-run lawyer Eugene McGee I had to Google it, but John Rau is the Attorney General for the state of South Australia, and has final jurisdiction of cases like this. “This” stinking to high heaven of privilege and class trumping justice.

And that’s all I have today, now to go shlep groceries on my back.

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