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One story blew up yesterday, and the Feed

Remember that link to the Hummer driver targeting cyclists yesterday? Well, that was only a drop in the bucket of the links I should have gotten, which I picked up from other sites around the Web. It turns out the guy had been running into people and cars for quite a while, at least several minutes, before he targeted the cyclist he killed in a bike lane, leaving a trail of broken bodies and damaged vehicles for miles. I suggest clicking on the sidebar link to BikingInLA for a more complete mosaic of links to the story.

On a personal note this is going to be another 36 mile weekend of just going to and from the church. I have a BoD meeting tonight, final class for Excellence In Ritual to teach Saturday Morning (What to do when Coyote comes to your ritual), the Monthly Vegetarian Pot Luck dinner Saturday night, and the usual 2 services on Sunday. Seven miles and change per trip, 5 trips is 35 with enough “change” to make up an additional mile. Add in riding to the BPAC on Wednesday afternoon, and the RoS on Wednesday evening, and I’m going to be racking up some serious urban travel miles this next week and this month. Not like I did when I was commuting 100 miles a week, but for an old guy not riding every day for training or anything it’s still a lot of miles.

Getting to the Hummer driver again, here’s a link from the Feed separate from the links in the BikingInLA link. Suspected drunk driver kills bicyclist, injures five others, police say Yes, I did leave a comment in there about how this was a murder and attempted murder, not an “accident”. As an aside, I have been reading about “road Caste” in India, where the kind of car you drive indicates the status you expect to receive while you drive, with Hummers being at the top of the heap, all other vehicles are expected to yield to a Hummer. Given the nationality of the driver in this case, how much did this come into play from his drunken mind?

Moving north, and to a completely different mind-set, another brain-dead cyclist completes the process by using a train. Bicyclist dies in train accident I wish they wouldn’t call stuff like this an “accident”. When you go around the crossing gates you don’t do it by accident, you do it on purpose. And eventually it will catch up to you. And while I have no sympathy for the cyclist in this case I do for the people he left behind. So to avoid, don’t be an idiot, and stay behind the crossing gates when they go down.

Update on the bike wreck outside Jackson Hole. Cyclist hurt in collision That was a laundry list of injuries, all from a “tap” from the mirror of a truck. As I mentioned yesterday hit-from-behind protocols might have helped if the rider had enough time and space to react to the truck coming too close. And the driver’s reaction to the wreck is more than enough to put to lie the ridiculous assertion that someone could hit a cyclist and “not know” they hit someone and not be impaired. This driver knew immediately that the mirror had contacted the rider and stopped. From the description of the injuries it seems most likely that initial impact was on the left shoulder and the rest of the injuries were from secondary impacts with the ground after the truck passed the rider. Also this was a known danger spot for cyclists and a separated bike path is slated to begin construction next to the highway this summer, not a second too soon as far as I’m concerned.

A PA cyclist discovers that inclement weather is bad for cyclists with drivers that don’t look. Bicyclist, county courthouse struck during storms The cyclist was hit by a motor vehicle during the reduced visibility portion of the storm, the courthouse was hit by lightning. I mentioned the driver not looking, but there is also the possibility that the cyclist couldn’t see because of rain in her face in the direction the motor vehicle was coming from. Either way, you have to use extra caution when riding in bad weather because of reduced visibility issues for both cyclists and motor vehicle operators.

An update on the FL cyclist killed on CR214. Law & Disorder: Another bicyclist killed on St. Johns County road Now we know that this was a SWCC wreck since the only witness that saw the rider before he was killed was the driver of the vehicle that killed him. Since we know already that drivers that don’t see cyclists in the road sometimes process the information as “He swerved from the shoulder” when there isn’t any shoulder to swerve from, accounts from drivers in wrecks like this are not reliable.

Still in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle, more on the cyclist that was hit head-on by a vehicle on the wrong side of the road. Memorial service today for bicyclist killed on Causeway The women was hit by a vehicle travelling on the wrong side of the road, not something a cyclist can avoid when it happens.

Moving to Oz, a cyclist is killed in an unspecified collision with a motor vehicle. Cyclist dies after crash with car Since the wreck happened at an intersection there is a possibility that intersection protocols might have prevented the wreck.

Still in Oz, more on the investigation into the waste of human skin practicing law after killing a cyclist and leaving the scene, SA Attorney-Gen to look at McGee decision That this even got this far indicates how corrupt things have gotten in the state of South Australia.

Back in the states, more RoS articles as the day approaches. REGION: Two Ride of Silence events next week and Ride will remember dead and injured bicyclists (video) Just a reminder that Blue and I will be at the Mother Ride in Dallas, look for a guy wearing a full-face helmet riding a crank-forward bike and that will almost assuredly be us. Don’t expect any conversation from Blue. I will be another story however…

And, last link has nothing to do with bicycles in any way, but it’s funny. Atheist offering post-Rapture care for pets left behind I wonder if he’s going to be working with Pagans as well as with atheists? I could use some money…

And that’s all I have today, I have to decompress now with a couple of hours of comic strips…

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