Daily Archives: May 15, 2011

After a church meeting that seemed to take forever, I get a few minutes to post

Well, that was interesting, something along the lines of the Chinese curse interesting, as in “May you live in interesting times”. One thing Unitarians have always been good at is debate, and there was much debate in the congregational meeting this afternoon. Between the Grammar Nazis, and the paralegals in the congregation, we would spend 20 minutes defining a single sentence in bylaw changes. But, we got it all hammered out, cleaned up and made presentable, and what couldn’t be made presentable was sent back to the BoD for further work. It only took us 2 1/2 hours to do it with an agenda scheduled to run 45 minutes. We were supposed to be heading home by 1330, but we didn’t end the meeting until 1530, and you’re right those numbers don’t add up. We had a late start because of serving issues with the potluck before the meeting, then the meeting went way over schedule on duration. Now I’m going to rest a bit, then go help with the evening service.

PSA, Opus