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After a very busy weekend, a busy week, plus the Feed

Yep another decapitated chicken type of weekend, leading into a week that will have me put at least another 50 miles on Blue before Friday, then a (relatively) quiet weekend. Tonight I have to assist with the Full Moon ritual at church, Tuesday I have to talk to the City Council, Wednesday I have a BPAC meeting in Arlington at 1400-1630 or so, then flying to the train station to catch the train back to Dallas in time to participate in the Ride of Silence, which all told will be more than 30 miles right there.

Up first was a hard decision to make, as nothing really jumped out at me as being more important or egregious than anything else in North America. The closest thing to that was this SWSS/SWCC wreck in AZ. Phoenix bicyclist struck by cars, dies The cyclist was hit-from-behind by 2 cars, the second time after being thrown from his bike by the first. Once you’re no longer on the bike there’s no way to avoid getting hit a second time except for the driver to see and avoid you. [sarcasm] And the cyclist was obviously at fault because he was not wearing a helmet. [/sarcasm]

A Ghost Bike is being installed for the cyclist that was run over by a car after falling off his mountain bike. Memorial for cyclist killed in hit & run As I posted earlier, once you’re down there is no way to avoid a second collision except for the driver to see you and avoid hitting you…

Moving to Oz, a cyclist gets hit from behind and survives because he rolled over the vhicle instead of taking the impact. Somersault over car bonnet drives home risk to cyclists You can see the undamaged bike in the picture with the article and know the the accidental rolling motion the cyclist made was what saved him from serious injury, not the silly foam plastic hat he was wearing. Don’t get me wrong, the silly foam hat did prevent his getting a badly cut and scraped scalp, and I would urge everyone to wear a helmet when they ride, only because that is the only PPE we get as cyclists and helmets do prevent cuts and scrapes, and broken skulls in low speed impacts, just don’t expect a helmet to provide any real protection when you get hit by (or with) a car. To avoid a similar wreck, use hit-from-behind protocols.

Still in Oz cyclists are concerned after 2 wrecks in close succession result in one death and one seriously injured cyclist. Cyclist’s death worries riders I would imagine that cyclists were more worried about laws not being equally applied more than anything else. I can’t find anything that places blame on drivers for plowing into vehicles legally using the road, rather a rush to find something to blame the cyclist for “being in the way” of motor vehicles.

Not much in the way of Infrastructure! articles this weekend. New York City Bicycle Accidents: Will More Bike Lanes Provide Solutions? Get more space for cyclists, get more bikes out there on the roads, and safety tends to follow. Of course that implies the education that is required to use the infrastructure properly is included. People aren’t just born with the knowledge to use a street correctly, that has to be taught, and should be considered when planning infrastructure.

There were a large number of links related to Wednesday’s upcoming Ride of Silence. Silent riders speak for fallen cyclists and Road runner: Silent ride for bicycling casualties and These cyclists will be riding to remember and Biz Beat: Ride of Silence planned here Wednesday

Some good and not-so-good tips for safe riding from a MSM outlet. Heed Tips And Safely Climb Aboard During National Bike Safety Month Obviously this was written by someone completely unaware of the facts about helmets, since the “85%” figure was used in regards to helmet effectiveness, but since the quote was attributed to THE AAA you know it was intended to reduce bicycle use.

Canuckistan infrastructure news. Cyclists assess their risk Letters of the day Comments are to be ignored as there were idiots calling for bikes to be pushed through intersections instead of riding them.

LifeStyle in NJ. For EMT, bicycle ride built for two

I’m not sure how to classify this link. Kenzi Tschirren Learns The Hard Way To Wear A Bike Helmet I think this might be just another helmet article as the wreck was apparently on a sidewalk.

And that’s all I have for you today. Just a heads up, Wednesday’s post will be late going up and will be about the Dallas Ride of Silence.

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