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Having a Bad Day, and the Feed

Yes, I’m not having a good day today, and it has nothing to do with what’s in the Feed this morning. I’m trying to buy a new computer that has built-in WiFi and is portable, so I can do this blog from somewhere other than my bedroom and get a few more miles on my bike and in my legs. The problem is the card I purchased for the express purpose of buying the new computer online can’t be used at web sites based outside the US, contrary to what was printed on the package when I bought the card. The company involved has no problems sending my customer service calls all over the world (the first CSA had an Indian accent, and the second CSA sounded Taiwanese), but I can’t spend my money at a non-US web site? The packaging said I could use the card in the US and online (italics mine), not that I could use the card only use the card at US based web sites. The distinction would be like a card that said I could use it in the US and Canada, but when I try to use it in Canada I find that I can use it only at merchants that have US bank accounts. Anyway, when I get the new computer I will be able to watch (and hear) the video that frequently accompanies the articles I link to, and in some cases are the only information from those links (I seldom use those links as I have no way of knowing what is actually in the video).

Up first is a link that finally lets us know what really happened to the 85 YO cyclist that went through the windshield of a car in Las Vegas NV. Coroner ID’s Cyclist Killed In Southwest Vegas Now we know the cyclist was crossing the street legally in a crosswalk, not riding against traffic as had been speculated earlier. This means the driver was doing something in excess of 50 MPH on a surface street to cause the man’s body to go through the windshield and injure the driver. As for a way for you to avoid, the motor vehicle was going too fast for conditions and would not have been visible in time for a cyclist to avoid getting hit. The two links to this wreck stated the driver lost control and hit parked cars after hitting the cyclist, but it is obvious that she was on the ragged edge of control before she hit him and the impact was not under the control of the driver, the vehicle essentially was travelling a ballistic path at that point and after.

A cellphone-using driver that hit-and-ran against a cyclist is sentenced in OR. Hit-And-Run Driver Sentenced To 45 Days The significant part of the sentence is the 3 year probation hanging over his head, but I didn’t see anything in the article about loss of driving privileges or loss of the weapon vehicle.

Moving down to CA, a woman on a bicycle misses a stop sign and a turn and winds up on the road injured. Woman cyclist seriously injured in Fountaingrove fall To avoid a similar wreck, control your speed using the brakes so that you can stop at the stop sign and not fall off the bike making a wide turn that hits a curbed median.

A Washington state rider that was reported on here last week has been moved from ICU to a regular hospital room. Bicyclist hurt in East Bremerton collision out of intensive care Using Google Street View it looks entirely possible for a cyclist doing 10-12 MPH to enter the intersection eastbound as the light changed to amber and still be in the outside northbound lane when that direction had a green light, especially if the length of the amber phase had been reduced for some reason. If the cyclist had been 1 second from the intersection when the light changed from green to amber in his direction then he would have been right in the middle of the outside lane when the light changed to green for the northbound lanes. Of course this is all just speculation as nobody has made any statement about how long the light had been green for the northbound lanes.

A biased article from Denver headlines a cyclist running a stop sign. Police: Cyclist Runs Stop Sign, Hit By Car Only well down in the article do they mention the cyclist killed in a hit-and-run in a mid-block wreck, and even later the report of 2 women injured on the sidewalk by a motor vehicle (SUV, not that there is any significance to the type of vehicle in this case). No, the story that reinforces anti-cyclist bias is the one that got the headline. Anyway, to avoid the first wreck in the article just stop at stop signs when there is cross traffic, see and avoid. The second wreck use hit-from-behind protocols, the third requires either Kreskin or the Flash to avoid the wreck, and why would the Flash be riding a Segway?

In this wreck report from Canadia, the most important bit of information is all they had. Teen cyclist injured in collision The only thing about the wreck that was deemed important enough to relay to the media and then to the public was the 13 YO was NOT WEARING A HELMET. The horrors.

A cyclist in Oz hit when was standing on the side of the road fixing a flat tire succumbed to her injuries. Cyclist hit by car dies Nothing I can say about this wreck can help, the cyclist wasn’t even in the road or on the bike, she was hit by someone that couldn’t keep their car on the road and she suffered for it.

Still in Oz, a cyclist who was injured in a hit-and-run wreck has high regards for the people that happened to be in the area to help him. Cyclist praises helpers

A cyclist who was injured by a motor vehicle is part of a PSA for bicycle safety. Winston-Salem Cyclist Featured In DOT Traffic Safety Video

Ghost bikes on a massive scale in OR. Ghost Bikes Showing Up In Beaverton That is an interesting Scout project.

Ride of Silence articles. Memorial Held For Cyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run; Mother Pleads For Public’s Help that one that was held a little early to help solve a crime, Ride of Silence Honors Cyclists Injured or Killed by Motorists and Cyclists to ride in remembrance of fallen riders and finally Wednesday ride to honor cyclists injured, killed on the road

Remember, Blue and I will be at the Mother Ride for the RoS at White Rock Lake in Dallas. Blue will be sporting his new headlight, and I will be wearing my full-face helmet and my RBENT club jersey. There will not be any wrecks in tomorrow’s post, and it will be late as I will just post my impressions of the Ride.

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