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A lot of Ride of Silence links, a few wrecks, and a request

Not much to say personally today. I found something I wanted when someone posted a Spam link in the RBS group today SPAM™ JERSEY Yes, someone posted a link to the web site for the canned meat product, and I posted a link to their bike jersey. FYI I wear a XXL. Well actually a 3XL but it doesn’t come that big so I will have to squeeze into the XXL. The waist will be a bit baggy but the shoulders will be painted-on tight, c’est la vie. My snail-mail addy is somewhere here on the blog, but if you can’t find it just leave a comment and I can e-mail it to you. I was disappointed to see that Spam Italian has been discontinued from the Varieties lineup, but Garlic has been added. Fun times 😉

Up first for no particular reason is a SWCC fatality from Mesa AZ. Bicyclist killed after being struck by vehicle driven by Mesa councilman Another mid-block wreck where the cyclist was “crossing” the road. I would like to see a picture of the wrecked bike, I bet it wouldn’t look like it had been hit while crossing the road, more likely would be a hit-from-behind impact. Assuming this was an accurate report, then to avoid a wreck like this a cyclist would only need to look both ways before crossing the street to proceed in the opposite direction, or the old “Look left-right-left” drill we used to get when I was a kid, because immediate threats would come from the left, but after reaching the center threats would come from the right. Another link. Bike Rider Dies After Crash

In OR a salmon cyclist falls in front of a truck. McMinnville bicyclist killed in collision with truck near Molalla, state police say First of all let me state that the direction of travel by the cyclist was not a factor in this wreck, it appears that the cyclist fell due to bad pavement on the shoulder and the truck just happened to be there to hit him. However, had the cyclist been riding in the right direction he could have moved off the partially paved shoulder to a place where the driver of the truck could see him and move to the other lane when it was safe to pass. But it is equally likely that he would have been on the shoulder anyway even if he had been riding on the correct side of the road because of the high speed limit.

From Jolly Olde, a cyclist was buzzed by a commercial vehicle and wakes up in a hoispital. Hit and run victim’s bike smash warning Not much to say here except that when a large vehicle crowds a bicycle, even when no contact is made the cyclist loses.

A bike story with a bit of local color, the TSA wrecks a man’s ride by failing to re-pack it correctly when it came through DFW, but someone at the destination managed to fix it. Local support puts Warrior Games cyclist back on bike The ride wasn’t a bike, it was a Catrike 700 racing recumbent tricycle. Nice ride, but it came with a lot of hard to find parts… which the TSA managed to destroy.

Some cities held their Bike To Work days on Thursday. Buckhorn promotes bicycle safety by riding bike to work So he rode with a police escort to promote bike safety, what about the rest of us who don’t get police escorts?

Ride of Silence links. Ride of Silence A Personal Event for Many at Waukesha Event and Ride to remember also 7th Ride of Silence: Dead, injured bicyclists remembered and Ride of Silence bicycle tour brings out hundreds of riders to remember those killed by vehicles

And that’s all I got today. Ride safely.

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