After a trip to the Lab Rat Keeper, and running all over Garland, the Feed

The post is going up late tonight, because I went to the Lab Rat Keeper, then took care of some errands that basically took the entire day to do. I didn’t get home until almost 1700 CDT, and I still had stuff I didn’t get to. So, I get to go out and play again tomorrow, and you get another late post, sorry. BTW if I ever get the chance to leave TX permanently I just might be out of here. If I had the $$ I would move to Portland OR, or Amsterdam, someplace I could ride a bike to where I need to go without someone trying to kill me because I was riding a bike.

Up first, while this kind of wreck is out of the normal purview of my blog, circumstances demand that I make note of the second rider to die in the Pro peloton this year. After going for years without a death we now have 2 in-competition fatalities. As is normal for my blog unless criminal charges are filed I don’t name the victim, because in traffic wrecks the Victim is Us, all of Us. My thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family.

A SC cyclist is killed in a hit-and-run, and when LEO catch up to the weapon vehicle the driver is obviously intoxicated. Cyclist killed in West Ashley accident identified, driver charged with DUI I have a suggestion, charge the driver with murder instead of DUI. The dangers of drinking and driving have been publicized for at lest 30 years now in the US, probably longer, but at any rate longer than the driver has been alive. If they can’t figure it out after being told repeatedly for their entire lives that drinking and driving are a deadly combination then they need to be removed from society for our protection. At the very least all motor vehicles need to be confiscated from the killer and sold to pay off the victim’s family for loss of income and medical expenses. Hit-from-behind but from the description of the wreck and the weapon vehicle this was not a wreck that could be avoided with the hit-from-behind protocols. Well, I was going to do a copy-and-paste of the description of the wreck and that part and all of the comments are gone from the link. Possibly something that will place the prosecution of the charges at risk was in one or the other.

Another hit-and-run of a cyclist in the Great White North. Cyclist injured after Hit and Run in St. Catharines It shouldn’t be too hard to find the weapon vehicle, remember that busted windshields can’t be fixed by DIY, it takes a specialist with special tools and most importantly, a new windshield. Just do a search request for all the windshield dealers in the area for all busted windshield replacements fitting the description of the weapon vehicle.

From Jolly Olde a semi runs over a cyclist, semi driver is unhurt. Cyclist fighting for life after collision in Ellesmere Port The cyclist on the other hand is clinging to life by a thread… That’s the thing about “HGV” they not only have kinetic energy from speed to kill you they also have the ability to crush you even at low speeds because of their mass. In a perfect world semis and cyclists would never have to cross or share paths, there would be “Semi Land” where big trucks are forced to stay and “Cycle-topia” where non-motorized vehicles have the right of way and heavy killing machines are severely restricted in their actions. As for how to avoid in the here-and-now, remember that most likely the driver of a big rig can’t see you. Truck drivers are facing a nightmare of bad outward visibility, so you need to cycle like you’re invisible unless you can see the driver’s eyes.

Brief break for a tornado.

Now that that’s over, still in the UK a first aid cadet saves a cyclist’s life and mobility. Birtley girl Rebecca aided cyclist hurt in crash By applying her training and using her skills in observation she prevented a spinal injury from permanently affecting the injured cyclist. As the saying goes “Good on ya!”

In Enn Zed an inquest into whether infrastructure contributed to cyclist deaths. Inquests look for ways to reduce cycle road toll I don’t know how infrastructure can prevent a driver from sliding sideways over 100 feet before hitting someone on the other side of the road, but I can imagine that perhaps a change in pavement at the point the driver lost control was involved.

Back in the US, I don’t know if this is a rant against cyclists or what, exactly. Will McGinn’s bike czar have this woman killed? Since I can’t watch the video I can’t comment on it, but it seems obvious that H8ers are going to hate and see what they want in the video, some are seeing “fake”, some are seeing a typical right hook.

How do you use bike infrastructure if you are not riding a bicycle? Carlisle bike lanes get mixed reviews We give drivers weeks of training and education on how to use the roads, but expect cyclists to understand something brand-new as soon as it opens, and drivers also?

A Ghost Bike article from SoCal. Ghost bikes aim to honor fallen cyclists, raise awareness

And another RoS link from WY. Evanston cyclists participate in Ride of Silence

And that’s all I have tonight.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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