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Plumbing supplies! (?) and the Feed

Yes, running late again today because I needed to get plumbing supplies. That’s just part of life as a Witch, someone has to fix the toilets when they get hard water deposits in the valves. I guess I could use a spell to fix it, but a trip to the hardware store and a little elbow grease are really a better solution. Do you know just how involved the incantation to fix a toilet is? About 3 pages (30 KB in my Disc of Shadows, with the pictures) just for the incantation and dance movements (not a dance really, but that’s the only vocabulary I have to describe it). If you think the Fusion Technique from DBZ was complicated, just wait until you read the Slow-filling Toilet Spell. 😉 Actually I’m running even later than I planned because I had to install the toilet parts before the fairer members of the household return from their labors and complain about the toilet not working up to their expectations. I’d like to give one of them a kick in the expectations.

Up first is always a struggle for me to decide. Who’s wreck is most deserving? I think these two links updating the hit-and-run of a cyclist in the bike lane last week fills the bill. Father of injured Tucson cyclist wants help, justice and Hit-and-run victim recovering from surgery, breathing on his own I like the part that TPD is staking out windshield shops. Like I posted before, it doesn’t matter how talented a DIY bodyman is, there is nothing that can repair a busted windshield except to replace it, and damned few places that can do that. Lean on them a bit and eventually you’ll catch every hit-and-run driver that bounces a victim off the windshield. Also the updates included more information about the mechanics of the wreck, including the fact that the driver had to swerve about a lane and a half to get close enough to the cyclist to hit him, and was talking on her cell phone at the time of the wreck. If I was a violent person I would say duct-tape the phone to her face with the ringer connected to the detonator of about a pound of C-4 so that the next call she got would be the last thing she knew on this world. At least the end would be painless for her as that much C-4 would aerosolize her down to about the ankles in a few hundredths of a second, less than the time required for her brain to process pain.

Up next is a bike ninja hit by a red-light-running cop in CO. Bicyclist seriously injured after being hit by Fort Collins police car and Cyclist injured after being hit by police car There is just so much going wrong here I don’t know where to start. First, we have a bike ninja, no lights or reflectors, dark clothing and no helmet at night. Second we have a cop, driving above the speed limit with no lights or siren, and running a red light. If the description of the directions of travel are correct then the cyclist was at a minimum crossed more than a lane and a half before the cop hit him, so if the cop was using headlights (admittedly not a given) then the cop should have been able to see the cyclist for several seconds before the cyclist was hit. If that was enough time to react to the cyclist’s presence or not given the speed of the cop car is really moot, because CO law requires lights at a minimum when doing things that would be against the law for a civilian, like running a red light while speeding. So, ninja cyclist: wrong. Cop car speeding and running red lights without emergency lights and siren: wrong. Who was more wrong? I would say the person in control of more than a ton of WMD that could kill multiple people in a fraction of a second would probably be more wrong, but I’m a bit biased.

Another link to the cyclist that rode on the hood of the car that hit-and-run him in Canada. Cyclist carried about 30 metres on hood of a car during hit and run crash – updated The cyclist has a small amount of brain damage but will probably recover since it was discovered early and treated.

A legal Infrastructure! article from NYC as cyclists fight back in the courts. Cyclist Class Action Lawsuit Looms As NYPD Ticket Blitz Booms It’s becoming increasingly obvious to even a casual observer that NYPD has been using legally dubious charges against cyclists, and writing tickets far out of proportion to either the numbers of cyclists or their dangers to the general population.

Another link on the cyclist whose bike got stuck in a pothole at speed getting $200K compensation from the people responsible for fixing potholes. Montreal cyclist awarded $200K for pothole crash For the metric challenged, 25 cm is danged close to 10″, or almost half the size of the tire that got caught and caused the rider to get launched into the pavement.

Last up is a link to a remembrance for LEO killed in the line of duty. Candlelight vigil follows bike ride to honor fallen officers As a relative of an active LEO the writing staff of WoaB supports this cause. The rider whose calorie counter went past its limit on one day’s ride was so awesome. That was an epic day.

And that’s all I have for today.

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