I’m eating my 5th meal of the day, and my wife wants to get me a t-shirt

This is the down side of being a cyclist: eating. Food is our fuel, and tasty fuel it is, too. But I can only eat so much at a single meal, so I have to spread them out a bit. Usually my wife only sees me eat 2 or 3 times a day, and she sees me eat what seems to her to be a lot of food. For a “normal human” what I eat would be excessive, but as I am losing weight (and body fat) at a slow rate, the amount of food I eat is not excessive. One of the demi-gods of cycling, either Sheldon Brown or Ken Keiffer, stated that a definition of a cyclist could be “eating machine on wheels”. My wife wants to put that on a T-shirt and make me wear it.

So, should I open a Cafe Press store, and sell that on a shirt?

PSA, Opus


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