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Running at a snail’s pace, the Feed

Well, I clicked to pull this page up at 1748, and it’s now 1943, and I just got the headline up. To say that my computer has been a bit sluggish would be an understatement. I’m greatly looking forward to getting that replacement computer soon.

Up first is an update on the man that rolled a stop sign into a pickup truck doing the 55 MPH speed limit. ID released of cyclist killed in Corning I still don’t understand how or why this happened, but to avoid, stop at stop signs leading to major arterials. It really is as simple as that.

A man from NY state is killed on a Memorial Day weekend ride to honor veterans. Cyclist killed in Plumstead hit and run This was a hit-from-behind wreck, so use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, or since this happened at a pay ride that was supported by LEO perhaps roaming snipers…

A wreck in NJ that is being kept under wraps as far as LEO releasing any information is concerned. Bicyclist struck, critically injured in Burlington City I seldom see a wreck where there is this much secrecy unless there is some kind of criminal activity on the part of the driver at fault. Actually I seldom see a wreck with this much secrecy in the US, period.

Moving down the coast from there, a cyclist is also mysteriously hit in SC. Bicyclist hospitalized after being hit by deputy cruiser Not much I can say about this one except, why was a 76 YO working as a LEO?

There were 2 wrecks in this link from Oz, the cyclist was the one clipped from behind, not hit head-on like in the headline. Man dies in head-on crash Since this was a hit-from-behind wreck (which seems to be the theme for the day) use the hit-from-behind protocols link at the top of the page to avoid a similar wreck.

Infrastructure! of a legal variety in FL, the most deadliest place in the US to walk or ride a bicycle, Little awareness of Florida’s 3-foot law for cyclists From the comments it seems rather obvious that many do not agree with the law, or having bicycles on the roads at all.

Cyclists in OH demonstrate how to drive around cyclists in this video and article. Bicycles, motorists sharing the road (with video) Again, bad commenters, no cookie for you. If you keep it up, no driver’s license either… Do you know that some of those statements could be considered terroristic threats?

Infrastructure in the Great White North. Bad weather doesn’t slow Laurier bike-lane work Plus there’s some good advice on how to ride legally in Canada.

LifeStyle and advocacy in OH. Cleveland: Cyclists raise awareness by riding in ‘Critical Mass’ When you have idiots running the show in your local transportation department, sometimes you need to do idiotic things to get their attention. Or you could just stage a mass ride that obeys every rule and law and ignores the imaginary ones which will bollux up the traffic flow something awful… 🙂 And in reply to the only comment to this link, there is no “right” to pass a cyclist, unless and until there is room to do so safely.

More LifeStyle from AZ. Friends create fundraiser CD for injured cyclist For those not connecting the dots, this is for the cyclist that was hit from behind in the bike lane last month by a hit-and-run driver more busy texting than driving. Even if it’s a crappy CD you should buy one to help the cyclist, because it doesn’t look like the cyclist will be getting anything from the driver, who had no license and no insurance. Maybe he can get some money by auctioning off some of her organs, I bet her brain is hardly used 😛 😉

Final link a radio program in the great White North promotes violence against cyclists. Radio show gives bike riders the gears more hate and stupidity in the comments again…

And that’s all I have today.

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