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After yesterday’s marathon, a trip around the block

I had so many links open yesterday that by the time I finished filtering the Feed my computer was almost stopped from all the ads and just plain number of open windows. I posted how it took almost 2 hours just to open the page that let me compose a post, what I didn’t put up was that sentence took almost 10 minutes to go up and spell check. I mean we had some serious issues with (lack of) speed yesterday. I just hope it was worth it, that someone learned something from it that would help then in the future.

Up first is not a big choice today, we have wreck, wreck, and LifeStyle to choose from, so I think I’ll go with one of the wrecks. In Pittsburgh, 3 doctors were on a ride when 2 were hit by a hit-and-run driver in a Gold SUV. Children’s Hospital Doctors On Bikes Injured In Hit-And-Run This is the classic right hook, cyclists riding as required by law on the right side of the lane when the SUV passed other vehicles and then turned right, hitting one and getting hit by the other, with the 3rd doctor far enough back to avoid the wreck. Because this driver made an illegal turn from the inside lane there wasn’t any warning for the cyclists to be able to use any of the protocols to avoid this wreck. IOW this was another Kreskin wreck. A Kreskin wreck is a wreck that you would have to be a psychic to avoid.

The other wreck is a cyclist getting run over by a bus in the Great White North. Cyclist seriously injured after being dragged under city bus Not much to go on from the report, but given the mid-block wreck site and the fact the lane had been narrowed because of construction I would say that this was probably a hit-from-behind. Because of the construction none of the normal hit-from-behind protocols could be used except for making yourself visible to drivers via lane position, and if the driver doesn’t care about not hitting you because of a sense of entitlement, you get squished like this cyclist.

Last link is to a wounded warrior group riding in the UK. Injured soldiers to take up 50-mile cycle challenge You have to admire the courage to press on when your life is basically re-routed to the slow lane with potholes…

And that’s all the bicycle stuff I have today, the rest of the Feed was motorcycles and motorcycle wrecks.

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