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Feeling a bit dishevelled, and the Feed

I’m a little the worse for wear after nearly 18 miles dodging cars in Garland in rather warm temperatures. I really should have refilled my water bottle with cold water when I had the chance because I ran out about halfway home. I guess the ice cream stop after the hardware store was not as good an idea as it sounded like at the time. 🙂 Incidentally, I was also called an asshole on the way home because I stopped for a red light in the through lane and waited for a red light instead of running the red so the cars behind me could turn right. Some days you can’t win for losing, 😛

Up first today is a story with more than one link as a SUV goes out of control on a freeway and hits 2 cyclists on a segregated bike path. SUV veers off SR56, bicyclist killed and Bicyclist Killed In Rancho Penasquitos-Area Crash and One person killed in San Diego when SUV flips and lands on bicyclists This is a wreck that a cyclist has no chance in Hell of avoiding, hit from behind by an SUV sliding on its roof when you’re riding on a segregated bicycle path protected by a chain-link fence, which some reports said the SUV almost cleared during one of its flips. While the actual cause of this wreck may be forever shrouded in mystery, the cause of the death is bad infrastructure. Buried in the comments for one article was a report that there has been a vehicle in the same spot on the bike path before, luckily nobody was there to get injured. Vehicles leave that stretch of highway and because there is only a chain-link fence they end up on the bike path. Either the berm needs to be made taller and steeper, or a guard rail needs to be installed on the top of it to prevent vehicles from ending up in the bike path.

Some dis-agreement about which vehicle ran the red light, but the cyclist was the one that got hurt because of it. Cyclist Struck By Car At 14th And Mission As the story develops the vehicle running the red light changes from the taxi to the cyclist who is still in a coma… Interesting that the only witnesses to the wreck were both in the vehicle that hit the cyclist. I highly doubt that the passenger could see what phase the traffic control was from the back seat.

The killer of a cyclist has been found and arrested in NM. Woman arrested for fatally hitting cyclist Not much the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck, the driver had her head under the dash while moving at speed and couldn’t see either the red light or the cyclist. There comes a point during every ride that you just have to trust that drivers will do the right thing and obey the law, or else you will never leave your block. The bad part about this is you have to do it every time you cross the street. There is a point about 2/3 of the way across that if oncoming traffic doesn’t stop there’s nothing you can do to avoid the wreck, and if that driver is a dope addict trying to fish a lit cigarette from under the dash, well you’re dead.

Moving to the east coast, a woman who hit-and-run a cyclist has her bail set at $200. Bail set at $200 for Whitman woman accused of hit-and-run in crash that hurt 70-year-old cyclist I just don’t know what to say about this one, really. The woman has an outstanding warrant for failure to comply with her sentence after being found guilty on a shoplifting charge, she hits an old man in a crosswalk and leaves him for dead, and the best the judge can do is $200? TANJ!

Out in the home of Starbuck’s, the family of a deceased cyclist recover some minor compensation for the death. Family of Seattle bicyclist killed in crash settles suit for $1.5M It was originally stated that the cyclist was in the oncoming lane of traffic, but it turns out that was just where he bounced after hitting the van that kept moving forward, placing both of them in the oncoming lane. The cyclist was actually hit twice as the van came to rest on him after the first impact.

Up in the Great White North an elderly driver gets a 2 for one shot. Cyclists hurt in Oakville collision involving elderly driver Apparently he hit 2 cyclists from behind, but for some reason no charges have been filed.

Still in the GWN, a driver suspected of doing a hit-and-run on a cyclist pulls a sword on cops as they come to arrest him. UPDATE: Hit-and-run suspect nabbed in stand-off I’ve heard about drivers feeling entitled over cyclists, but pulling a sword because you’re a suspect in a hit-and-run? That’s a new level of “entitledness” altogether. FYI this was the guy driving the car that drove for about 100 feet with the cyclist on the hood/base of the windshield, then drove off when the cyclist finally fell off the car.

Wrecks in Enn Zed. Cyclist killed in crash One dead and another injured in 2 separate wrecks at almost the same minute in 2 separate sites. In the fatal wreck the inside vehicle had stopped to yield but blocked the view of the cyclist coming up on the left (UK rules in Enn Zed), who entered the intersection right in front of a fast-moving garbage truck. This is why when one lane stops for no apparent reason you should stop, too. There may be a big truck coming. or a momma cat and kittens, or a Momma pushing a baby carriage, none of which you want to hit, because it will make you feel bad. Hitting a momma cat and kittens won’t feel as bad as a big truck moving fast, but it will still make you feel bad. Not much information on the other wreck aside from the fact that the cyclist survived.

Infrastructure! articles from the East Coast, NYC first. Thursday: Speak Up for Cross-Town Central Park Bike Paths I think a cheaper solution would be speed cameras to try to keep the speed within 10 MPH of the 25 MPH speed limit instead of near 40 MPH like it is now, the proposed “solution” is just taking space from pedestrians so that motor vehicles won’t have to share with non-motorized road users.

More bicycle infrastructure is needed in the PGH. Pittsburgh could be better place for bikes, cyclists say The cyclist in the article was just right-hooked at the beginning of the week in a hit-and-run that left another cyclist hospitalized with multiple fractures, LEO are still looking for the weapon vehicle. But as the article stated if less space was assigned to cars and more segregated cycling infrastructure was created that wreck would not have been possible, something like limited access highways have all but eliminated intersection wrecks by eliminating intersections.

Another LifeStyle of the Bicyclic and (in)Famous. War veterans bicycle hundreds of miles to support injured brethren Obviously if I posted it here than the WoaB approves of this message.

And that’s all I have about bicycles today. There was a lot of motorcycle “stuff” of all kinds but no more bicycles.

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