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Another day to be a mule, and the Feed

Yes, it’s grocery day again. After doing this post I will don my ruck, and ride Blue the mile (to the hundredth of a mile, exactly) to the store to act as pack animal to bring home the bacon. Yay!food. As much as I pack away I had better enjoy it. Actually on days I don’t ride I only eat slightly more calories than the average American. On days I do ride I put away food like there’s no tomorrow. I’m nowhere as efficient as the published 900 MPG(E) for cyclists in the Pro Peloton. At that rate (37 Calories/mile) I lose about a pound a week, and do not ride very strong. My weightloss-neutral intake is somewhere around 45-50 Calories/mile, which means that several Century rides in a row puts me in serious calorie deficit because I can’t eat enough food to replace the Calories I burn. That’s good for weight loss, bad for energy levels on long tours. My limit for long tours is about 60 miles a day if I want to feel like a human being on the third day and beyond, which puts riding to the parents’ house about 13 days away using human power alone. Now if I use the e-assist bike I can do it in 4 days, assuming I stop somewhere I can charge the battery every 100 miles or so, which is also a good time to eat a meal, and overnight in places where I can do a slow charge to keep the pack in balance.

Up first are more links to that SUV rollover in a bike path in CA. RANCHO PENASQUITOS: Dead cyclist identified as Poway father; injured cyclist was YMCA exec and Biker killed, 2nd hurt in San Diego SUV crash Now we know the driver was not paying attention before making a lane change and was not a very skilled driver to lose control just changing back into her original lane. We also know that modern vehicles are akin to tanks in that even at highway speeds the driver was injured only slightly when the vehicle rolled on its side. This was a case of poor infrastructure in both the physical and legal senses, there should have been a physical barrier that would stop a vehicle from leaving the freeway near the bike path, and licensing should have been more stringent so that a driver that was balked during a lane change wouldn’t leave the road and flip the vehicle.

Lawyers reaction to the taxi running a red light and hitting a cyclist. San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney Reports Another Taxi-Bike Accident This Week! Interesting how the story has been changing on this one, first it was the taxi that ran the red light, ten it was the cyclist, and now it’s the taxi again.

Still in San Francisco buried in this story about a benefit for the survivors of a dead cyclist stuck with the bills comes notice that the charges might be changed as a result of the cyclist’s death from her injuries. San Francisco cyclist who died after accident is focus of benefit And as always if I put an event in my blog it means that WoaB endorses you giving your money.

Still in CA, a cyclist is either buzzed by the car that carried the witness, or had a medical or mechanical problem just as the car passed. Cyclist severely injured in crash in Woodside As I posted in a comment, of the things I’m qualified to comment on (I am not a doctor and neither do I play one on stage or TV) there could have been some kind of mechanical issue like a front tire blowout, or the driver that was watching the cyclist in her rear view mirror could have just brushed the cyclist. It wouldn’t take much of a hit, perhaps not even enough to show on the car unless the car was very dusty at the time of the wreck. Unless there is a determination of the cause I can’t tell you for sure how to avoid this wreck, but hit-from-behind protocols would not have hurt in this case.

A Washington state community is trying to be bike-safe. Staying safe aboard bikes There is some really good information in this article, plus a link that everyone should use to evaluate their local bicycle infrastructure.

Bend OR is aggressively ticketing cyclists in an effort to get people educated about cycling laws. Bend Police Crack Down On Bike Rules I just hope they do a better job of it than the NYPD is doing, who have been giving tickets for made-up laws (no helmet on an adult, placing a tote bag on the handlebars, an imaginary 15 MPH speed limit for bicycles in Central Park). The biggest violations from a safety standpoint are salmoning, riding on the sidewalk, and running red lights without waiting to see if it will change. BTW when a traffic signal does not work you may treat it like a stop sign and proceed when the way is clear. Generally 2 or 3 light cycles without a green in your direction is a signal that is not working.

Speaking of the dangers of riding on the sidewalk, a cyclist doing just that is hit by a car. Bicyclist hit by car in downtown Billings I hope the driver was ticketed for not yielding to traffic on a sidewalk as well. Bicycles on a sidewalk could injure a pedestrian but are not likely to kill, cars on a sidewalk on the other hand can and do kill.

Up in the Great White North, the driver of a car involved in a hit-and-run of a cyclist that pulled a sword on LEO is arraigned on charges. Hit-and-run suspect appears in court This is one of the most bizarre stories I have ever followed.

LifeStyle, another ride for wounded veterans. Injured Veteran Cyclists to Pass Through Triangle Thursday As always WoaB supports our wounded vets. Help if you can.

Last link is to a recall of child sized full-face helmets. Bell Sports Bicycle Helmet Recall: Head Injury Risk If any parent has taken my suggestion about full-face helmets and bought their child one of these, get the buckle fixed per the recall. I don’t know exactly how the buckle is breaking, but a helmet that doesn’t stay in place on your head is worse than not wearing a helmet at all.

And that’s all I have today.

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