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With the Summer frenzy about to start, the Feed

No, I’m not writing about the Summer kill-fest that comes from all those rusty fair-weather cyclists hitting the roads, this is the annual trip to see parents while they are still alive Summer frenzy. Mrs the Poet just finished another year of taking the flavor out of the food for middle school children, and now we get to travel thousands of miles and spend days riding a bus to do it, just because it’s easier for us to travel than it is for our relatives who all live in 2 small clusters. One of those clusters is in Pine Plains NY, the other just south of Nashville TN. I’m warning you now that the blog will be off-line for the last 2 weeks in July as I’m going someplace where I have no Internet access. I’ll also be going someplace where I don’t have a bicycle finished yet, and my relatives will all be competing to see who can stuff the most food into me. Hello-ooooo weight gain! If I didn’t love the food (and my relatives) I wouldn’t do this.

Up first are 2 links to more information about that wreck in CA when the SUV rolled over on a bike path hitting 2 cyclists. Biotech exec killed when car flips onto bike path tells about the victims where Fatal Crash Puts Spotlight On Bike Path’s Safety speaks more to the actual infrastructure. And SacBee, when something jumps over something it hurdles it, not hurtle.

It seems to surprize some people that suburbia with wider roads and higher speed limits that are mostly ignored is more dangerous for cyclists than the urban canyons of San Francisco in spite of more cyclists actually riding in the city… Danger Lurks for Cyclists on Contra Costa County’s Open Roads Yes, Contra Costa is prettier to ride in, and you get a lot of cyclists, but nothing like the density that your urban neighbor gets. And because the drivers in the suburbs don’t know how to drive around cyclists you kill many more than your urban neighbor.

Still in CA another chapter in the long drawn-out story of the cyclist killed by a semi at an underpass is filed. Update: Complaints Lobbed on Both Sides After Death of Cyclist There are 3 issues in this wreck. First is the highway being crossed creates a barrier to bicycle traffic that can only be crossed in a few locations that must also be shared with motor vehicles. Second there are a lot of lane changes from one side of the road to the other in a short stretch of road to get to the highway or get off of it. Third the weapon vehicle has huge blind spots that if the driver doesn’t use good SA he can lose track of where other road users are around him. The first and second create lots of conflict, and the third assures that eventually there will be a collision.

Two links to ongoing news about a hit-and-run in PA. Reward offered in bicyclist hit and run tells how there is now a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver and Cyclist’s death a sad irony tells about ongoing conflict between drivers and cyclists in the area where the wreck happened. The information from the first article seems to indicate that the cyclist was neither on the road nor his bike when he was hit as the group he was with took a break on the shoulder.

An article in a MO media outlet’s web site about a CO cyclist killed in AR. Confused yet? Colorado cyclist killed in Arkansas gets ‘ghost bike’ memorial on highway where he died I have a vague recollection of this wreck, but only because the name of the cyclist is the same as a famous golfer and I used to love watching golf on TV. I also used to love watching pro wrestling, but I watch neither one now, for different reasons.

A child of indeterminate age is hit by a car while riding on the center stripe of the road in IN. Young bicyclist injured in low-speed accident with car OK the wreck was greatly mitigated by the SA displayed by the driver when he spotted the cyclist. According to the LEO report when the driver saw the child riding on the center stripe he slowed way down and was well under the speed limit when the cyclist wobbled into his car. It wasn’t enough to prevent injury, but it probably made this a non-fatal wreck. To avoid don’t ride your bike slowly down the center stripe of the road…

Someone was “having fun” in Toledo OH the other night. Shooting of cyclist in North Toledo, other incidents probed OK this is not the kind of situation that a cyclist can avoid, especially when so many other people and things are getting shot in close proximity in both space and time. One thing is for sure the shooter is not the brightest light on the Christmas tree. I mean on the one hand you have a gun where if you shoot someone you are almost automatically charged and usually found guilty, on the other hand you’re already in control of a weapon that 9 times out of 10 all you have to do is just claim the cyclist or pedestrian “came outta nowhere” to get away scot free, and this guy uses the gun. If that ain’t “stupid” I’m not sure I understand the meaning of the word.

Finishing up in CA again with Infrstructure! news. In Bay Area, Youngsters Are More Prone to Bicycle Accidents A failure to educate kids on how to use the roads with bicycles combined with thousands of kids riding bicycles creates chaos and mayhem, whodathunkit? I see this as a failure of the education system as well as the transportation system. People are not born knowing how to use the roads system, it requires education by people that do know the system, and that’s not happening in most if not all the states in the US. This needs to change, as knowing how to ride a bike legally is a life skills thing that needs to be taught, like balancing a checkbook or how to not get VD.

And that’s all I have today.

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