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A metric Buttload of links from the Feed

I think I have explained sufficiently why I have been off-line, but that left me with 3 days’ worth of links to sort through before I could compose a post, plus after I do the post today I have to go to the LBS and get parts for the customer whose bikes I’m fixing. So enough chatter, we have links to share.

Up first we have links substantiating what I have been telling you almost from the first day I posted in this blog, FL is the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Lee County, Florida, most dangerous in the US for cyclists and Editorial: Non-motorists face grave risk I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one to be able to look at the raw data and find a trend.

A driver smashes a cyclist beyond recognition but escapes any charges. Teen Cyclist Killed In Brooklyn Nothing was given about the mode of the wreck aside from it was in an intersection, so use intersection protocols to avoid a similar wreck.

Two links updating the wreck of a cyclist in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming last month. Cyclist injured in crash near Grand Teton National Park last month goes to Utah for more care and Injured cyclist flown to Salt Lake hospital The cyclist’s injuries are not responding to care in Wyoming, so he is being sent to Utah for further care. Any time you get an injury to the spleen infection is always a concern.

A cyclist in MI violated the right of way of a motor vehicle at an intersection and got a broken femur for his efforts. Bicyclist struck by vehicle in Berlin Township Intersection protocols also include waiting your turn.

A cyclist in CA declines treatment, not a good decision. Cyclist Injured in Crash; Declines Hospital Treatment At this time I don’t have anything more about this wreck, but FYI any time you are in a collision with a motor vehicle go to the ER to get checked out. The endorphins from riding a bike combined with shock can keep you from feeling things like broken minor bones and especially head injuries. The rule is any time you hit a car and then hit the road, take that ambulance trip.

Up in the Great White North a cyclist is injured in a pinball wreck. Minivan driver injured in car crash The cyclist was JRA when one of the crashing vehicles was propelled by the wreck in her direction. As a cyclist there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from a pinball wreck, fortunately these are almost as rare a wreck mode as the cyclist kills driver wrecks. I see at most one or 2 pinball wrecks a year, I have seen 3 cyclist kills driver wrecks in the 6 years I have been doing this blog in one place or another.

Still in the GWN we have a paperboy hit while delivering his route. UPDATED: man dies after collision in Shanty Bay From the picture of the wreck site it doesn’t look like the 62 YO “paperboy” was weaving across the road but was hit from behind as the papers are scattered on the side of the road. The weapon vehicle seems to have a broken lens on the right-hand headlight assembly but is otherwise lacking in visible damage in the picture. Details are being withheld by LEO as of the posting of the link.

Moving on to news from Oz, a cyclist is struck from behind on the SEQ Highway. Cyclist killed on SEQ highway This was a wreck that the cyclist didn’t have much control over from the pictures of the scene. The shoulder was impinged upon by heavy brush forcing the cyclist into high-speed traffic and denying an escape route for the cyclist to avoid a wreck. Unfortunately the SEQ Highway is pretty much the only road that connects the two towns if Google is to be believed, much like I80 in UT and I5 in places in CA, not a good place to ride a bike but your only choice if you need or want to go between two points.

Still in Oz, another highway wreck. Cyclist dies in collision with truck on Warrego Highway at Muirlea near Ipswich Not much information about this wreck, one of several on the page.

A combination wreck report and infrastructure article from Enn Zed. White-line cycle menace to go After yet another wreck on a slick bike lane marking cyclists are demanding the situation be corrected.

In the UK a cyclist that punched out a driver that had just doored 3 other cyclists is jailed for 18 months after the driver dies. Cyclist jailed for 18 months over death of Hove greengrocer Tony Magdi and Cyclist killed motorist in road rage attack after driver opened his car door in front of him As usual the Mail gets it wrong, the cyclist that punched out the driver was first in line of a group of cyclists, the cyclist that was hit by the door was the one immediately behind the cyclist that assaulted the driver in retaliation for what appeared to be a deliberate use of a car door as a weapon against the rest of the group, there were 4 cyclists, 3 of which were either hit by the door or hit the deck avoiding or running over the cyclist that was hit. When you have a group of cyclists riding in close single file and the door gets the second one chances are pretty high that it was a deliberate attack. Still I think the cyclist should have gotten the same sentence that drivers who kill cyclists get, 200 hours of community service and what comes out to be roughly a $250 fine… seems only fair as it wasn’t a deliberate act to kill the driver but was “just an accident”.

Still in the UK prosecution loses key evidence in a case against a cyclist-killer driver and is forced to drop the case. Lost evidence blunder forces GMP apology to daughter of Britain’s top policeman Sir Paul Stephenson TANJ! but what are you going to do, the evidence has been destroyed?

And that’s pretty much all I have time for today, I have errands to run and I have been at this for several hours already. I’ll catch you tomorrow with hopefully fewer links and fewer wrecks.

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