The grass is trying to kill me now, and the Feed

Yes, we are moving from tree allergies to grass allergies as the heat of Summer rolls over the beautiful suburbs of Hell and the grass goes into reproductive frenzy right before it has to go dormant from the heat. I have had one minor nosebleed from the irritation, and my voice resembles a cartoon villain’s when I’m not reduced to squeeks with consonants. That’s the good part, the bad part is my nose feels like I stuck it in a meat grinder on the inside, my eyelids keep getting stuck together, and when they open I see everything through a haze because of the eye discharge. It’s like being sick without the fever…

Up first was not much of a question today as there are many links to the wreck in AL that took the life of a leader of a charity ride across the country. WOMAN STRUCK AND KILLED WHILE RIDING BICYCLE and Friends React to Bicyclist Death also Bicyclists Want Greater Protection From Drivers From pictures I have seen of the crime scene the group was riding on a 8-10 foot wide hard shoulder, not actually in the lane of travel, which means the SUV that killed her had to have left the road first before hitting the cyclist. The driver should be punished the same as a shooter that hits someone at a gun range who wasn’t walking between the range stations and the targets. This wasn’t a case of riding in the road to get hit, the driver was not on the road when he hit the woman cyclist.

Moving out west to CA, a cyclist intentionally assaulted by a driver actually expects LAPD to do something about it. Injured HLP Cyclist: ‘I’m Grateful to Be Alive’ The license plate of the weapon vehicle was given in the article, a Volvo C70 with the personalized plate MOLSPRT. Remember the suspect is armed and dangerous, approach with caution. I suggest placing some sharpened tubes under his tires before confronting him to prevent escape or using the vehicle as a weapon.

Still in CA a woman cyclist is right-hooked by a dump truck. Bicyclist Badly Injured in Dump Truck Collision and a lawyer’s take on the situation Mill Valley Bicycle Accident Attorney Sadly Reports Cyclist Injured in Truck vs. Bicycle Accident At this point aside from the right-hook by the truck what else was going on immediately prior to and during the wreck is unknown, even by the truck driver. 😛

Hit-from-behind wreck in IA. Waterloo cyclist killed in accident east of Dike identified If you look at the full-size picture you can see the skid mark from the bicycle where it was hit by the vehicle in the right-hand wheel track about 30 or so feet from the first skid mark of the vehicle that hit her. This tells me that the driver was not paying attention to the road or looking for anything smaller then his own vehicle in his scan. The back of the bike (bicycle over by the rear bumper of the cruiser in the background) is so badly mangled that I can’t tell if there was anything there to make the bike more visible in the pre-dawn twilight at the time of the wreck. Basically the driver didn’t react to the cyclist until about a half second after he hit her. The cyclist appeared to be following hit-from-behind protocols except for bailing to the right if an oncoming vehicle isn’t moving over, and I’m not sure how much reaction time she had.

A woman is hit by a garbage truck in Reno NV. Woman Killed as Garbage Truck Hits Bicyclist I wasn’t able to see the video but from reading the comments the truck right-hooked the cyclist in the bike lane. That would make intersection protocols apply, but if the wreck went down like the witnesses in the comments section described it the cyclist never had the chance to use those protocols.

The defense in a cyclist’s death case are claiming the cyclist veered in front of a car (SWSS). Attorney: Cyclist veered toward vehicle in fatal accident So, rather than slow down and pass safely, the driver chose to thread the needle and ended up killing the cyclist. I don’t see the problem with this case, the cyclist was as far to the right as he could get and keep upright, the driver tried to drive between the cyclist and oncoming traffic and hit the cyclist, when slowing down for a few seconds would have prevented the wreck. The driver is guilty of whatever charge negligent manslaughter carries in MI.

Another court case, this one in AZ, settles the claims in a cyclist’s death. Death claim for cyclist Joshua Pete settled According to the article the cyclist would only have been able to see one of the truck’s turn signals and would have had to been looking directly at it to have known the truck was turning. The truck’s lane position and speed would have made the cyclist think it was going to continue in a straight line, not turn right on top of him. There is also some contention in other sources if the cyclist would have been able to see the traffic control or if the truck blocked that from view also.

More on the NYC cyclist killed in an intersection by a BMW. 16-Year-Old Brooklyn Cyclist Killed in Saturday Evening Crash

Up in ND the annual warning to car drivers that there are other road users than cagers is issued. Bike season time for extra caution I’m a little disappointed about the cyclist warnings leaning so heavily on helmets, but otherwise it was a good article.

The sword-wielding suspect in a gruesome hit-and-run in the Great White North is released on bail. Hit-and-run accused gets bail I don’t know what he was thinking, when he hit the cyclist and drove about 100 feet with the victim on the hood of his car, or when he pulled a sword on LEO trying to bring him into custody. I don’t think he was thinking at all, and I hope that when he is convicted he is banned from being in possession or control of a motor vehicle for the rest of his life with the same penalty as being in illegal possession of a firearm.

More on the dangerous bike infrastructure in Enn Zed. Cyclists’ battle over slippery white lines Yep, the bike lane markings turn as slippery as ice when a little mist (or more) gets on them, which is most of the time in that country this time of year. Two cyclists have fallen on the markings so far because they weren’t treated with anti-skid when they were first installed, and they don’t know if the markings will accept the treatment at this time of year, which is winter in Enn Zed.

And that’s all I have today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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