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Mule day squared, and the Feed

As I compose this opening I just finished a mule day squared, not only did I haul stuff home, but I hauled stuff all over Dallas trying to take it to get worked on, only to find the guy that does my corrective shoes is no longer in business. This is of serious concern for me, as you can imagine. The wreck left my left leg 17mm shorter than my right, and without a corrective lift on my left shoe I get back pain like you would not believe, I’m talking “wrath of Gawd” kind of pain. I’m ok for a day or two without the lift, but I’m getting twinges by the third day and by the fifth day I can’t get out of chairs when I sit because of the pains. I really need to find a new orthopedic shoe guy…

Up first was a very hard decision because there were 2 sets of updates that really both deserved the honor, but I’m going to go with the one that had the most links, more on the charity ride leader who was hit from behind on the hard shoulder in AL. Bicyclist leading charity ride struck by SUV and killed in Alabama and Cyclist struck by car during fundraiser dies also Life well-lived and finally Cyclist struck, killed in Alabama Well, now we know why no charges have been filed against the driver, a former LEO…

The other story deserving of going first is this update of the cyclist hit by a BMW in NYC. What We Don’t Know About the Crash That Killed Aileen Chen How many times have we seen this story? The only survivor of a bike v car wreck is the one that gets to tell the story, the killer driver, and they always slant the story to make them not at fault. The real problem is a tendency for LEO to only use this story to find the narrative of the wreck, ignoring physical evidence that contradicts the driver’s story. It’s a very long report, with lots of wordy comments that need to be read after the report, but worth plowing through to find the nuggets of truth contained there.

Can I get really, really angry about this now? Former police officer not guilty in bicyclist’s death I don’t see how this verdict was reached. The driver does not deny his vehicle struck the cyclist. The cyclist was legally in the road and was HiVized to the max. All the driver would have needed to do to prevent this was to slow down for a few seconds until there was room to pass, then move over to pass safely. How could a jury see these facts and not find the man guilty?

What seems to be another hit-and-run in CA. Bicylist found dead near UC Santa Cruz Because of the condition of the crime scene it appears this was a hit-from-behind wreck, with headlight debris left behind from the weapon vehicle. I am hopeful that there were enough pieces that were large enough so that the weapon vehicle will be identified. Use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid a similar wreck.

More information on the cyclist killed by a right-hooking garbage truck in NV. Police ID Cyclist in Tuesday’s Crash on Mill LEO are still trying to figure out who was where doing what when the cyclist was hit.

Two links from CA about a wreck where the cyclist ran a red light but the driver got the tickets. Bicyclist Struck By Car After Running Red Light In SoMa and Driver cited in collision with cyclist who ran red light in downtown San Francisco OK the driver was driving “(with) a suspended license, false registration information on the license plate, and no insurance” and his car was towed. Still doesn’t excuse the cyclist for running the red light, if that’s what really happened. 😉

Two recent wrecks in UT raise the ire of a lawyer. An Urgent Plea to Drivers and Cyclists: Share the Road There was some good advice at the end of the article.

I wouldn’t mind a world where the only motor vehicles were trucks that were limited on which roads they were allowed to use, and motorcycles. At least we bicyclists would have a fighting chance against the motorcycles. 2 critically hurt at Monon Trail when motorcycle rider, bicyclist collide Seriously, be careful where bike paths cross the surface streets because you probably not get hit by a motorcycle.

The reward for the hit-and-run driver that killed a cyclist in SC. Reward increased for information about cyclist’s death At least now there is some information on what caused the cyclist to fall over…

Not every driver is out to kill a cyclist, some die trying not to. Teen dies while avoiding cyclist, five days after graduation I have to say this, seat belts save lives, and the brake pedal can be used to avoid a wreck.

Memorial services for the cyclist hit by a SUV rolling over on a bike path. Service today for avid cyclist killed in crash

Up in the Great White North a cyclist and a bus attempt to occupy the same space at the same time. Bike Rider May Be Charged After Collision with City Bus The cyclist was salmoning on the sidewalk in an area where sidewalk riding was against the law. Seriously, don’t do that…

A driver in the UK has a pitiful excuse for hitting a cyclist from behind. Driver Charlie Willbourne ‘blinded by sun’ before fatal crash So, if you are blinded to the point you can’t see the road in front of you, you don’t slow down but continue at the same speed and hope the road didn’t curve away from you and hit the cyclist? Really?

Another cyclist hit by a train… Deaf cyclist killed by train The cyclist could not hear or see the signals, because of being deaf and not using a signalized crossing. This is one of the problems with only having two eyes and no ears, if something vital happens out of your line of vision you can’t hear anything to warn you or at least alert you to look in that direction.

Infrastructure! news from PA where local Gov’t is having a hissy over spending $1000 per town to connect several towns via a bike path. Silver Spring lends support to West Shore trail project I wonder if there would be this much hand-wringing over spending $1000 to build a road exclusively for motor vehicles connecting their towns?

There was mention of a DOT report on infrastructure being bad in FL a few days ago, this article has a link to that actual report. New Report on Pedestrian Safety Released

And that’s all I have today, I need a break.

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