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Running on empty at the moment, and the Feed

OK at this point the first sip of coffee has just been taken, breakfast has yet to be made, and I haven’t opened the folder that the Feed goes in to begin the filtering process. I’m watching the 24 hours of Le Mans on the Speed Channel, and they’re just about done cleaning up the mess from the Alan McNish wreck in the Audi prototype with the Ferrari GT class car. Just finished filtering, and there are a bunch of LifeStyle links in there today and a couple new wrecks.

Up first is another link about the hit-from-behind wreck of a charity cyclist in AL. SHA Alum Killed on Charity Bike Ride As of Friday there were still no charges being filed against the driver that hit her on the shoulder.

Another report on the hit-and-run against a cyclist in CA. Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run So, now we know the weapon vehicle was a maroon Nissan of some kind and is missing the passenger side headlight and outside rear view mirror. I hope both my SoCal readers are looking for this murderer. Remember, don’t confront the driver if you see the weapon vehicle, call 911 to get LEO on the scene as soon as possible.

Two more links to the hit-and-run in one of my old stomping grounds in Salt Lake City UT. Salt Lake hit and run accident reminds Utah cyclists to be safe and Walk a few miles Now we know this was a right-hook wreck and that the driver never even paused after killing the cyclist. Intersection protocols obviously, but I don’t know if the cyclist had any chance to use them.

Another update, this one on the hit-and-run of a NY cyclist on a charity ride in PA. Reward in bicyclist hit and run reaches $5,000 I’m not sure if this reward requires a live body for prosecution or just the guy and the truck in identifiable condition. 🙂

New wreck from ID. Pickup and bike collide, cyclist injured At this point all I know is the truck turned off the highway on to a dirt road, nothing about the cyclist’s position. So this could be a left cross, a right hook, or the cyclist could have been on the dirt road and run over. Until I can get a report on where the cyclist was actually riding I can’t post the correct method of avoiding this wreck, if it even was avoidable.

A salmon cyclist is hit in CO. Bicyclist escapes serious injury when hit by car in Eagleton This one is easy to avoid, just ride with the flow of traffic.

An OR cyclist is injured in a mystery crash. Beaverton man injured in Corbett area bike crash As of the posting of the link the exact cause of the wreck is unknown but is possibly related to a defect in the road surface near the wreck site. The road had potholes and spots of loose gravel that might have cause the rider to get a little out of control and then crash.

That’s all the wrecks, here’s the first of the LifeStyle links, this one from another WordPress blog. Tent set up practice Bike camping is tons of fun. I haven’t been in a few years, but I want to do it again.

Two links to things about the Sam Abate recovery in Tuscon AZ. This Week in Tucson Bicycling and Reminder: Benefit concert for injured cyclist happening Sunday As always if I’m putting a link to it WoaB is saying we support this cause and suggest you support it with your $$.

More about the guy killed when a SUV rolled over on a bike path that was separated from a highway with only a chain link fence. Nick Venuto Memorial Bike Ride, Walk set for July 9 Got out there and have fun in honor of the man that was killed. As the saying goes, living well is the best revenge.

Infrastructure! in Germany. Commuter Chaos, Lack of Infrastructure Threatens German Cyclists I had to edit that headline so it made sense on my blog, inserting a comma and removing a line break. Anyway, I have seen pictures of the infrastructure for cycling in Germany, and I would kill to get what they call “sub-standard” infrastructure. Seriously even the “sub-standard” infrastructure is easily a thousand times better than what we have here i the beautiful suburbs of Hell.

That’s all I have today, now I get to go mow the lawn and make something for the vegetarian potluck dinner at church tonight.

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