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Back to the grind, the Feed

Yes I’m back to the “usual” posting about wrecks and attempted murders, and I have to go finish mowing the lawn after I do today’s post. Since this is Monday I’m also making my “Three beans and rice” one pot dinner that has lentils, red beans, black beans, and brown rice along with a little salt and spices. I posted the aggregated nutritional data from the ingredients a few weeks back, it makes for a very nutritious dinner with a salad to fill the gaps in the minerals and vitamins.

Getting to the attempted murder I saw these 2 links posted to rec.bike.soc this morning and also found a different link in the Feed. Friends, family of accident victim don bright yellow to promote road safety, honor recovering patient and Morgan remains in critical condition after accident also Danger at every turn as cyclists take to roadways From reading the posted police report I don’t see how this could not be Assault with a Deadly at the very least, or attempted murder at the worst (and of course this assumes the critically injured cyclist is going to survive, which would take the “attempted” label off the charges). The initial wreck was a simple hit-from-behind, the second collision was a deliberate attempt by the driver to silence the cyclist before she could contact authorities. Unfortunately for the driver it was witnessed by several people who then prevented her from leaving the scene. I would like to be able to tell you how to avoid a wreck like this without ESP or knowing Doc Brown (Back to the Future movies) and him giving you a warning about where not to ride that day, but to be honest I can’t. There is no way of knowing the driver of the WMD behind you is a homicidal maniac just waiting to crack. Drivers like this are the reason I keep calling for stricter regulation of who can get a driver’s license, and legislation that makes taking a license away permanently easier. Also when a vehicle is used in the commission of a crime like this the vehicle needs to be confiscated as “evidence” to get the weapon away from the perpetrator for a while at least.

Update on the charity cyclist hit from behind on the shoulder of an AL highway. Ala. State Police looking into Newton cyclist’s death Because of the killer driver’s close connection to local LEO the investigation has been transferred to State Police for what is hoped will be an impartial investigation and a decent hanging. Only half kidding on the hanging part, from the crime scene pictures I was able to see before they were pulled from the web, the cyclist was hit about 8″ to the right of the fog line on the shoulder of the road, not in the travel lane, and the damage to the front of the weapon vehicle was about a foot from the right side towards the center of the vehicle. So from inference the driver was straddling the fog line and driving about half on the shoulder when there was a large group of cyclists using that shoulder. The road was clear with good sight lines, and there was plenty of room for the driver to pass without putting ANY cyclists in danger had he stayed on the travel lane of the road. If this was NOT a deliberate act then the driver needs to never, ever, get behind the wheel of a car again in this or any other lifetime. I’m not sure how you would enforce that restriction over second and third incarnations after leaving this plane of existence, but I would support it if there was a way to be sure they had the right person.

LEO are asking for more information in a hit-and-run fatality of a cyclist by a semi truck. Police seek help identifying hit-and-run driver in bicyclist’s death If you can see the truck in the picture posted with this link you’re doing better than I am. Even when I know where to look all I see is a smear of color against a differently colored background. If the vehicle is as identified in the article then they should be able to find it easily by asking local dispatchers who was taking that route that day…

The Highway Patrol in FL has a novel way to reduce cyclists and pedestrians getting hit, give the victims tickets. FHP to focus on county’s problems with bikes and pedestrians This is another link to not read the comments section of, remember I’m a trained internet journalist, I can do this without having any further brain damage from toxically stupid comments, like telling people to ride stationary cycles in a gym or ride around in circles at a school track when they need safe infrastructure to get to work and shopping.

A sidewalk cyclist is hit by an inattentive SUV driver. Cyclists still trying to co-exist with drivers As I have posted several times drivers are not expecting to find cyclists on sidewalks (90% are not expecting to find pedestrians on sidewalks, but that’s another discussion). And don’t read the comment on this one either…if the bad spelling and grammar don’t kill you the faulty logic will. 😛

A cyclist ignores a traffic control device and gets hit. Bike rider injured in collision with Jeep Now whether the light would trigger for the cyclist is another question entirely, but even if it didn’t trigger for a cyclist the law requires a cyclist to wait until the way is clear before proceeding.

Moving to Enn Zed cyclists are upset that their reports of bad driving and dangerous road conditions are basically counted and then round-filed. Cyclists claim police ignoring road safety data What is happening now is the reports are counted, but the data reported by cyclists is just thrown away, which defeats the purpose of collecting the data. Knowing there were “x” number of reports filed by cyclists about bad drivers and road conditions without the actual driver or road condition reports is not very helpful. Granted that’s a lot less work for LEO than actually keeping track of the reports and doing something about them…

Final link is another wreck that ESP would be needed to avoid, a building that fell on a cyclist and two pedestrians. One killed as old structure collapsed in Pune Really how do you avoid a building collapsing on you? And while I really feel bad about the fatality you have to laugh at the irony of trying to be safe walking on the sidewalk or riding in the safe part of the street only to be there when a building decides it is tired of standing up and wants a little “lay-down”, on top of your nice soft body.

And that’s all I have today.

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