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Another day, more wrecks, and an act of terrorism against cyclists, the Feed

This was not a good day for my fragile hold on sanity. The first thing I saw in my inbox (before I even opened the folder for the Feed) was a report of a terrorist act against cyclists. That was bad enough, but the woman that calls and hangs up when I answer just really gets to me, and she called twice this morning. I don’t know who she was expecting to answer the second time she called after she hung up on me the first time, but she calls regularly a couple times a week and hangs up when I say “Hello”. Ordinarily when someone calls and hangs up when a man answers you think of cheating wives, or when a woman calls and hangs up you think of cheating husbands, but this is a woman calling and hanging up when a man answers, so I don’t think anybody is cheating except maybe at solitaire. Anyway, the woman is calling from a 201 area code so I have no idea what the situation is.

Up first is that act of terrorism against cyclists in the Va. Beach area. Strewn thumbtacks create chaos for cyclists in Va. Beach Thousands of thumbtacks strewn at maybe 40 intersections on a 20 mile loop, this was a deliberate, planned act against cyclists. The puncturing devices chosen were too small to affect car and truck tires but perfect for blowing out bicycle tires, and they went down between the sweep ride to actually check the route out for such things and the actual ride, which also shows that this was a carefully planned deliberate assault on cyclists. If the booby traps had been carefully tailored for motor vehicles instead of bicycles then this would have been classified as an act of terrorism, no doubt about it. Why then is the opposite not also true?

Moving closer to home, another illustration of why it’s so dangerous to ride a bike in the state of TX. Arrest made in hit-and-run bike crash Note the operative phrase in this wreck: “When questioned, the suspect said he “thought he struck a bicyclist” not a motorist and continued driving.” The idea that it is OK to hit-and-run against a cyclist but not a motorist is widespread in TX and one of the reasons that riding here is such a risk.

Another hit-and-run in CA. Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run crash in Santa Rosa Note the good police work in this wreck. Originally thought to be a single vehicle wreck of a drunk cyclist, when checked out by medical personnel the rider was found to have significant internal injury not consistent with that mode of wreck. Doctors alerted LEO and LEO re-checked the scene and found physical evidence of a hit-and-run. The cyclist may still have been drunk (he had been at least drinking), but drunk victim or not hit-and-run is still against the law. This was apparently a hit-from-behind wreck judging from the location in the middle of the overpass, if there were no onramps to negotiate then that’s the only protocols you would need to worry about to avoid a similar wreck, that and staying sober so your reactions are still quick.

A cyclist that had a single-vehicle wreck against a concrete median has died. Cyclist Injured Last Week In Accident Dies The cyclist apparently had some kind of medical emergency before hitting the median.

More on the hit-and-run death of a cyclist by a semi truck in CO. Police hope to find semi driver who fled fatal hit-run and Police Try To ID Semi-Trailer In Cyclist’s Death

More on the cyclist hit-from-behind on the hard shoulder in AL. Christina Genco, at 22; cyclist pedaled to benefit others Nothing new on the wreck, just about the victim of the wreck. The loss to humanity is palpable.

Community rallies around a fallen comrade. Fundraiser for Tucson cyclist injured in hit and run I hope all of my readers in the Tucson area made it to this fundraiser and dropped lots of $$ in the pot. Sam will probably need it as it looks like the driver that hit him is without both assets and insurance. Once they take the car and sell it off the driver is pretty much destitute. As a gesture of goodwill take some of that money from selling her car and buy her a good-quality bicycle for transportation, something with lights and fenders and cargo capacity. I’m not heartless, I still want her to have the ability to make a living and contribute to the common good, as well as pay off every penny of Sam’s medical expenses…

A plea for harmony and understanding in Canuckistan. Cyclists and drivers must work together The right turn on red has been one of the biggest pedestrian killers ever invented because of circumstances mentioned in the link.

Infrastructure! in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, FL. Cyclists feel singled out in draft of Florida safety campaign The draft picture that was posted to the link is often how I feel on the roads, but I question the wisdom of putting it in front of drivers that already feel cyclists don’t belong on the roads.

And that’s all I have for today.

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