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Making change work, one driver and one cyclist at a time, and the Feed

If patience is a virtue (and I have it on good authority it is) then I am one of the most virtuous people in the world. I am attempting the metaphorical equivalent of strip mining a mountain with a teaspoon, trying to make my community bike-friendly. There are 2 main barriers to progress in this situation, both psychological. The first is nobody in city government wants to spend money on bike projects unless you give them the money and tell them that they can only spend it on bicycle infrastructure. The second is the attitude of drivers who think that only motor vehicles should be on the roads because they pay for them. I have seen the city transportation budget, both sources and expenditures, and there is no direct funding of streets from any motor vehicle tax or fee. The city has no such tax or fee and the state ain’t sharing what they collect. There is some Federal money but ironically that can only be used for bike and transit projects, not for the parts of the street for use by cars.

Up first is a combination wreck/infrastructure article from South Texas, the really, really flat part of TX. Coastal Bend cycling deaths underscore planning, driver awareness efforts Notice how many of these wrecks are either hit-from-behind, hit-and-run, or both.

Up next we have an update on the hit-and-run against a cyclist in Va. Beach VA. Police ID car from Va. Beach cyclist hit-and-run So, a turn-of-the-century BMW 3 Series with a missing passenger side mirror and headlight damage? Keep your eyes peeled Va. Beach readers…

Also in Va. Beach, more on the act of anti-cyclist terrorism. Crime on the roads of Virginia Beach This was an act that potentially could have killed dozens of people, and not just cyclists. There are drivers that will veer to one side or another to avoid a human being who has fallen in the road and they might strike someone on the side of the road or another vehicle causing them to wreck into oncoming traffic. This was a serious crime, but the namby-pamby response from city government to this act of terror indicates they (possibly sub-consciously) support the terrorists.

A SWCC wreck in MD, just up the coast from the Va. Beach madness. Cyclist injured in collision with car Note the lack of knowledge displayed by the LEO “Police said he did not use the crosswalk and failed to yield the right of way to the 2000 Lexus.” There is no requirement or obligation for cyclists to use the crosswalk. Not knowing the layout of the intersection or the direction of travel for both vehicles I can’t say which one was at fault in this wreck or how to avoid it except the generic call to use intersection protocols.

Moving out west a drunk driver seriously injures a cyclist, but escapes charges because the cyclist was drunk, too. Drunk Driver, Drunk Cyclist Collide: Cops I don’t “get” this one. If 2 drunks in cars had a wreck they wouldn’t let the one off the hook because the other was drunk. To avoid, ride sober in the correct direction for the side of the street you’re riding, and use lights and reflectors.

Still in CA, more information about a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run. Fund established for family of cyclist killed in hit-and-run near UCSC We are not “just cyclists”, we are people with goals and dreams and accomplishments. This article just brings that home a little more.

LifeStyles of the bicyclic. Cyclist spends his honeymoon pedalling to raise diabetes cash The guy has already made one trans-continental ride for charity, now he’s riding for diabetes awareness… Some people are just gluttons for punishment, and we love them for it.

And that’s all I have today. There were a lot of motorcycle wrecks, and one link of a cyclist that was a witness to a murder by motor vehicle in a parking lot, but that was all I had that was directly related to bicycles.

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