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A light Feed, and then grocery shopping

Well it’s a quiet day here at WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, even the cats are taking a day off and going to visit whatever it is cats go to visit when they leave home for a day. Just me and my blog, attempting to communicate with this modern version of a message in a bottle.

Let’s open the proceedings with this link that updates the condition of Sam Abate after his hit-and-run hit-from-behind wreck in a bike lane in Tucson AZ. Tucson cyclist injured in hit and run recovering at home As you can see, things are looking up for Sam. Join WoaB and the Tucson cycling community in wishing Sam a speedy and complete recovery, recognizing that “complete” may not mean a return to what he was before but rather “Better than he could ever hope to be”.

A SWCC wreck in NC, originally reported as a fatality now only “seriously injured”. Teen cyclist hurt in Monroe Details are still sketchy and still coming in even at this late date, but what we have so far is that the cyclist was on the highway when he was hit, direction has not been established as to which way the cyclist was going, and I haven’t seen a picture of the bike to be able to tell you what happened. The cyclist looks like he will recover, and aside from actually being on the road the cyclist didn’t do anything else that could have caused this wreck, the color of his clothing and reflective devices are not in question, just his positioning on the road.

A cycle tour to promote mutual respect between road users visits the scene of a hit-and-run fatality in Salt Lake City UT. Cyclist’s death lends somber air to Road Respect Tour stop in Salt Lake City Yep, respect for people that kill us and then leave the body in the street, that’s going to happen. 😛

A relative of a cyclist killed by a distracted driver speak out against cell phone usage while driving. GREAT HANG UP: Distracted driver kills Grass Valley cyclist OK I can get behind this, make any wreck where the driver is using any kind of mobile device that prevents full attention to the road a misdemeanor and a death would be a felony and bar the person from ever driving again. If the driver was both distracted and driving without a license make the charge equivalent to carrying a concealed handgun without a license, for a wreck without death or serious injury.

Another link about the cyclist killed in a hit-and-run outside a college in CA. Cyclist’s Death Underscores Grim Statistics Nothing new here, pretty much the same article I linked to yesterday in a different site. Still looking for a maroon Nissan, you should still be looking for it too. Maroon Nissan, year and model not specified, missing a passenger side mirror and with right headlight damage.

LifeStyle in OR results in conflict. Road rage files: Portland bicyclist defends running red light OK, don’t run red lights, that’s bad. But really, assault with a deadly weapon in retaliation for running a red light when there was no cross traffic to interfere with? That’s insane.

More LifeStyle of the bicyclic and semi-famous. Warrior Ride helps bring healing to central Pa. As a vet and a cyclist the staff at WoaB extends hearty emotional support to Wounded Warrior rides, because we ain’t got no money. 😦

And that’s all I have for today. Now go ride a bike!

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