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Carmaggedon in LA, beans and rice in TX, the Feed

There is one story that is dominating the Feed today, but more about that later. Mrs. the Poet is visiting her relations in NY (AKA as far away from Hell as she can get) so I have to do my own cooking. The problem I’m having is I never trained in Cooking for One. I’m a halfway decent cook on the things I know how to cook, but I trained in feeding multitudes, not Me, Myself, and I. As a result I fix one dish and have dinner for a week, even considering the fact that I eat Bicyclist’s Portions. What I’m saying is I fixed beans and rice and I’m going to have my 6th meal of beans and rice tonight. It doesn’t matter which dish I prepared, I would be eating it for the 6th time tonight, just because I would have that many leftovers. I don’t mind this with beans and rice, I’m not so sure about the Spam and Potato Stir Fry.

Up first is something I don’t know what to call as a drunk driver rams a group ride that was stopped on the side of the road to re-group in the hills around LA. Suspected Drunk Driver Plows into Bicyclists; 11 Hurt and Driver crashes into pack of Los Angeles bicyclists more Driver Plows Into Pack of LA Cyclists still more 11 Injured When Suspected Drunk Driver Slams In Midnight Ridazz Cyclists another one Midnight Ridazz, in Group of 100 L.A. Cyclists, Plowed Over by Young Female DUI Suspect in Culver City; Some in Critical Condition What we know from reliable witnesses at the scene (i.e. not people making “stuff” up on the Internet): The group had stopped on the shoulder and sidewalk/side of the road to regroup after a long hill. Most if not all of the bicycles were completely off the road on the shoulder and nobody was actually riding one at the time of the wreck/assault. The most telling thing about the incident to me is that the driver copped to using a cell phone while driving (misdemeanor in CA) as an excuse. Why admit to committing a crime, unless it’s to cover up a worse crime like assault with a deadly or intent to commit murder? As for how to avoid a similar wreck, are you kidding? This was an assault on people standing on the side of the road, there’s no way in Hell to avoid a wreck like this without not being there to be assaulted, AKA not doing the ride.

Still in CA, the driver suspected of hit-and-run against a cyclist has been arrested. Man who struck bicyclist arrested This was a pinball wreck for cyclists, the truck hit the first cyclist in the bike lane which propelled him into the second cyclist. The truck was only damaged on the passenger side mirror, but there was enough evidence from the mirror to arrest the driver.

Not out of CA yet, another cyclist hit from behind by a distracted driver. Castro Valley cyclist dies when hit by car on Fairmont Drive I’m not buying the “glare in eyes” story, even though they were headed east, into the sun. The time of day and sunrise don’t gibe for that excuse, by 0940 the sun would have been high enough to be blocked by the car’s roof or sun visors. EDIT I just refreshed the link and the “sun in eyes” quote is gone, only that the driver was not looking at the road is still in the article.

Moving all the way to Enn Zed, a cyclist is run over by a truck. Cromwell cyclist injured At this point the only report on the wreck indicated that the cyclist had pulled from a side street in front of the truck. Another SWCC wreck in other words.

Reporting from Oz, a driver tries to escape a conviction on a head-on wreck with a cyclist on the opposite side of the road while making an illegal passing movement by claiming the victim was to blame for being stoned. Man in court for killing stoned cyclistA motorist who overtook three cars on a dark stretch of road killed a stoned cyclist who was riding without lights or a helmet, a court has been told.” Doesn’t matter what the cyclist was doing, passing 3 cars in one movement is illegal, hitting a road user on the opposite side of the road is automatically your fault (and illegal). The victim could have been a “one-eyed, one horned, flying purple people-eater” and it would still be against the law to pass multiple vehicles and hit someone on the opposite side of the road.

Infrastructure! from Streetsblog, riding someone else’s bike is safer than riding your own. From London to D.C., Bike-Sharing Is Safer Than Riding Your Own Bike Well, duh! (doy, dur, dar, or whatever syllable you use to express dismay with reports of the Totally Obvious).

And that’s all I have today.

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