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Sweating it out, and the Feed

Yesterday we hit 101°F in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, and today we are forecast to hit 103°. Our AC units are working full blast to keep internal domicile temperatures below 80°F and humidity under control. The humidity is the killer here as it takes a lot of energy to pull that moisture from the air, and it holds a lot of heat so it’s a double whammy on the AC (and the electric bill).

Up first today is more on the drunk driver that was watching her cell phone instead of the road and hit 11 people standing on the side of the road. An Open Letter to Culver City and CCPD This is an attempt to deflect the blowback that the cyclists should not have been in the road when the injured cyclists were actually standing on the shoulder and sidewalk.

Still in CA, another report on the arrest of a suspect in the hit-and-run death of a college student just outside the college he attended. Arrest details emerge in case of bicyclist killed last week in Santa Cruz Yeah when LEO take their jobs seriously (and the perp leaves a crap ton of evidence behind) they can catch and prosecute a hit-and-run murderer. Now the hard part, conviction. Or the little slime could save everybody the time and effort and just hang himself in his cell…

Hit-and-run wrecks between cyclists and motor vehicles leave 1 dead and another injured in NYC, belying the claim that bicycles are deadly and need to be licensed and insured. Hit And Run Accidents In Sheepshead Bay, Upper East Side Leave One Dead I notice that there are no articles about pedestrians who have been hit-and-run by cyclists, or reports of drivers dead or injured because of being hit by someone riding a bicycle, so why all the fuss about scoflaw cyclists rampaging through the city? Both wrecks appear to be hit-from-behind but beyond that I don’t know enough about either to let you know how to avoid them except to use the hit-from-behind protocols linked at the top of my blog.

Hopscotching around the country brings us to AL, with more on the charity cyclist hit-from-behind on the shoulder of a road. Family of cyclist killed in Rainsville still searching for details about fatal wreck There is still no official news about this wreck, and I get a Permission Denied error when I try to see the crime scene pictures now.

A wreck where half of the information is omitted from the report. Colo. State Patrol investigates accident in Boulder area that killed cyclist At this point all we know is that the truck was turning left when he hit the cyclist. The cyclist’s speed, direction, and position on the road are still unreported. There are many possible scenarios for this wreck, but the two that make sense from my point of view are a left-cross by the truck or a left turn that made the trailer turn over the cyclist waiting to cross from the street the truck was turning to or waiting to turn left to the street the truck was turning from which would have placed him further to the left and made the trailer hit more plausible. I’m assuming the driver had a CDL which is much harder to get than a regular driver’s license.

A TX paper reports on a Canadian cyclist getting injured in a National Park in CO. Bike rider injured in Rocky Mountain National Park As the cyclist was blown off the road by high winds and not hit by a motor vehicle this was not the kind of wreck you can avoid by riding within the laws. Really unless you had some way of knowing the wind and road conditions there would be no way to avoid this wreck as wind is mostly invisible. Another outlet local to the area had this. Cyclist knocked over by high winds, seriously injured on Trail Ridge Road

A NE hit-and-run wreck of 2 cyclists kills one and injures the other. North Platte man killed in car-bicycle wreck At this point all I know are the names of the victims and the perp. Road positions, directions of travel, and everything else is under blackout.

Moving to Oz, the convicted cyclist killer is given a slap on the wrist. Driver gets suspended sentence for killing cyclist Yep kill a cyclist, go to… home? He also is prohibited from (getting caught) driving for two years and fined $2000AUD. This was the guy that tried to pass 3 cars and hit the cyclist on the other side of the road.

LifeStyle in UT. Bike benefit planned for Utah cyclist hit and killed Ordinarily at this point I would tell you to go and spend $$ supporting the cause, but the event was last night and this showed up in my Feed this morning.

More LifeStyle, and a bit of Infrastructure! from the same state as the previous link. Sharing the road I’m still waiting to read about the family killed when their SUV is hit by a cyclist using a cell phone, unlike the cyclists killed every day by distracted drivers.

And that’s all I have today, tomorrow will be a wreck-free rantrambling post.

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