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Hot and sweaty and tired, and then the Feed

Hi guys! I just got done doing a tune-up and partial restoration on a pair of BSO for a customer which means I’m going to get some $$. Not much, this was only a $80 job including parts, but hey it’s money. This will leave me enough to get Blue a new rear tire.

Up first is a really disturbing report on a man previously convicted of road rage against a cyclist being behind the wheel at another cyclist’s death. Driver in fatal Lefthand bicycle accident convicted in previous confrontation Supposedly LEO are not using his previous conviction in determining fault, and from witnesses’ statements it appears that this wreck is a left-cross collision completely unlike the previous encounter where the driver attempted to force the cyclist into oncoming traffic with his vehicle. Assuming this wreck was not on purpose like the previous wreck the driver was convicted of, intersection protocols apply although from what the witnesses said there wasn’t enough time for the cyclist to even grab his brakes before hitting the truck.

Still in CO, another link to the cyclist blown off the road by high winds. Heavy winds blow cyclist off road in Rocky Mountain National Park From the injuries described he was blown waaaayyyy off the road and down a cliff or two.

Still in CO, a cyclist tries to beat a train and loses. Cyclist dies after being struck by southbound train at Denver light rail crossing and Police: Cyclist Killed By Light Rail Train Skirted Crossing Arm This is such an easy wreck to avoid, just wait until the crossing arms are up or until you can see clearly that there are no more trains coming.

More on the wreck that injured 11 cyclists standing in the sidewalk or the shoulder of the road in L.A. CA. Cycling advocates air concerns after Culver City crash that injured 11 riders The driver blew a .08 BAC% at the scene and a blood draw some time later put her at .07% which by regression verifies the .08 at the scene. BTW do not read the comments section… too many stupid people.

Another cyclist killed in the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike in the US. <a href="Bicyclist killed in Largo accident This was another case of a Bike Ninja riding without lights or reflectors. From the description originally given of the cyclist I don’t think he read my blog so I really don’t know how to prevent more wrecks like this. I already know my readers use lights and reflectors (sometimes in ridiculous amounts) so y’all are not the problem.

Still in FL, a SUV hit-and-runs against a cyclist. Learning to share the road I don’t know how a SUV driver nearly killing a cyclist is “Sharing the road”. The wreck was at an intersection, but LEO aren’t releasing the details of who violated the traffic control devices at the intersection.

One of the problems with living in a totalitarian country is they can make major personal investments in transportation illegal overnight. Electric bicycles facing end of dangerous road There are multiple issues at work here. The first is that what they’re calling “bicycles” are really scooters for the most part. The second is they’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater. They are banning not just the overweight, over powered, out of speed regulation bikes, but any e-assist bike, even the ones that are legal by the national law.

And that’s all I have today. Whew!

Billed @$0.02, Opus