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Mule Day again today, big announcement tomorrow, and the Feed

Yes, there will be a big announcement in this blog tomorrow, but I’m not telling what until then. You will just have to wait until I post it. But until them I still have to buy groceries, and filter the Feed. It’s interesting to me how much less I have to buy from the grocery store when I’m living by myself. I still have to buy almost as much food, as my wife eats like a bird, but the rest of it, not so much. Napkins, phhht! Toilet paper usage drops by more than 2/3, I actually use less than 1/4 of the toilet paper in my house, visitors use some, and my wife uses the rest. Since my wife went on vacation I have not used a full roll of toilet paper in just over a week, usually we go through a 6 pack just in the master bath… And other stuff like that.

Up first is an injury wreck in CA. Bicyclist Injured In Fall From Bike on Glendora Mountain Road This is why cyclists need room to ride and not to be passed too close, the cyclist hit some debris in the road that knocked him from the bike. You need to have the room to not worry about getting hit so you can scan the road for defects and debris. Since this report doesn’t say what the rider hit I can’t tell you how to avoid the wreck except that it requires good Situational Awareness. You need to know what the vehicles are doing around you as you also watch the road surface for defects or debris. One road hazard that is almost impossible to avoid is the single stone of aggregate that has come loose and sits on top of the road surface. You can’t tell that this stone is no longer connected to the rest of the road and if you hit it at the wrong angle with your front tire you will fall. Fortunately this is a very low probability situation, as loose stones are rare and you have to hit that stone just wrong to wreck.

Cyclists in Canuckistan thought it was safe to cross the road after traffic stopped, but they were wrong. Cyclist Hit by Vehicle on Highway 97 Note that there were 2 cyclists that waited until traffic had stopped on the highway before starting to cross but one was hit by a vehicle that didn’t stop. At this point I don’t know if the driver failed to comply with a traffic control device or if the cyclist should have waited for traffic in the northbound lanes to stop first to do the crossing in 2 separate movements. The way that’s done is cross the first group of lanes, then wait in the middle and cross the second group of lanes when there is a break in that direction.

A safety article from Canuckistan that doesn’t blame solely cyclists or solely drivers. Respecting the law and others key to roadway safety Interesting that the picture included with the article was one of the most horrific car-driver on cyclist assaults in Canadian history as one driver hit 5 cyclists in a bike lane, not an accident. Anyway, good advice except for the bit about the helmet. Most bicycle helmets are not like mine and provide little protection in a motor vehicle wreck. Mine doesn’t even protect all that well, but it’s leaps and bounds above a standard bike helmet especially for protection against sliding wrecks. Incidentally in the picture that accompanies the article each of those little red, yellow, and orange markers is next to a bit of bicycle, personal equipment or blood spatter, and there were hundreds used at the wreck scene that you can’t see in the picture…

Infrastructure! in NYC (again). City Hall Park cyclists pose no risk says D.O.T. Yep riding a bicycle in pedestrian traffic at low speeds is not a hazard to the pedestrians. Now to the cyclists on the other hand…

Bike racks in Norfolk VA. Downtown Norfolk group unveils artsy bike racks I have seen prettier bike racks, but that isn’t the purpose of the bike rack in the pictures. It’s art and it doesn’t have to be “pretty” to make a statement. It’s also functional, as shown with 2 of the 4 parking slots filled during the demonstration and public unveiling. From the descriptions in the article there are other racks that are intended to be “pretty”.

And that’s all I have today, now to go buy food. 🙂 Foooood!

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