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Running around in the heat, then Filtering a huge Feed

This has been a long day and it’s not quite 1400 here yet. I had to go to the bank to get a CU Check for the mortgage because Mrs. the Poet forgot to sign checks before she left. Because I didn’t have ID (remember that ID thing I wrote about last week?) I couldn’t be made a signatory of the account in spite of being a signatory of the account that had to be closed when her wallet was stolen. So, long story short, bills had to be paid, cash was presented, bills are now in the process of being paid, and I picked up some groceries and supplies while I was out. Why bills are not paid when cash is presented I don’t know, but they will be credited as being paid today when everything gets processed, or I will have some new beer steins made from the useless heads of the people responsible.

Up first because I had to leave it up on a separate window to be able to get to it while I filtered the rest of the Feed is a(nother) wreck in Va. Beach. Vehicle hits bicyclist on Shore Drive, 83rd St. This is another one of those wrecks that a cyclist can’t avoid. The vehicle that hit the cyclist was making an emergency maneuver to avoid hitting another vehicle. If the driver saw the cyclist before making the move then the driver is a sociopath, choosing to hit a human being rather than another vehicle, but it’s more likely that the driver just never saw the cyclist until after the impact.

Moving closer to home a cyclist is injured in a SWSS wreck in Houston. Houston bicyclist recovering after being hit by car Notice the phrasing of the narrative: “Houston police said a man was riding his bicycle southbound on Almeda and went into the right lane in front of a car. According to investigators, the driver of the car did not see the cyclist until the last second.” Classic SWSS phraseology. Use hit-from-behind protocols, and a painfully bright flashing taillight to avoid a similar wreck. Apply clue-by-four liberally to the forehead of the driver as needed.

Another report on the hit-and-run of a CA professional cyclist that left him unable to ride a bicycle. CA man sentenced in crash that injured pro cyclist Note that this wreck was while the cyclist was riding a motorcycle, but was very similar to what happens in many bicycle wrecks. The driver claimed temporary blindness and left the scene of the crime, but was caught and made to pay for the crime.

Two teen-age cyclists are hit-from-behind while riding on the shoulder in UT. Teen cyclist hit, killed by SUV in Santa Clara Notice how the driver is shielded from blame in this wreck in spite of the location and direction of travel of the cyclists being perfectly legal. Street view of the wreck site shows a mountain on one side of the road with a narrow shoulder, and a wide paved shoulder with a smooth gravel shoulder past that on the other side, leading to an area with a wide paved shoulder and a wide sidewalk. There was no reason for a car to be where the children were riding their bicycles, unless that car was out of control.

An article that goes out of its way to blame a child cyclist that was hit while using a crosswalk. Teen Seriously Injured When Hit By Vehicle On Road In Flanders Notice that the child was hit by a vehicle, no mention of the fact that vehicles have drivers, and the cyclist was “against traffic,” when he was hit by northbound traffic by a pickup truck. Notice that the fact that the weapon vehicle had a driver was not mentioned until the last third of the article, and that there might have been a safety defect in the vehicle was left to the last sentence of the article.

Some good news out of the UK. Driver who killed charity cyclist while retrieving sat-nav convicted by jury For those with short memories or who don’t read the UK stuff, this was the guy that was “driving” down the road while underneath the dash of his moving vehicle getting his GPS unit off the floor of the passenger side of the car, hitting a cyclist from behind in the process. I fully expect the driver to get community service and a fine of less than £500 for this conviction, with maybe a 2 year loss of license.

A “rational”(?) discussion of infrastructure and how to share it when necessary from CO. From the editorial advisory board: Bikes on the road

A somewhat less rational discussion of infrastructure usage in UT. Lawbreaking cyclists Note that a cyclist hit his car once. I have been hit by cars hard enough to be knocked down 3 times, twice as a pedestrian in a crosswalk and the time on my bike that I am getting tired of bringing up but must to make a point.

And that’s all I have today.

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