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Back from the Lab Rat Keeper and the bike store, the Feed

Yes, I have already had a full day of running around today, and now I get to read and filter the Feed and try to compose cogent prose that will fill your minds with awe. Actually I will be satisfied if I can get “Awww!” or something. 😉

Up first is a London cyclist killed in CA by a drunk driver. London Bicyclist Killed by Drunk Driver This should never have happened. Granted nobody should get drunk and drive, but this driver should never have had any alcohol to begin with. Because this was a head-on collision with a vehicle on the wrong side of the road there was no practical way for the cyclist to avoid this wreck. Also it is not known (except by LEO who are not releasing the information) if the cyclist was in the travel lane, a bike lane or on the shoulder or sidewalk.

Still in CA a left-crossed cyclist and advocate vows to continue cycling. Back-seat Driver: Collision won’t deter biking advocate Classic left cross, driver either not looking at the cyclist or just not seeing her, or in this case not expecting a bicycle to be in the bike lane at the same time as a car passing in the travel lane. To avoid use intersection protocols and a truck air-horn (or I am told the Air-Zound has a similar tone if you don’t have a high-amp source of 12V current).

A cyclist is hit-and-run in CO. Staying Safe On The Road Note from the comments that even though the cyclist was lighted and reflectorized to a fare thee well, it must have been his fault because there was a cyclist that had run a stop sign and he didn’t pay “road taxes” anyway. Since the mode of wreck wasn’t mentioned and the cyclist had already taken the standard precautions I’m going to call this one unavoidable by the cyclist.

According to LEO in OR, summertime makes drivers stupid or perhaps because there are “more targets” more cyclists get hit… Police Explain Summer’s Effect on Crash Statistics Actually it’s a combination of stupid drivers, stupid cyclists, non-stupid cyclists who have rusty road skills from the winter layoff, and “more targets”. You can avoid some of that by not having the winter layoff, after all there is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing for the ride. One item of clothing I find invaluable is a full-face motorcycle helmet modified with a foam rubber baffle to keep hot, moist breath from fogging cold glasses during winter rides. The lack of vents on a motorcycle helmet keeps the head warm in cold weather also. I can’t wear one like that in warm weather, but in the winter it’s worth its weight in gold.

An OH cyclist hits a runner competing in a half-marathon. Runner, cyclist collide during half-marathon Really, guys, you have to watch out for pedestrians number one. And number two, this was on a posted race course with route markers and people warning vehicles to be careful, etc everything short of closing the course. This was caused by a lack of SA on the part of the rider, who I’m glad to say did not seriously injure the runner.

TN legal Infrastructure! just got massively reinforced against distracted drivers. Berke on Biking The law has been changed so that if you hit a cyclist or pedestrian it is prima facie that you were not paying attention and driving with “due care” raising the penalty to include 11 months 29 days in jail, and a one year loss of license for killing a pedestrian or cyclist. This removes the loophole in the previous law that allowed a “I didn’t see him” defense.

An infrastructure gem from Canuckistan. Protect your brain, wear a helmet That p[retty much sums up the entire article about bicycle safety.

And that’s all I have today.

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