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Still working on the bike, and the Feed

It’s a good thing I had a small Feed two days in a row, because I am fighting this fender install tooth and nail. The problem is that this is not the way this new fender was meant to be installed, I am cutting down a rear fender and mounting it on the front to get less spray off the top of the tire and a little more coverage on the back of the tire to catch the gunk that gets thrown up on the bike. I like Blue to stay clean and shiny, even after a trip on a wet street or even in the rain. Yes I’m one of those people that ride bikes even when there is water falling from the sky. I have a rain jacket, rain pants, and eye protection, why shouldn’t I ride in the rain? IN TX summers I don’t even bother with the rain pants and half the time I ride in the summer rain I don’t bother with the jacket either, I get just as wet with the jacket as without it, so why bother?

Up first is a report from CA about a hit-and-run bike wreck that has locals a bit nervous. Second Hit-And-Run This Month The sub-head on this one is “Third Fatal Accident Has Local Cyclists On Edge“. So, to avoid, looks like your run-of-the-mill hit from behind wreck, use the hit-from-behind protocols. The scary thing is this matches the worst year ever for this city, and this is just halfway through their heavy cycling season, even though they have large numbers of cyclists year round.

LEO are still trying to decide appropriate charges in a cyclist’s death in MI. No charges yet in teen cyclist’s death As of the posting of the article in this link the investigation and number-crunching of the data had not been completed. The driver looks to have been right at the edge of legal DUI among other things that are hampering this case’s quick conclusion.

Plenty of blame to go around in this NJ wreck. Driver, two injured bicyclists charged in Harrison Township accident So we have salmon cyclists and a driver not paying attention to what was on the road in front of her. Everybody was wrong! To avoid, ride in the same direction with traffic, and use a rear view mirror because that driver won’t pay any more attention to your backside than she did to those cyclist’s front sides.

A local campaign in lower NY state targets distracted driving, in part because it can kill cyclists. “Be Alert, Distraction Kills”: New Campaign Aims to Reduce Number of Accidents One of the wrecks mentioned caused by a distracted driver was a child cyclist that the driver missed seeing but didn’t miss hitting. As cyclists we need to keep all our senses available and on alert for drivers that might hit us… Don’t ride distracted.

Still in NY state we have a LifeStyle article. Cyclists ride 30 miles in memory of fallen rider Spelling nazi alert: the driver was reckless, not wreckless. Had he been “wreckless” there would have been no victim to have a memorial ride for.

And that’s all I have today.

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