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Making the world a better place, Wreck-free Sunday

Yes it is time for another Wreck-Free Sunday post, where I try to solve all the world’s problems in a single day. At lest the ones that can be solved with a bicycle. 😉

Before I left for my trip I posted about the new Tennessee law that went into effect July 1st, making killing a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist a crime punishable by a fine up to $500, or $250 if you just injure one of them. While this is a big step forward, compared to other, lesser crimes the fines are such that if we weren’t talking about human suffering and death they would be comedic. As a comparison, littering carries up to a $1500 fine, failure to pass a stopped emergency vehicle by moving over to the next lane to the left has a maximum fine of $500. That’s right, you can run over a vulnerable road user, and if they don’t die your fine will be less than if you failed to change lanes to pass a cop on the shoulder. If you kill a vulnerable user you better pick up the body because the fine for littering is 3 times the fine for killing the person. Isn’t it wonderful to know how highly the TN State Legislature regards us cyclists and pedestrians?

Obviously these fines are way too low to be effective and need to be enhanced, or maybe a canny DA needs to file the charges so that the potential fines and prison terms are more in line with the seriousness of the crimes. Can you imagine the publicity when a DA announces he’s filing littering charges against a hit-and-run driver that kills a vulnerable user because the sentences for leaving the body on the side of the road are harsher than for the actual killing?

I will scour the web looking for more stuff that gets treated more harshly than killing a cyclist and let you know about them in a future Wreck-Free Sunday post.

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What I did on my Summer vacation

Greetings Earthlings! I am returned from my travels and travails to converse with you some more.

I took the Dawgbus (Greyhound) from Dallas to Nashville leaving 7/11. Not so lucky as the TSA was out in force in the bus station in Memphis on the morning of the 12th, with both a bomb- and a drug-sniffing dog checking luggage, random frisking, hate and discontent, but no checking of ID that I could see. It all looked like random harassment of poor people to me, because they were searching people as they got off the buses.

I spent most of the rest of my trip watching the TdF on Versus, visiting friends and eating out in restaurants, so the rest of this post will be a review of the better places I ate. I’m not going to bother with telling how bad some places were because number one they were all chains with big budgets for lawyers, and number two they are all very popular so somebody likes them. What I am going to mention are the local places we ate where the food was good and the service fantastic.

The first of the locally-owned eateries was M & V Famous Soul Food, 281 N Lowry St Smyrna where we had liver and onions served with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn as the sides. The liver was perfectly cooked and very mildly flavored, both of which require a degree of skill seldom exhibited in your average eatery that serves this dish. Most of the time your liver is very tough to chew and has a pronounced “organ meat” flavor, both of which were missing here. The liver was tender without being under-cooked (a problem I have when fixing liver), and very tasty. The sides were done with an equal amount of skill and complemented the meat perfectly, and the cornbread and biscuits also completed the meal. I was so full that I was unable to sample the dessert menu, but rest assured I didn’t see a bad dessert there.

The second local place has a bit of a following in my family and circle of friends in that we have been eating there for at least 6 years, from the time they were located in the Old Jail in Franklin to their new location in the old location of New Orleans Manor next to the Nashville Airport (BNA) on Murfreesboro Road. I’m referring to Monell’s at the Manor in Nashville, where they serve family-style at large tables and you share a common meal with whoever gets seated next to you and the food just keeps on coming. Nothing they served was less than good, with most of the dishes rating an “ehhhxxcellent” with excited hand-wringing a la Mr. Burns. I’m talking some seriously good grub here, served in massive amounts by friendly wait-staff. I suggest skipping lunch so you get your money’s worth of their all-you-care-to-eat service. One of their sides was something I haven’t gotten anywhere else, a savory corn pudding, think creamed corn with cornbread and seriously tasty. I couldn’t get enough of that except for the competition from the coleslaw, turnip greens, mashed potatoes, pot roast, 3-bean salad, fried chicken, and banana pudding for dessert. I’m talking seriously good food in try-to-kill-you quantities at this eatery.

Another seriously good place to eat was the Franklin Chop House My teriyaki was spectacular with tasty sides that I can’t remember because it was so late and I was so hungry that I don’t remember anything besides the fact that the dinner rolls had too much sugar in the recipe for a dinner roll. For breakfast they would have been perfect. I do remember my turnip greens had just a bit of crisp to them instead of the usual limp state of turnip greens in the south, and could have used a touch more vinegar in their preparation. Still good though.

While I was visiting in Franklin we also went to Las Palmas where we had Mex-Mex food, not the blazing hot variety from the border regions but the milder stuff from the interior of the country. They still put peppers in it but not in everything like Tex-Mex or CaliMex food. I had an enchilada and burrito combo that was very good, and I also got to sample quesadillas and chicken enchiladas from other diners in my party as the designated “garbage disposal”.

Last dinner was at a place in Smyrna that was simply called the “Asian” with a buffet. They served a generic Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese fusion that was much better to eat than to write about.

Last place was a Donut Palace in Smyrna, on Lowry Street across from the Square. I mean doughnuts, fresh and big. Their apple fritters were huge, bigger than dinner plates. Service was good and quick.

So, that’s what I can tell you about my Summer Vacation. I should have taken better notes, but I was on vacation… I should also mention that I gained about 10 pounds in 3 weeks because of being the designated “garbage disposal” when we didn’t go to all you can eat places.

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Drunken bicyclist hits SUV kills family of 5 in flaming wreck

Yeah, that’s not really going to happen, is it. I have been doing this blog in one place or another since 2006, and in that time I have read exactly 3 times where a cyclist has killed a driver by running into the vehicle, and 2 of those times the cyclist was already dead before even coming in contact with the driver. That’s right of the 3 times I know a cyclist has killed a driver, the cyclist’s corpse was what killed the driver in 2 of the wrecks. The third wreck the cyclist was hurt but not seriously, but the driver appeared to be dead before his car came to rest on the side of the road.

Anyway, I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow and will be away from phones, computers and the Internet until the end of the month. I’m taking a serious decompression, with some bike rides, several trips to all-you-can-eat buffets, some movies (Cars 2?), and reconnecting with old friends. I just wanted to see that headline before I left for the trip, for some really absurd reasons…

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Some people get a day off on the weekends

I get more work. After today’s post I have committee meetings all afternoon at church followed by the Vegetarian Pot Luck at 1830. The good part is I will be interacting with human beings for an extended period. The bad part is I will be interacting with human beings for an extended period, and I will have to give them food. Both of these bother me now, probably due to the brain damage, although I never was much for hanging around groups of people for long periods of time. One or two people is about all I can stand for extended periods of time now, or larger groups for a couple hours at a time. The irony is I like parties, probably because I can wander off and interact with people in levels I can handle…

Up first today because of all the links is a wreck with a car during a bicycle road race. Cyclist killed at Grandfather Mountain race and Grizzly biker killed in collision also Bicyclist Killed in Running of the Grizzly from a way out-of-state newspaper Veteran cyclist killed at NC Highland Games race after losing control of bike on downhill ride and last link Winston-Salem cyclist killed in Grandfather Mountain contest As the story reads now the rider was going too fast to stay in his lane coming down the mountain (it was a race, after all) and slid over the center line and hit a car head on, combined speed in excess of 70 mph. The driver of the car had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. This correlates well with previous evidence that it takes an impact speed well in excess of 60 MPH for a cyclist to injure/kill a driver from the 3 wrecks I have read reports on that the driver was killed hitting a cyclist. To avoid when not racing, moderate your speed by sitting up to catch the wind, using brakes, and not pedalling hard at the top of the hill. Also you could modify your line through turns to reduce the amount of time coasting (shorten the trip directly downhill to prevent speed buildup).

More on the homicide investigation of the charity cyclist killed in AL. INVESTIGATION CONDUCTED INTO DEATH OF BIKE RIDER This is looking less and less good for the driver as every new report on this wreck comes out.

Another very bad car/bicycle wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bicyclist critically injured in Friday Jacksonville accident Notice the back of the bike is partially wrapped around the seat post of the bike in the picture that accompanies the article. This requires tremendous force, which is usually an indicator of excessive speed. The map view shows a quiet residential street that should be driven at a low speed. Anyway, to avoid use the hit-from-behind protocols. And maybe a rear-facing howitzer.

Another hit-and-run on a cyclist in SD. Cyclist injured in hit-and-run accident – One injured in separate crash This appears to be a deliberate act as the cyclist was crossing legally in front of the car which then pulled forward hitting the cyclist in the rear wheel. I don’t know how you’re supposed to get the plate numbers of a vehicle that hits you after you cross in front of it as even having eyes in the back of your head wouldn’t let you read a plate that was facing away from you. I also don’t know any way to avoid this type of wreck, because you really have to be able to depend on the driver to wait until you complete crossing the street before moving across your lane of travel. Besides being the law it’s just plain common courtesy.

Our last US report is an update on a cyclist injured back in June. Injured bicyclist faces uphill battle The cyclist was injured in a wreck that killed his riding partner at the time. IIRC this was a hit-from-behind wreck that LEO for some reason seem hesitant to file charges on. Best wishes for the injured cyclist.

A really big bike wreck story from the Great White North. Cyclist killed, 80-year-old man arrested after hit-and-run accident on N.B. highway and Cyclist killed in collision with pickup truck, Shediac Bridge, N.B I don’t understand this, when you hit someone at that speed there’s no way you can not know it, the damage is going to be visible from a quarter mile away, you will get caught, and whatever excuses you might have for the wreck are going to be ignored because you are a criminal that leaves people to die in the roads…

Another wreck in the GWN, with less dire consequences this time. Cyclist injured in Victoria Park incident I don’t know the mode of this wreck, but the cyclist in the picture didn’t seem to be bleeding too much. Swift recovery wished to you!

Another wreck in Canada where they are not automatically blaming the deceased cyclist. Teen cyclist killed in Niagara Falls tourism district At this point LEO are only saying the cyclist and the truck “crossed paths” and haven’t blamed anyone yet.

Still another wreck in the GWN. Cyclist injured in crash No question as to who was at fault in this wreck: “The driver has been charged with failing to yield to traffic on a through highway.” The cyclist was riding through an intersection and was hit by a right-turning vehicle that violated his right of way. Again this is a very hard wreck to avoid as it mainly requires drivers to wait until the bicycle is clear before proceeding.

Update on charges filed in a really bad Canadian wreck. One cyclist still recovering from injuries Look at the remains of the bike the cyclist that was almost killed was riding…That thing on the right side of the picture appears to be the left and right handgrips of the handlebars sitting next to each other instead of being separated by the rest of the handlebar.

LifeStyle event in SC for a fallen cyclist. Candlelight vigil for Dr. Hollon, cyclist killed this week This event is a reminder of why we can’t allow infrastructure that depends on the goodwill of drivers to keep us from getting killed, we need infrastructure that keeps us alive even when drivers can’t be bothered to care…

More on the Aussie pro cyclist killed by a left cross in Italy. Australian riders remember Carly Hibberd

And that’s all I have today, see you tomorrow on Wreck-Free Sunday.

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Insane people in the Feed

OMG! There were so many insane people in the Infrastructure! part of the Feed today. Did you know that terrorists might ride bicycle bombs to the Israeli consulate if bike lanes are installed there? I don’t know what they would do that they couldn’t do much better with a truck full of explosives like has been used in every single terrorist attack not using aircraft in the US. NYC DOT Installs Controversial Bike Lanes On High-Traffic First And Second Avenues In Manhattan Nevermind that those “controversial” bike lanes had to go through a 3-year process of vetting through community boards and public hearings before being installed, they are being “rammed through” by the NYDoT.

Up first in the bike wrecks a Sioux Falls driver that was so drunk he passed out behind the wheel will have to spend no time behind bars for killing a cyclist. Driver admits guilt in cyclist’s death I think this was a sweetheart of a plea bargain for the driver, because his medications were mixed with alcohol and he was unconscious behind the wheel when he drove off the road and killed the cyclist. He will possibly have to serve a year for the DUI, but is getting probation on the homicide…

The death of the ride leader for Bike and Build who was hit in AL is being investigated as a homicide. State authorities investigating cyclist death in Alabama New evidence in the case has come from a driver that was following the killer driver, “Bobby Reynolds, who was driving behind Chandler and saw the accident, told police he saw the truck drift toward the white line at the shoulder and slam into Genco.” IOW to an outside observer it looked like he hit the cyclist on purpose. This bothers me but doesn’t surprize me.

Bouncing around the country, a VA bike ninja gets drunk and goes for a ride with predictable results. Bicyclist Killed On Rt. 50 Drunk with no lights at night (or drunk anytime) on a bicycle is a recipe for disaster. How to avoid this wreck should be self-evident.

A Tacoma WA rider is the victim of an assault. Injured bicyclist: ‘They could have killed me’ The weapon vehicle matched speed to the cyclist who was then attacked by passengers in the vehicle. This should be investigated and prosecuted as a terrorist act against cyclists to prevent future attacks.

Still in WA except on the other side of the Cascades, a cyclist injured in a hit-and-run dies in rehab. Spokane hit-run victim dies If the victim died as a result of complications from his injuries this just became a homicide case…

A SWCC/SWSS in NV has become a fatality. Teenage Bicyclist Who Hit NDOT Truck Dies I have a huge problem with believing any account where the main or only witness is the driver of the weapon vehicle, but this one is maybe not locked up but a “probable”. I find the witness somewhat believable. To avoid, signal lane changes and look before you change lanes.

Another SC cyclist assaulted with a motor vehicle. Bicyclist Injured In Hit-And-Run On Way To Work Wow, two vehicles passing at the same time, that’s really safe (not). And neither one stayed to check the rider to see if he was injured.

Moving on to the Great White North, a cyclist that literally stumbled upon military maneuvers on a bike trail finds getting paid for fixing his bike and medical expenses an extended exercise in patience. Fiorito: Wheels of justice slow for injured cyclist The cyclist was riding on a bike path when he ran into a squad of camouflaged soldiers hiding in the shadows. The story doesn’t say what happened to the soldiers he hit, but none of them had to take an ambulance ride to the hospital. What precisely the cyclist ran into is never spelled out in the article, but then that wasn’t the point, the point was that he ran into something the soldiers had set up and as a result he was injured and his bike busted, and now nobody will pay the judgement for his direct expenses from the incident. Never mind the pain and loss of income, he was just trying to get the bike fixed and the medical expenses paid, and still is 2 years later.

We had lots of links from the GWN. Guelph woman critical after Flamborough crash She was riding east and was hit by a car also going east, seems pretty cut-and-dried to me. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid.

Unknown mode of wreck seriusly injures a female cyclist near Montreal. Bike rider suffers serious head injuries in South Shore collision At the time the link was posted LEO had not released the details of the wreck, just the immediate consequences. From the picture it looks like hit-from-behind is a good possibility. The bike appears to be equipped with a rack and fenders and there is either a reflector or light on the rack. It’s hard to tell from the image quality but the back wheel looks to be buckled in a way that is consistent with a hit-from-behind wreck, so until more information is released WoaB will advise using that protocol to avoid a similar wreck.

Toronto cyclists are the subject of a police crackdown after a pedestrian is injured. Cyclists target of police crackdown I wonder is there a similar crackdown after a cyclist is injured by a driver breaking the law, or does that just happen in the rare instance of a cyclist causing injury?

A South African driver doesn’t think prison is appropriate for killing a cyclist. Driver ‘not jail material’ – lawyer I like the prosecutor’s take on the situation, “One’s own conduct determines whether you are prison material.” Kill a cyclist, go to jail. Has a bit of a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Last link, the driver that killed the Pro cyclist in Italy left-crossed the cyclists, brushing one and killing the other. Driver faces charge on star cyclist Carly Hibberd’s death The first cyclist had enough room but only barely, Hibberd did not and died from it. What’s really sad is that the coach for the cyclist was also the coach for the previous Australian cyclist killed in Europe.

And that’s all I have for you today.

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Notice to comment posters

There have been some rather cogent comments that have ended up in the spam trap because they were linked to commercial sites and did not have a valid e-mail address. If you want to make sure your comments get published there are 2 simple rules to make sure you get published.

1. Make a comment that makes sense. Bad grammar and spelling will be tolerated to an extent, but the spam trap is both grammar and spelling sensitive. If what you post reads like it was machine translated from English to French to Mandarin and back to English it will get dumped, if you have too many spelling mistakes you will get dumped, if your comment is about something that has no connection to anything on the blog you will get dumped.

2. Valid e-mail addresses are required.

I don’t mind linking back to a commercial site so long as these 2 criteria are met. So to the person commenting that was linking back to a Costa Rican lawyer’s site the reason you didn’t get published wasn’t your comment, it was the fake e-mail addy you used.

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Making sure the lights stay on, and the Feed

One of the major problems with being an impoverished bicycle blogger is keeping the lights and other electricals powered. The money that comes in doesn’t always match the expenses going out, usually because of a timing issue. Well, that’s the situation I’m in again today. I finally have the $ to pay last month’s electrical bill, which I will do promptly after finishing the blog post.

Up first is an international story, an Australian Professional cyclist is killed on a training ride in Europe, with multiple links. Cyclist dies after being hit by car and Carly Hibberd Dead: Australian Cyclist Dies After Being Hit By Car that link was sent to me by FaceBook, in my Feed, and forwarded by one of my Internet friends Australian cyclist Carly Hibberd killed during training ride As of composing this post what is known about the wreck is there were 2 cyclists and one car, the other cyclist is alive, but there was nothing about if she was hit too or just there when it happened, and there is nothing about placing on the roads or directions of travel for the 3 vehicles involved. IOW there is a pro cyclist dead in a road wreck and that’s all anyone is saying at this point.

Moving to more domestic concerns, it looks like a dangerous driver isn’t going to skate by in IL. Prosecutor says he’s still weighing charge in crash that killed cyclist in Jersey County The cyclist was hit from behind while making a left turn. Witnesses say the cyclist didn’t signal until right before the intersection at which time the SUV was already trying to pass. I don’t know if the bicycle involved had hand brakes which require both hands on the handlebars for safe stopping like most road bikes, but passing in an intersection is wrong anyway, plus IL has a 3 foot passing law for cyclists. There was just so much wrong here I can hardly type… To avoid, well that would require the driver in the back to be able to avoid hitting a cyclist making a left turn.

More on the cyclist knocked over a railing on a bridge by a person driving in the shoulder. UPDATE ON CYCLIST KILLED: Fellow doctor comments on Dr. Hollon’s death Not much to add to the previous reports, cyclist still hit from behind while riding on the shoulder, still died of massive blunt-force trauma, still no way for the cyclist to dodge this wreck…

After all that it is actually a relief to have a link where a bike wrecked and no second vehicle is suspected. Bicyclist Suffers Head Trauma in Fall in Glendora Yeah, watch for loose trash on the road surface that might make you fall, and wear a helmet. You don’t have to go as far as I do with the full-face but you should get one with a hard shell that will slide on the road so as to not cause neck injury while it prevents breaking your skull. I wear a full-face helmet because I don’t want to get my face sewn back on, again. Once was more than enough, [elvis voice]thenkyewverraverramuch.[/elvis voice]

A hit-from-behind wreck in Denver CO. Cyclist Hospitalized After Being Hit During Rush Hour The cyclist hit the windshield of the weapon vehicle such that the entire windshield was shattered, which implies some amount of angularity in the impact. Aside from the picture of the windshield and knowing there was a wreck I don’t have anything more I can say about this wreck, but that didn’t prevent people from making comments about why wasn’t the cyclist on the sidewalk (hint: not legal in Denver).

Up in the Great White North, people are getting all bent out of shape because a cyclist hit a pedestrian and got a typical fine for hitting a pedestrian or cyclist. Cyclist fractures pedestrian’s skull, gets $400 fine Seriously, the $400 fine is more than most drivers get for injuring a cyclist with a much more deadly vehicle, and where was the pedestrian’s helmet? Didn’t she know it’s dangerous to walk the streets without head protection? Getting really serious here, DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Interesting Infrastructure! report about TN laws from a CA perspective. Streetsblogger Report: “Give Me 3″ Law Gets Empowered in Tennessee I’m going to be visiting TN next week, I’ll ask my friends what they know/think about the new law.

Still in CA with the closure of one of the bike/ped crossings on the Golden Gate Bridge the congestion has gotten so bad that cyclists are looking for anything that will get the tourists to stop standing in the middle of the path gawking at the view. Cyclists Need Air Horns, Not Bells, to Clear Crowds on Golden Gate Bridge

Last link, a missing cyclist has been found alive and apparently uninjured after dropping his cell phone. Missing cyclist spotted uninjured in Roseville You can stop looking now.

And that’s all I have today.

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Mule Day a day early, and the Feed

One of the nice things about batching it for a few weeks is I shop on my schedule as I need things rather than on my wife’s schedule, so today I’m going shopping again for a few things I’m running out of. This way I avoid having to shlep 40 or 50 pounds of food on my back by making several trips instead of buying everything at once. It’s only 2 miles round trip, and I can make the trip during the night instead of the heat of the day.

Up first was another hard decision today as there were two wrecks that were equally deserving of the “honor”. The cyclist hit from behind in a bike lane on a bridge I think takes the post. UPDATE – News 2 learns more about cyclist killed and Police: Van drifted and hit Charleston bicyclist who was killed in plunge over bridge Latest reports now have the driver of the van as the at-fault driver in this wreck, who for some reason has not been so much as given a traffic ticket in the fatal wreck. This wreck was in a severely constricted location that had no place for the cyclist to escape the wreck once the van moved over into his lane. The cyclist died of massive blunt-force trauma to the torso, but at this point it hasn’t been determined if that was from getting hit by the van or falling from the bridge. I don’t see where this needs to be determined, both are the result of the van driver not maintaining his lane and hitting the cyclist. Normal hit-from-behind protocols don’t apply for this wreck as the guard rail of the bridge (and the long fall on the other side of that railing) don’t permit any escape route.

The other one that was worthy is an update on the hit-from-behind wreck in GA I mentioned yesterday, as it has more links. Ga. cyclist killed just days after new bike safety law takes effect If they don’t charge this driver then the law is useless. Also East Cobb Cyclist Killed by Car

More on the GA cyclist killed in FL. Atlanta cyclist’s death latest worry for local riders Nothing really new in the article except the accomplishments of the cyclist are listed.

A cyclist in IN failed to avoid the trailer behind the truck she yielded for. Teen bicyclist seriously injured in collision with trailer Gotta watch for extended length vehicles and pay attention when you ride.

Moving west to CA, another hit-from-behind wreck with no charges filed. Bicyclist Killed After Being Struck by Motorist Again, hit-from-behind with a restricted escape route caused by the guard rail (or I think the concrete wall, it’s hard to tell from the overhead view and Street View is down for my location at the moment). The problem here is that there is no other place to cross the 103 Freeway except the PCH which is sub-optimal to put it mildly. To be more accurate if there was any other way to get across, around or over this place I would use that instead of the PCH at this spot, but there ain’t.

Another CA wreck but not a lot of information available yet. Santa Rosa Cyclist Seriously Injured In Collision With Car At this point aside from the cyclist getting hit and the driver not leaving I don’t know anything about the wreck, not even if it was intersection or mid-block. There were 2 intersections listed but there are more intersections between those streets.

A SWCC wreck in MI. Cyclist Dies After Being Hit By Car Typical narrative for this kind of wreck including noting that the cyclist wasn’t in a crosswalk in spite of bicycles being vehicles, even in MI, the home of the American car industry.

Update on the Dershowitz fatality, NYPD seems uncertain of the concept of what a hit-and-run is. Charges Unlikely For Postal Truck Driver Who Killed Cyclist Marilyn Dershowitz On the other hand the driver hit a lawyer, who was married to a lawyer, who was the brother of a really good lawyer. The driver is screwed no matter what NYPD does to him. I also see the NYPD getting hit when the excrement impacts the rotary air-moving device, for their poor handling of the case…

A traffic hazard in Canuckistan that we don’t have to deal with much in the Lower 48. Nanaimo teen wards off cougar attack Not the older female pursuing younger men kind of cougar, the big kitty-cat with big teeth and sharp claws kind of cougar. This is almost as big a problem up there as drunken drivers running bicyclists over from behind. How to avoid is covered in the link…

A cyclist in Enn Zed is injured in a collision with a … parked bus? Cyclist hurt after collision with bus in Wellington Note that the “parked bus” information came from the comments section and may not be accurate.

Legal Infrastructure! in NV. New laws protect cyclists, peds Laws are nice, but laws are only effective as far as they are enforced, see the hit-and-run of a lawyer/cyclist in NYC further up this post.

LifeStyle as the survivors of the hit-from-behind wreck in AL that killed one of the leaders of the ride continue to do good things on their way to Bike and Build. Bike & Build riders spend day in Trinidad

A different Bush rides a road bike across the country. Bush bicycles 3,000 miles This is not the guy that started 2 wars in the Middle East…

And that’s all I have today.

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I hate road closures, and the Feed

Well I have just finished the solid part of my breakfast. I haven’t even opened the folder the Feed gets sent to to begin filtering, but my experience yesterday in Richardson for their fireworks has me so upset I have to get this part off my chest right away. What it amounts to is because of road closures what should have been just over 10 miles round trip turned into almost 18 miles on the bike, when I had fuelled and watered for only the 10 and had already decided to forego the food vendors at the event. Fortunately there were water fountains working at the park where this fireworks shoot took place, so while I was running on fumes by the time I got home at least I was mostly hydrated. Then on the way back while I was powering up a hill in stop and go traffic doing about 15 MPH the cop directing traffic had the gall to tell me to get my bicycle off the road, when it was the cars in front of me that had been impeding me! Grrr!

Up first is another hit-and-run against a cyclist in the L.A. CA area. Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run Near Dockweiler State Beach As is usual in cases like this the wreck was hit-from-behind and the cyclist had little to no chance of avoiding the vehicle that hit him. I’m not sure but I think this is the same wreck, if not then add yet another cyclist hit-and-run fatality to the score. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run in El Segundo still more When will it ever stop? El Segundo cyclist killed by hit-and-run driver July 4th; Rybicki improving with a tip of the sombrero to BikinginLA Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Bicyclist Near Dockweiler Beach

A cyclist was hit and killed near Hotlanta. Cyclist Struck, Killed In Sandy Springs If you look close at the bumper you can see the dent where the back tire of the bike made contact with the car before the rider was thrown over the fender and into the windshield. This almost confirms a hit-from-behind wreck without even seeing the victim’s bike as almost any other mode of wreck would have left a wider, more shallow dent in the bumper cover.

A wreck in WA where fault is given but not the mode of the wreck. Bicyclist struck by SUV is listed in satisfactory condition At this point in the proceedings we know the juvenile in control of the SUV is at fault (so far) but what actually happened is a deep, dark secret because there was a juvenile involved.

A cyclist is killed by a falling tree outside our nation’s capital. Storm Kills One On C&O Canal Not much you can do to avoid falling trees except ride where there are no trees, and that’s not much fun.

Update on the GA cyclist killed in FL, lane position of the cyclist has been determined and it doesn’t look good at all for the driver. Georgia man killed while riding his bike in Walton County The report now has the rider in a bike lane or on the shoulder (still not known if there is an actual bike lane there) when he was hit from behind. This makes this double the fault of the driver, first for not giving the required 3 feet of clearance required to pass a cyclist, second because she wandered out of her lane to hit him. Not good at all.

More on the Dershowitz killing. Dershowitz’s sister-in-law struck, killed while riding bicycle in New York The lack of criminal charges bothers me, but not as much as the failure to even give the driver a ticket for failure to give the 3 feet of clearance required when passing a cyclist.

Moving on to the Great White North, a cyclist is hit from behind but cause of the wreck has not been determined. Cyclist killed in crash identified Helloooo! The cyclist was hit from behind, the driver failed to pass with appropriate care. What is so hard to figure out about that?

What may have been a hit-and-run against a cyclist in Canuckistan. Police looking for witness to accident that left cyclist injured Cyclist with injuries consistent with being hit by a car, but no car debris left at the scene. It could have been a wreck where the motor vehicle knocked the cyclist over and his kinetic energy caused the injuries rather than the kinetic energy of the motor vehicle, as the cyclist survived it could have been an impact not hard enough to dislodge any bits from the car. Or the driver could have stopped, cleaned up all the bits that fell off, then left the scene before the cyclist recovered full consciousness. Or low probability, the cyclist could have fallen off the bike and hit something really hard when he fell, all by himself.

Another cyclist hit from behind by a heavy vehicle in the GWN. Cyclists not wearing helmets – do they need pictures of brains on asphalt? In spite of the headline this article is more about drivers not watching where they are going that bike helmets. The cyclist was hit from behind while headed west about 2 hours before sunset, IOW in broad daylight, lights and reflectors would not be an issue in this wreck. The article is very emotional about the causes of the wreck.

Infrastructure! in NC. On four wheels or two, safety first

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Happy 235th birthday USA, and the Feed

Congratulations USA, you barely look a day over 200 ;). I’m going to be having hotdogs today for dinner, and I will be riding a touch over 5 miles to a nearby city that hasn’t cancelled their fireworks for budgetary reasons to watch fireworks. I will be wearing all the reflective clothing I have, plus be running every light I can bolt to Blue to make him stand out a bit in the traffic for the trip back home.

Up first is a wreck in NYC that has people jumpingly upset, to put it mildly. Driver who hit, killed Marilyn Dershowitz, sister-in-law of Alan Dershowitz, may not be charged and Marilyn Dershowitz Killed By 7-Ton Truck In Cycling Accident and reaction from the UK Alan Dershowitz’s sister-in-law run over and killed by mail truck… while her husband biked just paces ahead As the wreck has been described so far the cyclist stopped for a red light and was pulling forward as the light changed, and was hit from behind when 2 vehicles tried to get through the 2 lanes available without allowing room to pass the cyclist, who was either hit from behind or sideswiped by the truck. Either way this violates the recently enacted passing clearance law in NY State (I’m not sure if the NY law is 5 foot or 3 foot clearance for passed bicycles), so there should have been a ticket at the very least, but NYPD is issuing not even a ticket. This leads to the question of all the tickets against cyclists who were not causing any actual danger (or in many cases not actually violating a law), but nothing to protect cyclists? TANJ!

A bit north of this wreck, a child is hit by an SUV. Crash involving 12-year-old cyclist still under investigation Still not a whole heck of a lot known about this wreck until LEO release more information. At this point all that has been released are the direction of travel of the weapon vehicle and that a major crash detail from the state police has been brought in to investigate. Looking at the Google Street View of the wreck site I see a quiet 2 lane residential road with shoulders wide enough to ride on, but I can’t say how clean those shoulders would be at this time of year, but good sight lines in the area of the wreck and frequent intersections which would require drivers to proceed slowly.

Just to the west in VT, a NY cyclist has a mysterious wreck. New York man killed in Vermont cycling crash Actually it wasn’t all that mysterious, he was riding too fast and lost control for whatever reason. The road is described as being a “steep descent” where high speed could be attained by a bicycle. The cyclist’s helmet was not effective in this wreck.

An IN cyclist was trapped between a pickup truck and a guardrail. Bicyclist seriously hurt in Boone Co. crash The driver of the truck violated several IN statutes, at last report they are still tallying up the total. I should also point out that there were no comments blaming the cyclist for being there to get hit with this article, indeed there was a comment complaining that the article read like the cyclist was at fault for being there.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle, they killed a tourist. Cyclist from Atlanta killed in South Walton wreck and from his home town paper Georgia Tech professor killed in Florida bicycle accident Not much dispute over what happened, the weapon vehicle struck the cyclist from behind, the only question being did she have to leave the road to hit the cyclist or was the cyclist riding in the lane of travel? Either way the driver is at fault, but leaving the road to hit a cyclist establishes a greater degree of culpability on the part of the driver, i.e. did she run over a slower moving vehicle in front of her or did she run over a slower moving vehicle that wasn’t even on the road where she was supposed to be keeping her vehicle under control.

Across the border from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike in Mobile AL another cyclist is hit from behind. Cyclist injured when struck by car in west Mobile The cyclist was struck from behind by the ONLY OTHER VEHICLE ON THE ROAD on a 4 lane with center turn lane road. IOW the driver had 3 lanes to legally drive in but chose the one with the cyclist in it, a cyclist wearing a brightly colored jersey and equipped with an obnoxiously bright flashing tail light. And then he ran the cyclist over.

Down the road from WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, a cyclist is hit head on when she was on the correct side of the street. If you use zoom you can see the remains of the bicycle leaning against an emergency vehicle in the background while the LEOs examine the bloodstains on the road from the impact. UT freshman badly injured, hospitalized after collision You can also see one of the cyclist’s shoes in the road behind the LEOs. From the damage and the location of the blood you can tell directionality and location of the impact that destroyed one of the cyclist’s legs causing a surgical amputation to be performed later.

In the Great White North a cyclist was hit by an SUV. Cyclist hit by SUV in Caledon airlifted to hospital At this point the only thing LEO will admit to is that both vehicles were travelling north on the same street. This leads me to believe this mey have been a hit-from-behind wreck, use the appropriate protocols to avoid a similar wreck.

Infrastructure! news from VA as they decide keeping traffic lights working costs too much and decide to let motorcycles and smaller vehicles treat red lights like stop signs if the light doesn’t change for their direction in 2 minutes or 2 cycles, whichever comes first. New Law Allows Virginia Bike Riders to Run Red Lights, Could Increase Accidents While this is a step in the right direction for keeping bicycles and motorcycles moving instead of trapped forever at a light until a car comes to trip the sensor, I think a better law would allow riders to treat red lights as stop signs. Instead of waiting like a deadly weapon used as transportation, just roll up, look and proceed when clear.

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