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Blue is almost back together, and the Feed

Yes, poor old Blue is currently sitting upside down in my garage awaiting installation of new tires after an all-day battle to fabricate and install a new front fender. I used a rear fender identical to the one on the back as a starting point, made mounts for the fender stays that cleared the quick-release, and cut the fender for ground clearance and installed a mudflap made from milk jug plastic to catch the crud that had been going under the old fender and also provide something less jarring when it catches the curbing leaving what qualifies as “bike parking” in Garland. The new fender also covers more of the top of the tire than the old one did, reducing the spray that used to come off the tire and into the headlight (and my face 😛 ). While Blue was down I went ahead and charged all the batteries on the lights and trued the front wheel which was a touch out of true after almost 2200 miles since he rolled into my life.

Up first is not a car on bike wreck but a trend that was disturbing in the Feed today, bicyclists hit-and-run against pedestrians. The first is from a Portland OR sidewalk. Sandy sidewalk collision raises issues There is some contention that the section of the law that allows cyclists to use sidewalks unless prohibited also negates the need to share contact data in a wreck (the law gives sidewalk cyclists the “rights and duties” of pedestrians while on the sidewalk, and pedestrians are not required to share contact information when they knock each other over) but still, when they take someone away in an ambulance you should provide the victim with a way to get in touch about the bill.

Second one was this one from a CA parking lot. ESCONDIDO: Police seek teen cyclist in hit-and-run This was a kid-on-kid wreck, with the cyclist as young as 13 (maybe) so I see less culpability that for the adult cyclist in the Portland case, but still, you hit someone and hurt them you stay on the scene. It’s common courtesy that I guess isn’t all that common any more.

Our first actual cyclist injured report is from TX where a driver blinded by the sun hits a cyclist from behind. Cops release more information on unidentified bicyclist Notice that in spite of clear-cut fault in this case (driver failed to reduce speed when visibility was impaired) there were no arrests or tickets in this case, because it was a cyclist and they can’t find her ID. This is the reason I wear custom dog tags with my name, address, phone number, and blood type on them. If you have more money than I do (and if you have more than 2 dimes to rub together you have more than I do) that you should click over to the BikeJournal.com Store and get yourself and loved ones RoadID. Anyway to avoid use hit-from-behind protocols and apply a clue-by-four to the forehead of the driver as required for sense to appear.

Final link is from the Beebe where a driver admits to killing a child cyclist in the road because he was driving like a twit, and without a license or insurance either. Taunton crash: Driver admits killing Amy Hofmeister, 13 My cold and cynical mind suspects this is a ploy for lenient sentencing rather than a true feeling of remorse. But, the driver admitted guilt and the victim isn’t even buried yet, I feel a small sense of pyrrhic victory here. A dangerous driver has been removed from the roads, and we only lost one soldier (cyclist) in the process. The fact that the “soldier” in this case didn’t even know there was a war going on and was completely unarmed in the conflict, well… I’m tempted to say something along the lines of “Sacrifices must be made” but honestly and truthfully this is a conflict that has gone on far too long and has been unequal from the start.

And that’s all I have today.

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