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Who ordered up all this heat? and the Feed

Well, the ambient temperatures here in the beautiful suburbs of Hell have been flirting with the triple digits. And sometimes they have been engaged in passionate embrace for hours, forget flirting. This has not been fun weather to ride around in but at least the winds have died down a bit which makes my average speed go up by 0.5 MPH at the same level of perceived exertion. The ozone may kill me but at least I’ll get where I’m going a bit faster.

Up first is a rather unusual traffic hazard in OR. Hawk terrorizes cyclists No this isn’t The Onion, there is a nesting hawk that is attacking cyclists and mail carriers outside a small eastern Oregon town. Apparently there is a threshold speed that things travelling slower get attacked but faster get ignored. Cyclists travel just below that speed.

Just up the coast from the homicidal hawk a cyclist is hit “swerving” in front of a van. Cyclist injured in collision with van I’m sorry the van was the swerver, the cyclist crossed in front of the van. Well if taken at face value this is a case of a cyclist left-crossing a motor vehicle, or it could be a salmon cyclist. For whatever reason there was a cyclist hit nearly head-on by a van. To avoid, wait for traffic to clear before making left turns, don’t get closer than 3 feet to the center marking of the road unless forced to by road conditions, and ride with traffic, not against it.

A MA cyclist is injured by another one of those danged cars that drive themselves. Developing: young bicyclist injured after being struck by SUV in Agawam The mode of the wreck wasn’t released, but the age of the victim was: 12 YO.

A cyclist critically injured in a wreck in May is finally showing signs of recovery. LG Bicyclist Making ‘Slow’ Progress This sounds like it will be a long, slow road for this (former) cyclist. With this level of damage full recovery will be long and not assured.

Another SWCC in LA this time. Bike Rider Hit By SUV On Benton Road The article claims “witnesses” saw the cyclist cross against the red light. Taking the story at face value, don’t run the red lights and this won’t happen to you. In fact, don’t even run a yellow light for large intersections, because the lights are timed for the speed limit, not for cyclists moving at 12 MPH, and you will get caught in the middle of the intersection when the light changes.

A cyclist is killed by a 95 YO driver in WI. Cyclist hit by car, killed while riding in Muskego At this time LEO are not releasing any hard facts about the mode of the wreck. I’m sure we will hear more later, as this wreck has the two most hated groups on the road, cyclists and very elderly drivers.

Drive around with your head under the dash while you get something off the passenger side floor and kill a person and you get some major prison time in the UK. Prison for driver who killed charity cyclist Unless of course that person is a cyclist, in which case you get a year, tops with parole practically guaranteed after 6 months. And the judge tries to keep your boss from very deservedly firing you.

In Enn Zed things are getting testy on a major cycling commute route. Tamaki Drive cyclist clash The driver is claiming that his grill was knocked out by a cyclist kicking and punching his car, not because he ran down a cyclist from behind…

Infrastructure! changes in TN and GA as new laws go into effect yesterday. Tennessee, Georgia give cyclists room on the road I find it interesting that the penalties for dog fighting and cock fighting are more severe than for killing a cyclist in either state.

A cyclist in CA proposes behavior that is dangerous but doesn’t annoy drivers too much. TOM MORGAN: We need a cyclists’ code of conduct Some of the things this guy suggests are good practice, but some will get cyclists killed, like the pull off the road when cars pass suggestion, “rather than force an unsafe pass”. I got news for you, cyclists have never forced drivers to pass unsafely, that is entirely up to the driver, and the driver’s patience.

And that’s all I have today, now I’m going to go play D&D all night…

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