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Happy 235th birthday USA, and the Feed

Congratulations USA, you barely look a day over 200 ;). I’m going to be having hotdogs today for dinner, and I will be riding a touch over 5 miles to a nearby city that hasn’t cancelled their fireworks for budgetary reasons to watch fireworks. I will be wearing all the reflective clothing I have, plus be running every light I can bolt to Blue to make him stand out a bit in the traffic for the trip back home.

Up first is a wreck in NYC that has people jumpingly upset, to put it mildly. Driver who hit, killed Marilyn Dershowitz, sister-in-law of Alan Dershowitz, may not be charged and Marilyn Dershowitz Killed By 7-Ton Truck In Cycling Accident and reaction from the UK Alan Dershowitz’s sister-in-law run over and killed by mail truck… while her husband biked just paces ahead As the wreck has been described so far the cyclist stopped for a red light and was pulling forward as the light changed, and was hit from behind when 2 vehicles tried to get through the 2 lanes available without allowing room to pass the cyclist, who was either hit from behind or sideswiped by the truck. Either way this violates the recently enacted passing clearance law in NY State (I’m not sure if the NY law is 5 foot or 3 foot clearance for passed bicycles), so there should have been a ticket at the very least, but NYPD is issuing not even a ticket. This leads to the question of all the tickets against cyclists who were not causing any actual danger (or in many cases not actually violating a law), but nothing to protect cyclists? TANJ!

A bit north of this wreck, a child is hit by an SUV. Crash involving 12-year-old cyclist still under investigation Still not a whole heck of a lot known about this wreck until LEO release more information. At this point all that has been released are the direction of travel of the weapon vehicle and that a major crash detail from the state police has been brought in to investigate. Looking at the Google Street View of the wreck site I see a quiet 2 lane residential road with shoulders wide enough to ride on, but I can’t say how clean those shoulders would be at this time of year, but good sight lines in the area of the wreck and frequent intersections which would require drivers to proceed slowly.

Just to the west in VT, a NY cyclist has a mysterious wreck. New York man killed in Vermont cycling crash Actually it wasn’t all that mysterious, he was riding too fast and lost control for whatever reason. The road is described as being a “steep descent” where high speed could be attained by a bicycle. The cyclist’s helmet was not effective in this wreck.

An IN cyclist was trapped between a pickup truck and a guardrail. Bicyclist seriously hurt in Boone Co. crash The driver of the truck violated several IN statutes, at last report they are still tallying up the total. I should also point out that there were no comments blaming the cyclist for being there to get hit with this article, indeed there was a comment complaining that the article read like the cyclist was at fault for being there.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle, they killed a tourist. Cyclist from Atlanta killed in South Walton wreck and from his home town paper Georgia Tech professor killed in Florida bicycle accident Not much dispute over what happened, the weapon vehicle struck the cyclist from behind, the only question being did she have to leave the road to hit the cyclist or was the cyclist riding in the lane of travel? Either way the driver is at fault, but leaving the road to hit a cyclist establishes a greater degree of culpability on the part of the driver, i.e. did she run over a slower moving vehicle in front of her or did she run over a slower moving vehicle that wasn’t even on the road where she was supposed to be keeping her vehicle under control.

Across the border from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike in Mobile AL another cyclist is hit from behind. Cyclist injured when struck by car in west Mobile The cyclist was struck from behind by the ONLY OTHER VEHICLE ON THE ROAD on a 4 lane with center turn lane road. IOW the driver had 3 lanes to legally drive in but chose the one with the cyclist in it, a cyclist wearing a brightly colored jersey and equipped with an obnoxiously bright flashing tail light. And then he ran the cyclist over.

Down the road from WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, a cyclist is hit head on when she was on the correct side of the street. If you use zoom you can see the remains of the bicycle leaning against an emergency vehicle in the background while the LEOs examine the bloodstains on the road from the impact. UT freshman badly injured, hospitalized after collision You can also see one of the cyclist’s shoes in the road behind the LEOs. From the damage and the location of the blood you can tell directionality and location of the impact that destroyed one of the cyclist’s legs causing a surgical amputation to be performed later.

In the Great White North a cyclist was hit by an SUV. Cyclist hit by SUV in Caledon airlifted to hospital At this point the only thing LEO will admit to is that both vehicles were travelling north on the same street. This leads me to believe this mey have been a hit-from-behind wreck, use the appropriate protocols to avoid a similar wreck.

Infrastructure! news from VA as they decide keeping traffic lights working costs too much and decide to let motorcycles and smaller vehicles treat red lights like stop signs if the light doesn’t change for their direction in 2 minutes or 2 cycles, whichever comes first. New Law Allows Virginia Bike Riders to Run Red Lights, Could Increase Accidents While this is a step in the right direction for keeping bicycles and motorcycles moving instead of trapped forever at a light until a car comes to trip the sensor, I think a better law would allow riders to treat red lights as stop signs. Instead of waiting like a deadly weapon used as transportation, just roll up, look and proceed when clear.

And that’s all I have today.

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