Making sure the lights stay on, and the Feed

One of the major problems with being an impoverished bicycle blogger is keeping the lights and other electricals powered. The money that comes in doesn’t always match the expenses going out, usually because of a timing issue. Well, that’s the situation I’m in again today. I finally have the $ to pay last month’s electrical bill, which I will do promptly after finishing the blog post.

Up first is an international story, an Australian Professional cyclist is killed on a training ride in Europe, with multiple links. Cyclist dies after being hit by car and Carly Hibberd Dead: Australian Cyclist Dies After Being Hit By Car that link was sent to me by FaceBook, in my Feed, and forwarded by one of my Internet friends Australian cyclist Carly Hibberd killed during training ride As of composing this post what is known about the wreck is there were 2 cyclists and one car, the other cyclist is alive, but there was nothing about if she was hit too or just there when it happened, and there is nothing about placing on the roads or directions of travel for the 3 vehicles involved. IOW there is a pro cyclist dead in a road wreck and that’s all anyone is saying at this point.

Moving to more domestic concerns, it looks like a dangerous driver isn’t going to skate by in IL. Prosecutor says he’s still weighing charge in crash that killed cyclist in Jersey County The cyclist was hit from behind while making a left turn. Witnesses say the cyclist didn’t signal until right before the intersection at which time the SUV was already trying to pass. I don’t know if the bicycle involved had hand brakes which require both hands on the handlebars for safe stopping like most road bikes, but passing in an intersection is wrong anyway, plus IL has a 3 foot passing law for cyclists. There was just so much wrong here I can hardly type… To avoid, well that would require the driver in the back to be able to avoid hitting a cyclist making a left turn.

More on the cyclist knocked over a railing on a bridge by a person driving in the shoulder. UPDATE ON CYCLIST KILLED: Fellow doctor comments on Dr. Hollon’s death Not much to add to the previous reports, cyclist still hit from behind while riding on the shoulder, still died of massive blunt-force trauma, still no way for the cyclist to dodge this wreck…

After all that it is actually a relief to have a link where a bike wrecked and no second vehicle is suspected. Bicyclist Suffers Head Trauma in Fall in Glendora Yeah, watch for loose trash on the road surface that might make you fall, and wear a helmet. You don’t have to go as far as I do with the full-face but you should get one with a hard shell that will slide on the road so as to not cause neck injury while it prevents breaking your skull. I wear a full-face helmet because I don’t want to get my face sewn back on, again. Once was more than enough, [elvis voice]thenkyewverraverramuch.[/elvis voice]

A hit-from-behind wreck in Denver CO. Cyclist Hospitalized After Being Hit During Rush Hour The cyclist hit the windshield of the weapon vehicle such that the entire windshield was shattered, which implies some amount of angularity in the impact. Aside from the picture of the windshield and knowing there was a wreck I don’t have anything more I can say about this wreck, but that didn’t prevent people from making comments about why wasn’t the cyclist on the sidewalk (hint: not legal in Denver).

Up in the Great White North, people are getting all bent out of shape because a cyclist hit a pedestrian and got a typical fine for hitting a pedestrian or cyclist. Cyclist fractures pedestrian’s skull, gets $400 fine Seriously, the $400 fine is more than most drivers get for injuring a cyclist with a much more deadly vehicle, and where was the pedestrian’s helmet? Didn’t she know it’s dangerous to walk the streets without head protection? Getting really serious here, DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Interesting Infrastructure! report about TN laws from a CA perspective. Streetsblogger Report: “Give Me 3″ Law Gets Empowered in Tennessee I’m going to be visiting TN next week, I’ll ask my friends what they know/think about the new law.

Still in CA with the closure of one of the bike/ped crossings on the Golden Gate Bridge the congestion has gotten so bad that cyclists are looking for anything that will get the tourists to stop standing in the middle of the path gawking at the view. Cyclists Need Air Horns, Not Bells, to Clear Crowds on Golden Gate Bridge

Last link, a missing cyclist has been found alive and apparently uninjured after dropping his cell phone. Missing cyclist spotted uninjured in Roseville You can stop looking now.

And that’s all I have today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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