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Some people get a day off on the weekends

I get more work. After today’s post I have committee meetings all afternoon at church followed by the Vegetarian Pot Luck at 1830. The good part is I will be interacting with human beings for an extended period. The bad part is I will be interacting with human beings for an extended period, and I will have to give them food. Both of these bother me now, probably due to the brain damage, although I never was much for hanging around groups of people for long periods of time. One or two people is about all I can stand for extended periods of time now, or larger groups for a couple hours at a time. The irony is I like parties, probably because I can wander off and interact with people in levels I can handle…

Up first today because of all the links is a wreck with a car during a bicycle road race. Cyclist killed at Grandfather Mountain race and Grizzly biker killed in collision also Bicyclist Killed in Running of the Grizzly from a way out-of-state newspaper Veteran cyclist killed at NC Highland Games race after losing control of bike on downhill ride and last link Winston-Salem cyclist killed in Grandfather Mountain contest As the story reads now the rider was going too fast to stay in his lane coming down the mountain (it was a race, after all) and slid over the center line and hit a car head on, combined speed in excess of 70 mph. The driver of the car had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. This correlates well with previous evidence that it takes an impact speed well in excess of 60 MPH for a cyclist to injure/kill a driver from the 3 wrecks I have read reports on that the driver was killed hitting a cyclist. To avoid when not racing, moderate your speed by sitting up to catch the wind, using brakes, and not pedalling hard at the top of the hill. Also you could modify your line through turns to reduce the amount of time coasting (shorten the trip directly downhill to prevent speed buildup).

More on the homicide investigation of the charity cyclist killed in AL. INVESTIGATION CONDUCTED INTO DEATH OF BIKE RIDER This is looking less and less good for the driver as every new report on this wreck comes out.

Another very bad car/bicycle wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bicyclist critically injured in Friday Jacksonville accident Notice the back of the bike is partially wrapped around the seat post of the bike in the picture that accompanies the article. This requires tremendous force, which is usually an indicator of excessive speed. The map view shows a quiet residential street that should be driven at a low speed. Anyway, to avoid use the hit-from-behind protocols. And maybe a rear-facing howitzer.

Another hit-and-run on a cyclist in SD. Cyclist injured in hit-and-run accident – One injured in separate crash This appears to be a deliberate act as the cyclist was crossing legally in front of the car which then pulled forward hitting the cyclist in the rear wheel. I don’t know how you’re supposed to get the plate numbers of a vehicle that hits you after you cross in front of it as even having eyes in the back of your head wouldn’t let you read a plate that was facing away from you. I also don’t know any way to avoid this type of wreck, because you really have to be able to depend on the driver to wait until you complete crossing the street before moving across your lane of travel. Besides being the law it’s just plain common courtesy.

Our last US report is an update on a cyclist injured back in June. Injured bicyclist faces uphill battle The cyclist was injured in a wreck that killed his riding partner at the time. IIRC this was a hit-from-behind wreck that LEO for some reason seem hesitant to file charges on. Best wishes for the injured cyclist.

A really big bike wreck story from the Great White North. Cyclist killed, 80-year-old man arrested after hit-and-run accident on N.B. highway and Cyclist killed in collision with pickup truck, Shediac Bridge, N.B I don’t understand this, when you hit someone at that speed there’s no way you can not know it, the damage is going to be visible from a quarter mile away, you will get caught, and whatever excuses you might have for the wreck are going to be ignored because you are a criminal that leaves people to die in the roads…

Another wreck in the GWN, with less dire consequences this time. Cyclist injured in Victoria Park incident I don’t know the mode of this wreck, but the cyclist in the picture didn’t seem to be bleeding too much. Swift recovery wished to you!

Another wreck in Canada where they are not automatically blaming the deceased cyclist. Teen cyclist killed in Niagara Falls tourism district At this point LEO are only saying the cyclist and the truck “crossed paths” and haven’t blamed anyone yet.

Still another wreck in the GWN. Cyclist injured in crash No question as to who was at fault in this wreck: “The driver has been charged with failing to yield to traffic on a through highway.” The cyclist was riding through an intersection and was hit by a right-turning vehicle that violated his right of way. Again this is a very hard wreck to avoid as it mainly requires drivers to wait until the bicycle is clear before proceeding.

Update on charges filed in a really bad Canadian wreck. One cyclist still recovering from injuries Look at the remains of the bike the cyclist that was almost killed was riding…That thing on the right side of the picture appears to be the left and right handgrips of the handlebars sitting next to each other instead of being separated by the rest of the handlebar.

LifeStyle event in SC for a fallen cyclist. Candlelight vigil for Dr. Hollon, cyclist killed this week This event is a reminder of why we can’t allow infrastructure that depends on the goodwill of drivers to keep us from getting killed, we need infrastructure that keeps us alive even when drivers can’t be bothered to care…

More on the Aussie pro cyclist killed by a left cross in Italy. Australian riders remember Carly Hibberd

And that’s all I have today, see you tomorrow on Wreck-Free Sunday.

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