Another edition of Mule Day, and the Feed

Yep, it’s both Thursday, and the first week back at school here in the suburbs of Hell. That means it’s my day to act like a pack animal and haul the groceries home from the store. Fortunately this is a “light week” so most of what I’m bringing home is produce and milk that won’t keep for more than a week, the really heavy stuff we got last week.

Well it was another huge Feed today, and as always choosing the first link was a struggle. I think the most important link today is not about a wreck, but instead is a notice that your “Go Bag” should be in the back of your bicycle instead of the trunk of your car. Earthquakes: one more reason to ride your bike As has been demonstrated many times before when disaster strikes most forms of transportation become useless,roads become gridlocked by SOV cars, trains stopped because of tracks that are unusable, basically anything that can’t be carried over obstacles is stopped in its tracks. After Katrina the only vehicles that could get out of New Orleans were boats and bicycles, and the boats stopped being useful at the water’s edge, bicycles continued to be rideable for hundreds of miles after they left NOLA. In Japan there were remote areas that depended on bicycles for months after their earthquake struck as they had no fuel deliveries except by rail and their rail service was curtailed until the tracks could be repaired. Some areas are only now getting back to a motorized economy. Thanks to BikingInLA for the link.

From CA we get the news that a vehicle has hit a bicycle towing a child trailer injuring 3 people, one seriously. Bicyclist, two children injured in accident From the description of this wreck the motor vehicle proceeded through the intersection before the bicycle/trailer combination had cleared the lane, much less the intersection making this a wreck that a cyclist could not reasonably avoid. Prayers and healing energy to all the injured, and a cluebyfour to the driver for not waiting until the crossing vehicle cleared the intersection before starting to cross himself.

Still in CA another hit-and-run with a Beemer. Investigators Search for Black BMW Involved in Hit-and-Run That Killed Cyclist Hey, CHP it’s not important which vehicle ran the red light it’s the vehicle that left the scene that’s important. Running a red is a traffic code violation, leaving the scene is a felony. Get your priorities straight. No matter which vehicle operator was at fault for the wreck, when the BMW driver left the scene it became a felony on the part of the BMW driver.

Another wreck report that blames the cyclist for not wearing a helmet instead of the driver that hit the cyclist. Bicyclist struck in Brielle succumbs to head injuries There were several comments about the cyclist’s lack of a helmet but few about the driver’s failure to control his vehicle so as not to hit the cyclist.

Another hit-from-behind hit-and-run in MD where hitting cyclists is slightly higher in seriousness than hitting dogs. City Police Seek Information Following Hit-and-Run The suspect vehicle shouldn’t be too hard to find, it was a taxi of some kind and as all taxis are required to be registered with the state and local governments all they need to do is just go to the taxi barns that use minivans and look for a broken one… I used to get all bent out of shape over these hit-and-runs, now I say just shoot the driver when they find him, if he survives then give him a fair trial and a decent hanging. 😡 (angry emoticon if WP doesn’t parse that)

I’m still trying to figure out why this report of a WY cyclist killed by a WY driver in WY is being reported by a Houston TX newspaper. Driver faces charges in Riverton cyclist’s death But yeah DUI kills a cyclist by hitting from behind, take him out back and shoot him and feed his body to the dogs. Strike that, I like dogs, better than I like drunk drivers anyway.

LEO release surveillance video of a wreck between a bike and a car that places the bike running the red light. Cameras aid Carlisle police The camera places the bicycle in the intersection after the light changed to red long enough after the red that the cyclist must have entered the intersection after the light changed… Don’t run red lights until at least 2 minutes or 2 light cycles have passed, whichever is less.

Moving on to Oz we have an incredible story about a cyclist surviving getting run ovwer by a semi. Cyclist run over by semi-trailer, survives Nothing on the actual mode of the wreck other than noting the woman was in a pedestrian crossing when hit. But still, even an empty trailer weighs tons and having that roll over you is usually fatal shortly after it happens.

In Enn Zed they are trying to figure out what caused the wreck between a young female driver and 3 cyclists. Cyclist to tell inquest how car killed trio out training For the metric impaired out there 36 meters is about 120 feet the woman slid sideways before hitting the cyclists. This to me speaks of excessive speed for conditions which is why I was so dismayed at the piddling sentence against the driver earlier this year.

A report from Jolly Olde about cycling for females in the UK with the somber reminder that 80% of the cyclists killed in London in 2009 were women run over by large trucks, along with the inference that 90% of the cyclists being killed in London that year were killed by large trucks and that the only other cyclist killed that year was a man (yes I’m a stats geek, I do math problems in my head and word problems for funsies) who was not killed by a truck. The girls’ guide to cycling Also, have to look good while cycling you know… hence the listings of which skirts/dresses go with which bike.

And that’s all I have for you this time, more later.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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