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Back from the hardware store, and the Feed

I just finished 2 rides to hardware store to get conduit hangers to add kitty-litter bucket panniers to Blue (for the second time). The first time I didn’t get the buckets mounted securely enough and the bouncing and rattling was enough to drive a man (me) crazy. This time I will be bolting brackets to both the frame and the rack to stabilize the assembly. This will also have the effect of uglifying Blue to make him a less-attractive target for theft, a tactic which I hate to use on a nice bike. The human equivalent would be marrying a Carmen Electra look-alike and then slashing her face and knocking her front teeth out so no one else would take her. If you don’t want a nice-looking bike, don’t buy a nice-looking bike. I’m not uglifying Blue on purpose, I’m just trying to get some better cargo capacity with some weather resistant panniers, that happened to be kitty-litter buckets in a previous life. 😉

Up first is an update on that mystery wreck in FL where they have a dead cyclist with an unmarked bike. SR100 Hit-and-Run Fatality: Investigators Focusing on Three Flagler School Buses This is so reminiscent of the Larry Shwartz wreck that was the catalyst for the ride of Silence, Larry was hit in the head by a passing school bus’ mirror and was killed instantly. The autopsy report shows that the initial impact was on the back of the FL cyclist’s head and the rest of his injuries were peri-mortem. That would also explain why the cyclist was not wearing his reflective vest (seen in the picture linked to earlier in the week) as he was not actually on the road yet, just near it with his bike.

Update on the wreck in CA that had a cyclist falling from his bike, witnesses have come forward to verify that he fell without motor vehicle “assistance”. Cyclist Killed In Solo Escondido Crash ID’d At this point I would like to point out that as was pointed out in the BikingInLA blog this is exactly the kind of wreck that bike helmets are designed to protect in. I should also point out that the Witch on a Bicycle wears a helmet every time he rides, except for those times when I need an unencumbered head to diagnose a mechanical problem with a bike.

Door Prize in CA. Bicyclist Seriously Injured In North Park Every year I see several stories about cyclists severely injured or killed because someone opened their car door without looking first, or worse, deliberately used the door as a weapon. This is a wreck that many times you can’t prevent because laws require cyclists to ride in the door zone, and don’t sufficiently punish drivers that injure or kill with their suddenly opened doors.

Three weeks after a wreck that has one victim still in critical condition, LEO issued the driver a ticket for driving off the road on the wrong side of the road and hitting 3 cyclists head-on. Boulder cyclist remains critical, driver ticketed in North Foothills crash There needs to be something done so that criminal charges can be brought against people that drive so irresponsibly that other people are injured or killed. There are no accidents, all wrecks are caused by someone deciding that they didn’t need to follow the rules. In bike wrecks sometimes that is the cyclist, but in many cases the cyclist was not at fault, and something needs to be done that protects people from dangerously bad drivers. Maybe a “3 Strike” law that if you are involved in 3 at-fault wrecks in your life you are permanently barred from driving? I don’t know what will work, but something needs to be done.

Another bike/train wreck this time in Oz. Twin train tragedies: woman killed as cyclist fights for life and Woman hit and killed by train in Bentleigh In the second link the person killed was not the one riding a bike. Again I keep posting this over and over, there’s only one way to get hit by a train and 99% of the time it’s the fault of the person that got hit by the train. Trains are big, brightly colored and lighted, and noisy for the most part, and they are only found ON TRAIN TRACKS. Look both ways to see that no trains are coming before crossing tracks. Simple, isn’t it?

Legal Infrastructure! in DC needs some repairs. D.C. police need to be better versed in bicycle laws, complaints board says Is it too much to ask the police actually know the laws they are supposed to be enforcing?

More infrastructure as Portland pays for a badly maintained sewer cover. City Pays $20,000 to Cyclist Injured by Sewer Cover When a US city pays for a cyclist injured by a street defect that had to be an egregiously bad defect in the streets. US municipalities are held to a much lower standard than almost any other country in the first world, indeed many third world countries have at least on paper a higher standard than the US. The fact that they paid shows that someone was truly negligent in making repairs.

And finally a well-intentioned piece on sharing the roads. Sharing the Road With Less Friction Good intentions but if drivers followed some of the suggestions many cyclists would be killed.

And that’s all I have today, I’m going to read some comics now and de-stress.

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Describing the Suburbs of Hell

I guess I should describe where I live a bit for those who are not cognizant of our geography. The Metroplex has roughly the population and land area of Massachusetts, and is one large mostly urban/suburban area. We have slightly more than 8K mi2 of land area in roughly 9K mi2 of total area. The state of MA has just under 8K mi2 of land area in a little more than 10K mi2 of total area. Our contiguous urban area is roughly 65 miles on the east-west axis, and 45 miles on the north-south axis using a business card marked in 10 mile increments off of the Google Maps image to measure with. This would be like if Boston went from Boston Bay to 20 miles west of Worcester east-west, and from Woonsocket to Nashua north-south (and yes I know that is from Rhode Island to New Hampshire). Around that urban core is farmland at the moment but at the rate we keep adding citizens that will cease to be true sometime around 2040 to 2050.

About 30% (rough estimate from people I know in GIS) of our surface area is some kind of pavement. This is one of the major contributors to the “Heat Island Effect” that raises our summer time highs and prevents cooling at night. Hence why I call this place the Suburbs of Hell. Texas is hot enough without all that concrete and asphalt making it hotter. This is also one of the reasons why it’s so hard to get bicycle transportation facilities made here, almost every open space is paved over already, and nobody has the foresight to see that making more room for modes of transport that use less space per person will result in fewer cars clogging up existing roads, allowing those roads to be smaller with fewer lanes. Another barrier to bicycle transportation in this place is the shear size of the place, as I mentioned from one edge to the other of the urban core is 65 by 45 miles, it is not unusual for someone to travel 80 miles a day just going to and from work and never cross one of the two psychological “barriers” of the area, I35E and I30. I’ll post about that in a later addition to the blog, but in a nutshell people west of I35E tend to not go east of it and vice-versa, people north of I30 tend to not go south and vice-versa. It’s not like there is a wall there, but people just don’t cross those boundaries unless they live very close to them.

So, that’s where I live. Roughly 2400 mi2 of urban core with over 6,000,000 people, surrounded by concrete and asphalt, in an area of 9000 mi2. Where I live that rural area is currently a half-hour bike ride away, but that distance is getting further every year. I used to live 10 minutes away from “country”.

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Running wide open with a skinny Feed

I just finished my third “cup” (pint sized cup) of coffee and I’m running at full speed today. I have Mule Duty after I finish the blog post, but it’s a small Feed to filter so I’m rarin’ to go.

The Feed was so skinny today I only have one actual wreck, a hit-and-run from Enn Zed. Christchurch driver leaves cyclist hurt on road The cyclist was hit in a roundabout by a driver entering the roundabout without yielding to traffic already in the roundabout. I don’t know if that’s the law in Enn Zed, but in this case he (the cyclist was able to see the driver as she was hit) just merged right into the cyclist. This is a case where you have to be able to depend on drivers not hitting you as the situation leaves little to no escape route and is a combination of a hit-from-behind and an intersection wreck, with most of the onus on the driver to see and avoid.

Our only other link today covers what you need to do in the state of MA when you have a wreck on your bike. What to do when bike and car collide I like the name of the column “Who taught YOU to drive?”. Anyway from what I can tell this is the current state of the laws in MA. For comparison MA has about the same land area as the Metroplex, with more shoreline, and is slightly longer than the Metromess. We actually have more land area in the Metromess, but far less water area than MA.

And that’s it today, one bike wreck, one legal infrastructure link, and five motorcycle wrecks that I have to read but you don’t.

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Yehuda Moon packs it in again

It pains me to relate that Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery (see link to the right) has once again ceased publishing new comics. I’m not privy to the reasons other than burnout and the need to get something going that made more money, but that was in the posting about Rick quitting in the comic.

As a (former) bike builder I have a little of most of the characters in the comic (yes, even a little bit of Kevlar Bead), but I wouldn’t be doing this blog if there wasn’t a lot of Yehuda in my personality. I want to use the power of bicycles to build a better world, just like he does, and I get angry at cagers for not sharing the roads then acting like I’m the selfish one. We could solve so many of the problems facing this country just by switching our transportation away from private motor vehicles using fossil fuels towards bicycles and electric rail to move people and goods with trucks used for the last mile problem i.e. local deliveries only. Our highways would last for hundreds of years if we take out the millions of cars and the heavy trucks, we could take a lane in either direction for rail (or just make one side for rail) and reconnect our towns with rail that we now connect exclusively by trucks… and pollution would drop because it is so much easier to remove the bad stuff out of a stationary source than it is to clean up a mobile source like a car or truck. We could move our butts with bicycles and our goods with trains, as well as moving people long distances by rail (with bicycle cars to get the bikes from one place to another when going long distances). Obesity would disappear practically overnight, pollution would take a little longer, global warming will take more than my mind can come up with but bicycles will end up being part of the solution eventually…

Well at this point I don’t know if Rick ever intends to resume comics or if he’s going to leave the story hanging with Yehuda on the way to Interbike inside a cargo container bound for Las Vegas, but if he does I hope in the Yehudaverse they get the whole street for bikes with a cars keep to a single lane on the far right no faster than walking speed. Maybe something nice will happen to Yehuda in Vegas and he’ll come back with a booth girl on each arm (and riding a triplet when not hanging on his arms). Bon voyage Yehuda! This is not goodbye but farewell until we meet again.

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Back from the Lab Rat Keeper, and the Feed

Well, another visit to the LRK, with good news, I’m just a touch above my goal systolic, and only a slight adjustment to one of the medications I’m taking was required to (hopefully) get me below my goal (I’m starting from above and trying to get low). Also in spite of eating my way across the Metroplex last week I have done enough miles that I managed to lose a whole pound. I’m almost down to what I weighed at the start of the year when my goal was to get under 200 again… >sigh<

Up first is an update on the wreck between the cyclist and the sheriff's deputy on a motorcycle in FL, the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike in the US. FHP: Bicyclist Dead; Deputy Injured In Crash The report is now neutral about who was at fault because there has been some speculation that the cyclist did not leave the bike lane voluntarily. I’m getting unconfirmed reports back channel that there was gravel or road kill in the bike lane that caused the cyclist to be thrown into the main lane of travel right as the deputy was passing on his motorcycle, but I can’t get any pictures of the possible gravel or road kill to confirm these reports. More Man dies, deputy hurt in crash I was able to see some pictures of the bicycle and it was center-punched on the left side, supporting the deputy’s report. The report also has the cyclist as an experienced road cyclist with a light e-assist on the bike, but the bicycle was so badly damaged in the wreck that it was not possible to determine if the assist was operational at the time of the wreck. This report also refutes the back-channel report of road kill in the bike lane.

Another update on the cyclist injured in Canada by a driver pulling from a parking lot. Pierrefonds cyclist, 15, injured in crash The cyclist was riding salmon legally in an area where that was allowed. The driver failed to look in both directions when crossing this area and hit the cyclist when she pulled out of the parking lot. Even when you’re someplace you’re supposed to be, doing what you’re supposed to be doing there, idiot drivers or just drivers having a bad day and displaying poor SA can ruin your day.

Back in the US a cyclist is killed by a bus. Bike rider killed in crash with Yakima Transit bus The report has the cyclist leaving a sidewalk into the path of the bus but fails to report on relative directions and a precise location. You would think from reading this that this was a UK media outlet rather than a US one.

And this Sioux City wreck just screams “I have no SA!” Cyclist injured in collision with car stopped at light OK stopped car at traffic light, the cyclist probably had the green because the struck car was stopped, probably blocking the crosswalk (I’m doing way too much speculation here) and either the car pulled into the crosswalk and stopped just as the cyclist was entering it, displaying appalling SA on the part of the driver, or the cyclist had the SA of Helen Keller. BTW SA= Situational Awareness. Somebody in this wreck was Tommy pre-pinball…

In OR the second LEO/bicycle wreck in as many weeks. Bicyclist hit by police detective in Eastern Oregon The problem with this wreck is the normally reliable witness is suspect because of involvement in the wreck as the driver, which makes it in his best interests to mis-remember his actions and those of the victim. At this point it is believed that the cyclist either ran a stop sign or stopped and didn’t clear the intersection before the LEO entered it, either way the kid got smacked by/with the car… I would really like to have been able to see any pictures of the bike, but this computer can’t handle video beyond an animated GIF.

In CA they are looking to prevent a repeat of last year’s hit-and-run during a cycling event. GranFondo cyclists to invade Sonoma County roads I wish they used a different word than “invade”, these cyclists are actually paying a premium to use those roads over and above what they already paid in taxes…

Still in CA a cyclist has a wreck with no evidence of a car beyond great bodily damage. Cyclist Killed In Solo Escondido Crash Assuming there was no motor vehicle involvement this is the exact kind of wreck that a helmet can provide protection against. Skulls are tough but not as tough as concrete curbs or pavement.

From OZ a wreck between their version of a pickup truck and a bicycle. Cyclist injured in crash with ute Nothing useful about the wreck beyond the extent of injuries sustained by the cyclist, again. The injuries and the location indicates a impact from the side, but without further information I can’t tell you how to avoid a wreck like this beyond the generic protocols link at the top of my blog. More Teen injured in crash with ute and Teen cyclist struck by car in Yeppoon

And that’s it for today.

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Running stupid late, and the Feed

Yep, WoaB is running very late because the other woman living in my house (the one that pays us rent) had jury duty and wanted a guide to help navigate the maze of DART. I didn’t do that good a job as the DART trip planner sent me on the wrong bus…(Should have used Google Maps) But after waiting several hours it was determined that she wasn’t needed so we got to come home.

Up first is another dead cyclist in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, FL. 54-Year-Old Cyclist Alex Taylor Killed in Apparent Hit and Run; FHP Looking for Leads The picture of the bike in the wreck reveals nothing except the cyclist had not yet donned his reflective vest which can be seen in the repurposed milk crate mounted on the back of the bike. This one is going to require an autopsy to determine exactly where he was hit and by what. It is known that whatever hit him was going pretty fast as there was a large amount of road rash.

Still in FL a Sheriff’s Deputy on a motorcycle hits a cyclist who had to leave the bike lane suddenly. Bicyclist killed in crash involving Brevard deputy At this point why the cyclist suddenly left the bike lane is not known, what is known is that the deputy had basically zero time to react. It also isn’t known if the cyclist had already started to crash before the motorcycle got there and the Deputy was just the coup de grace on a Very Bad Day for the cyclist. The article stated the bicycle had a assist motor of some type but nothing on if it was ICE or electric, which have 2 different design speed standards in FL.

Moving to the other side of the country a cyclist is fatally hit from behind. Cyclist ID’d after fatal crash east of Vacaville The driver claimed he couldn’t move over because of an oncoming vehicle that other witnesses could not remember, but apparently the driver either only had one foot that he could not remove from the gas pedal or had some kind of seizure that prevented him from using the brakes so as not to hit the vehicle in front of him. To avoid use the hit-from-behind protocols if that would do any good.

Two links to a story out of KS about a possible hit-and-run. Cyclist injured in race and Leavenworth cyclist found injured along highway during bicycle event; cause of injuries still unknown I do wish the MSM would learn the difference between a pay ride that issues numbers to identify the riders as being eligible for the food and drink at the rest stops, and a race that has riders competing for prizes and glory. Races don’t have rest stops with food provided by the organizers. At this point nobody currently conscious and known by LEO saw what happened. It could be a buzz-job that went bad, a hit-and-run, or a solo wipeout.

Still in KS a hit-from-behind wreck. Cyclist hurt in accident I’m calling this a SWSS until proven otherwise…

Hit-and-run in AZ. Cyclist critcally injured in Sunday hit-and-run If you know someone that has a 4-door sedan with tinted windows and recent front-end damage and who acts nervous or cagey about how the vehicle got that damage, drop a dime and call LEO at the contact number in the article. I have no idea how a rider could have avoided this wreck.

A cyclist has to wait about twice as long as normal after getting hit… Mishandled 911 call, delayed ambulance response after cyclist crashes There was nothing in the article about the actual cause of the wreck, just what happened after.

Not surprizingly, some cyclists object to dressing like a clown to ride a bike. Bike shop owner to cyclists: Get brighter While cyclists object to dressing like clowns, drivers refuse to wear helmets in spite of taking a 15% hit to gas mileage because of the weight of the support structure required for all those air bags that only protect the occupants’ heads…

A driver pulls into a cyclist while looking in the other direction in th4e Great White North. Fifteen-year-old Pierrefonds cyclist injured in a collision with a car pulling out of a parking lot No real way of avoiding a wreck like this without psychic powers…

Ghost Bikes in Canada. Information Booth: Where did those ghostly white bikes come from?

A cyclist runs down a lawyer in Jolly Olde, resulting in a greater sentence for a pedestrian injury that for a dead cyclist. Cyclist jailed for cracking man’s skull in pavement argument I don’t get it, a driver deliberately runs a cyclist down and leaves the scene and gets 200 hours of community service and a 6-month suspended sentence, a cyclist hits a pedestrian that survives and the cyclist hangs around after the wreck but gets 3 years prison.

Hit-and-run in Enn Zed. Police seek witnesses to hit-and-run accident At this point all I can suggest is intersection protocols to avoid.

Still in Enn Zed, again reading like a UK media report with nearly zilch information. Cyclist injured in Hamilton crash It is good to know that motor vehicle traffic was not hampered by the wreck 😛

In Oz a bike wreck that will have to be reconstructed from the physical evidence because the cyclist can’t speak for himself and LEO aren’t taking the driver’s statement as gospel. Cyclist killed in truck collision Good to see that some places LEO take their jobs seriously. As of this posting this looks to be a hit-from-behind wreck, use the appropriate protocols.

LifeStyle and Infrastructure! from the suburbs of Hell. New routes means higher visibility for 2011 LSRFA and Bike vs. Bike Yay! Us.

And that’s all I got today, tune in again tomorrow…

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Filtering a huge Feed and other issues

Howdy, welcome to Monday. I noticed in my site stats that I’m getting a lot of hits to my Gay Marriage Challenge page, but no comments aside from the one positive comment praising the page for existing. That page exists to generate comments not just hits. If same-sex marriage really is a danger to “traditional” marriage, prove it and post your proof on that page (sounds of crickets chirping).

Because of being away from the house all day Saturday and most of Sunday I have an extra day’s links to filter today which bogs things down a bit… Because of the size of the Feed and the resulting slowing of this computer with all the flash the order of the post today will be in order of received rather than thematic. If I come on a second or third link to the same story I will add that link on at the tail end of the paragraph. This will be the only way I could get through the mess within a decent amount of time to get the post online.

Another report on the Shreveport cyclist killed crossing the road, apparently not a SWCC but just unlucky. Cyclist killed in collision with car As the story reads now the cyclist did not judge the speed and distance of oncoming traffic correctly and was hit. As there was no mention of hit-and-run the driver is assumed to have remained on the scene of the wreck.

CHiPpies stake out an area known for hig bicycle traffic and catch an aggressive driver that almost hit a cyclist. Yay us, yay CHP! CHP Stops Driver Who Nearly Clips Bicycle Near Where Zachary Parke was Killed This is the kind of LEO we need to see to reduce the number of aggressive drivers around bicycles. The suspect driver already has one hit-and-run conviction, now faces multiple felonies in connection with this incident…

SF pedestrian advocates ask why no charges have been filed against a cyclist in a pedestrian fatality. Dionette Cherney: DA Has Yet to File Charges Against Cyclist Who Killed Tourist As I pointed out in the comment I left on the article, this is the normal pace of justice when a cyclist is killed, the cyclist is just getting equal treatment to drivers in this case.

Not much in this one aside from noting that there was a cyclist killed. Former school counselor recently elected to school board killed in Cottage Grove bike crash You would think this was a UK paper instead of a US outlet. The other link is more informative and indicates that a 4-way stop is needed for cyclists to cross that intersection safely. Cottage Grove bike accident claims ‘a true humanitarian’ The driver came around a blind corner and the cyclist was already crossing the road, so the cyclist would not have been able to see the motor vehicle before it came around the turn either.

A cyclist fails to yield at an uncontrolled intersection and gets hit. One injured in car-bicycle crash The picture of the bike supports the claim that the cyclist rode into the motor vehicle as the damage is limited to the front wheel of the bike and indicates a right angle collision. Simple to avoid, just wait until oncoming traffic is clear before proceeding.

A senior citizen cyclist is injured in the Great White North. Cyclist, 77, injured in collision Again a total lack of details makes advising my readers of what to do/not do impossible.

A South African doctor is hit-from-behind by a pickup truck (bakkie). Well-known doctor killed in PMB crash At this point it is unknown if using hit-from-behind protocol could have prevented this wreck.

Back in the US a CA rider is left-crossed while riding on the sidewalk. Cyclist killed in crash with car in Pasadena All I can suggest is that the cyclist would be more visible riding in the street, but that still may not have helped in this case as the driver would still have to actually look where they were going to avoid something in the road as large as a human being.

Still in CA a cyclist hits a pothole and gets thrown into oncoming traffic. Updated: Alameda Man Killed in Oakland Hills Bike Accident This appears to be a case of too much going on at once causing a loss of SA resulting in the cyclist hitting the pothole and getting tossed from the bike.

Final wreck is from Oz. Lisarow cyclist critically injured Somehow the cyclist came in contact with a trailer being towed by a car, with detrimental effects on the cyclist. I shouldn’t have to point out that sometimes cars have trailers and that you need to allow enough clearance for both the vehicle and a trailer.

And that’s all I have today after leaving out the reports that a cyclist saw something, motorcycle wrecks, and bike races or stunt cyclists riding injured…

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I’m back, and Wreck-Free Sunday

Sorry about the blog not being updated yesterday, But I had a couple of gigs, one in support of my church and community, the other in support of someone that supported me when things went oblong and pear-shaped.

The first was helping man a table (no sexism implied) to sell fruit at our local Pan-Pagan Mabon celebration honoring the trees that had to be cut down in the park we use for such celebrations during the temperate months here in the suburbs of Hell, a little shindig called CommuniTree. One of the things we celebrated was the life of a tree that had been in that park longer than there had been a park to be in, or even a city of Dallas to create a park. The city dates from just before the Civil War, and the ring count on that tree put its “planting date” within a year either way of that. What was initially a single tree in a large forest was cut down because it was deemed too old to be safe where it was in the courtyard of the Bath House Cultural Center. and several other trees that were nearly as old were also cut down. Of the ancient stand there only remains one tree off to the side that still remains.

The second thing I did Saturday was to go repair the headlights of someone that has been there for me when I needed someone to be there. Well the plan was to repair the headlights from their yellowed and oxidized state. The kit I got was marked down from $30 to $6, for a reason. The disks that had the fine-grade wet sandpaper on them worked perfectly, but the bottle of polishing compound was set up so thick that it would only barely come out of the bottle, leaving the job half-done in spite of completely draining one battery pack and nearly so on a second on my cordless drill. I have more polishing compound had I thought to bring it that would have finished the job, but I thought the contents of the kit would have worked. Silly me.

But don’t worry, any links that are still active come Monday will be included in the Monday post, so you’ll still get your fix on bike wrecks and pithy comments about the wrecks and the people that investigate them, just a couple of days late.

PSA, Opus

Back to the grind, and the Feed

Yep, party’s over it’s time to go back to watching bodies tossed into the meet grinder. And I don’t just say that because I’m 53 years old now, it’s because I read this stuff day in and day out and I know that for the most part LEO thinks that whatever happens to a cyclist it’s our fault for being there to get hit, that our right to the roads does not extend any protections against people trying to kill us to “teach a lesson”. While having a birthday so close to my Deathday might make me a little more sensitive to the passage of time carrying me inexorably closer to my final death, the cruel truth is that a large enough minority of drivers out there see us as no better than the bugs on their windshields to make riding a bicycle potentially lethal any time we ride even if we do nothing wrong on our bikes. The asymmetry of the situation is just appalling. We get killed, and the killers get away with blaming us for being there to get killed. TANJ!

Starting the report off with some good news, my birthday is World Car-Free Day. Car-Free Day promotes commuting alternatives I don’t think they knew or cared that 9/22 was my birthday when they set the date, but all the same I think it’s still pretty cool, especially as I have been car-free since 1995.

First wreck is a bad one, bus-on bike in CA. Muni bus runs over woman’s arm, drives away and Cyclist injured in Muni accident threatens to sue city Right now there are so many gaps in this story I can’t begin to tell you how to avoid a similar wreck. The biggest gap is the lane the bus was driving in prior to the wreck. Logically the bus should have been in the outside lane with the cyclist and the double-parked car before the wreck, so it is possible the cyclist checked her six before making the lane change, then changed lanes as the bus made its lane change and hit her. Another thing is this was an articulated bus, essentially a short bus with a half-bus trailer permanently attached. In cases like this the trailer cuts the corner slightly (or sometimes a lot) and as the back of the bus is more than 50 feet behind the driver the driver might lose track of where the back of the bus is on the road.

A SWSS in SoCal. Cyclist in Encinitas Hit You know there seem to be an awful lot of cyclists committing suicide by automobile…

Still in CA, inept prosecution results in reduced charges for a killer drunk driver. Tehama County DA’s Office: Murder charge dropped in cyclist death In this case the driver signed a statement that explicitly stated that he could be charged with murder if he killed while driving drunk (Watson statement) that he was required to sign before he got his license back. If he failed to read the document before signing it then he is also guilty of perjury as well as DUI murder.

Moving up the coast a cyclist is hit by a vehicle crossing the sidewalk in OR. Cyclist, police foresnics vehicle collide in SE and Cyclist injured in collision with forensics officer Well, this is a conundrum, the cyclist was well lighted and OR law requires vehicles crossing a sidewalk to yield to all traffic in the sidewalk, so the driver just didn’t look before crossing the sidewalk, but because a witness estimated the cyclist’s speed to be 10-12 MPH it’s the cyclist’s fault? To avoid a similar wreck, either don’t ride on the sidewalk, or don’t ride salmon on the sidewalk at speeds greater than 3 MPH.

A cyclist is hit-from-behind in SC. Pacolet church mourns pastor killed while cycling on Southport Road Other than the direction of travel and the general information that the cyclist was struck from behind while wearing a helmet there hasn’t been a lot of information forthcoming on this wreck.

In CO a cyclist loses his SA and almost loses his life when a truck crowds his lane prior to an intersection. Cyclist injured in Old Town says he never saw light change The cyclist looked up and saw a green light, saw an agressively close truck on his side (I assume left side) so he kept his speed up so he wouldn’t get right-hooked by the truck, and then found himself in the intersection after the light had changed. This means for a minimum of 4 seconds he was watching the road and traffic situation around him instead of the traffic signal. In fighter pilot terms this would be “target fixation” where you lose sight of the Big Picture while concentrating on avoiding a single threat in a multi-threat environment.

A non-hit-and-run by a cyclist in NYC. Woman Hit by Cyclist in the East Village Asks Him to Contact Her Another example of why you need to always seek medical attention in a wreck because you do dumb things while you are in shock. In this case the cyclist wasn’t hurt but the pedestrian was, and the cyclist was allowed to leave before the pedestrian got his contact information because the pedestrian didn’t know she was actually hurt and not just a bit scraped up.

Ghost bike installed in CA. Group remembers deceased Alhambra rider with ‘ghost bike’ memorial

A Ghost Bike is stolen in Enn Zed. ‘Ghost bike’ roadside memorial to cyclist disappears

LifeStyle in Seattle as cyclists try to raise awareness and make cycling more “normal”. ‘Slow bicycle ride’ memorial to visit sites of three recent rider deaths The “Slow Bicycle” movement is an international thing where followers try to get people to ride bikes at the same level of exertion as they normally walk so that they get to where they are going as sweat-free as possible. In so doing they wish to make cycling a more normal thing in the environment. People walk all the time (except here in the suburbs of Hell where people would drive into stores if they could), cycling should be just as normal as walking.

Nothing on why the National Guard had to save this guy’s life but I’m glad they did. National Guard Soldiers Perform CPR For Stricken Cyclist Way to go Minutemen! (The NG traces its roots back to the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War)

And I think I’m done now, I’m going to go watch the water company fix the broken main I told them about 2 weeks ago that is now flooding the street. 😉

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The Great Free Food ride, my stomach gives up!

Oh the ignominy of it all, after less than 20 miles and only 2 Grand Slams (and getting caught in another thunderstorm) my stomach throws up its figurative hands in defeat. The food total comes to 2 eggs, 4 strips of turkey bacon, 4 flapjacks, one bowl of oatmeal with milk, butter and brown sugar, one chicken sausage patty, and one order of hash browns. with 2 cups of coffee and 3 glasses of water.

That was the food, the ride was another story entirely. We had a FROPA overnight here in the suburbs of Hell that dropped temperatures about 20 degrees. Yesterday I rode in 90°F temperatures, today I rolled out in 68° with massive tailwinds to the first restaurant, I mean tailwinds where I was cruising @22MPH and topped out at 29.4 MPH on a stretch limo of a Dutch city bike with full fenders, rack and 2 headlights and a bolt-upright seating position. One of these days I have to post a picture of Blue to the blog so you can see what I’m talking about, if he was a motorcycle he would be a small displacement cruiser. I averaged 14.7 MPH including stoplights and stop signs. Anyway, the leg to the second restaurant wasn’t bad with only a couple of small hills but still mostly downhill from the first Denny’s but with crosswinds that tended to be slightly on the nose rather than on the tail. I didn’t check the average speed on that leg or the cumulative average because it looked and sounded like one of those scattered thunderstorms was about to get scattered on my head. Coming back was a slog, spitting rain and uphill and upwind almost the entire way, extended periods of time cruising at single-digit speeds, while trying to keep all that food contained instead of depositing it on the side of the road or even worse in the middle of the road. And BTW I was riding with a wet butt because that scattered thunderstorm scattered rain and ice pellets on my seat while I was eating, so I had a cold, wet, butt.

All in all I would give the food an 8 out of 10, service was a 9, and depending on which part of the ride you want to discuss it went from a 10 to a 5. There’s nothing like spinning out of your top gear and having to coast because your legs can’t keep up, that’s the 10 part of the ride, the riding in hill climbing gears because the wind is so strong you can’t ride any faster while your knees scream at you what a stupid thing you’re doing would be the 5 part. And now I have to wash and lube Blue again, 3rd time this week.

PSA, Opus