It’s been a long hot Summer, and the Feed

Looking at the stats for what the Weather Service calls “summer” here and Wow! it has been hot. Not just the usual Oh Gawd Why Do I Live Here? kind of hot with 30 days of 100°F highs out of 90 and an average temperature in the low 80s, but a Summer that had an average temperature that was nearly 87 with a series of record high morning lows and record high highs, sometimes both in the same day. Of course that is mostly theoretical because we still have a great deal of “summer” left to go here in the suburbs of Hell, where our 4 seasons are Cold, Hot, Melt Your Tennies, and Still Damn Hot. Most places would call our Spring and Fall temperatures their “Summer”, much as our Summer lows were higher than their highs. Why do I live here still when I have the option of leaving? Well because I like having something to complain about, the heat really isn’t that bad compared to some places I have lived (hello, Morocco?), and because I have something here I have wanted all my life, roots and people that I have known longer than 2 years that are not related to me. When you have lived in 47 states and 3 countries by the time you turn 15 having someplace to live with the same address for more than 2 years is an incredible luxury. I’m just glad that the military doesn’t do that to people any more, as the kids I grew up with had many of the symptoms of combat veterans, including very high rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide. But that is fodder for another post…

Up first are updates and reactions to the woman that was run over after being honked at for trying to avoid debris from a construction site 3 days after Irene, in NYC. Erica Abbott Cycling Death Was ‘Totally Preventable’: Hurricane Irene, New Construction to Blame also Relative Of Cyclist Killed In Bushwick Blames Construction Company For Her Death and Cyclist run down on Williamsburg street What we now know: The construction company failed to secure their makeshift fencing prior to the storm and then failed to remove it from the street after the storm, the cyclist was trying to ride around the debris when the driver of the MB honked at her for moving out of the bike lane, which startled her and she fell off in front of the MB which ran over her neck severing her jugular vein, killing her in a few seconds. Some have blamed the cyclist for not doing a shoulder check but from what we now know the cyclist had allowed enough room to get around the debris had the driver not honked at her at close range and startled her with the loud noise. She fell over about 4 feet from her original line of travel which means the MB driver had the required 3 feet to pass if she hadn’t honked and caused the rider to fall. For those of you that ride regularly you already know how loud car horns are when you aren’t in a car. For the rest of you, we know you’re there, for the most part cars make enough noise that unless you are coasting up to us we can hear you about a quarter of a mile behind us. You don’t need to honk.

Another update on the LEO who was injured in a rare bike-on-bike wreck in the DelMarVa area of the East Coast. Bethany police chief’s condition improves Still nothing on the mode of the wreck so I can tell you what to do to avoid a similar wreck. Condolences to both cyclists on their injuries and wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Infrastructure! in Canuckistan. Does Alberta law do enough to protect cyclists? The writer recognizes that there is a big difference between 2 tons of steel, plastic, and rubber, and a person riding on a bicycle and it isn’t just that motor vehicles move faster.

More infrastructure from Jolly Olde. Worrying number of hit-and-runs down to ‘reduction in traffic police’ Yes LEO are part of the infrastructure that makes cycling possible, or impossible depending on how you look at it and where you live (NYC cyclist ticketing blitz?). But having LEO out there removing bad drivers from the roads is a vital part of the infrastructure. Think about what LA would be like if every driver knew he or she could behave like TTTWLAMWAMD and face no consequences for it. Now my wreck is an example of what happens when the legal infrastructure for cyclists is ignored, the driver went completely unpunished until Karma caught up with him.

I have a very narrow window to get the post out tomorrow, there may not be one.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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