Not finish drink coffee put witty headline here, and the Feed

Yes, that cogent remark was made within minutes of booting the computer this morning, which was just minutes after getting out of bed and while still waiting for the day’s first cup of coffee to complete the preparation process. My morning cup of Joe is more than just a caffeine delivery system, I like my coffee to deliver flavor as well. So besides the actual coffee there is a bunch of other stuff the has to be prepared before I can drink the coffee. Some day there will be an affordable automatic latte system that makes espresso shots just the way I like them on demand. Until then I will have to put up with automatic drip brew with milk heated in a microwave.

I have succumbed to the siren call of having a Wish List at If you go there and search for my Nom de Plume, you will find all the things I linked to in my Birthday begList post, plus a few things I found at Amazon and other places. This saves having to keep posting new beggingList posts when I have a gift-giving event coming up. I have included on the list a replacement battery for the new-to-me laptop I just got that will only run a few minutes off the charger…

I’m still pondering the first links to put up this morning. The ones that jump out at me are the guy hit in NY, and the bike shop hit in CA, but I think the bike shop “wins”… Car plows through bike shop This illustrates better than anything I can come up with why I say motor vehicles are WMD used to move people around. This driver destroyed the inside of a building and came within inches of killing a half-dozen people as shown in surveillance video of the inside of the store and was only stopped by the reinforced concrete wall at the back of the store. Notice where the car’s spinning tires have burned through the floor covering down to the bare concrete when he car was halted at the back wall of the store. As for how to avoid, it’s a freaking building, cars are not supposed to be inside bike shops.

Next are 2 links from NY about a man killed with no information about the wreck forthcoming from LEO. That usually means the driver was at fault and they can’t figure out how to make the driver look like the victim. Police release ID of bicyclist, 63, killed in accident in Hastings and Police Release Name of Cyclist Killed in Hastings Hang on there was a change in the second link where the CoP says he thinks the cyclist was riding salmon, but looking at the only crime scene picture I have access to on the web the weapon vehicle is pulled over on the wrong side of the road and has what appears to be windshield damage to the driver’s side of the car, but it’s a really bad picture as far as pulling details out of it. Perhaps the esteemed CoP mis-read the report and assumed the vehicle operator on the wrong side of the road was the cyclist?

First of two wrecks in CT has a young cyclist “hit by a car”. Teen bicyclist struck by car near Wesleyan Not much to go on in this report, nothing of places on the road or direction of movement.

The second CT link is a woman knocked from her bike without leaving a mark on the vehicle that hit her. Woman injured after falling from bike in Fairfield; Collision reports discounted I have seen several reports since starting this blog of people having life-threatening injuries that never left a mark except for cleaning the dirt off the car that hit them, not having any evidence of a collision is NOT the same as having evidence of no collision.

From the most deadly sate in the US to walk or ride a bike they only winged this one. World-class cyclist struck while riding The driver claimed she hit the cyclist in the road, the cyclist claims she was on the shoulder, either way the driver is at fault for failing to pass with at least 3 feet of clearance as required by FL law, why wasn’t the driver given a ticket? Hit-from-behind wreck, use the appropriate protocols to avoid.

In IN (I love when that happens. “In IN”) a Ball State student is hit on a bicycle. Ball State student injured in bicycle accident The picture and report both indicate impact from the cyclist’s right side as she crossed the street. but I can’t see any traffic control devices that the cyclist might have ignored. The impact zone on the weapon vehicle is dead center in the windshield, indicating the cyclist was most of the way across the street when hit.

A MD cyclist with a soft spot in her heart for stray and abandoned cats is killed while riding her bike. Cyclist Killed in Bowie ‘Was Stolen From Us’ and Police: Bowie woman, 24, killed in Friday collision was not at fault I don’t know why some LEO assume the cyclist was at fault when hit from behind in the lane of travel, it is the LAW in all 50 states that cyclists have the right to be on the road even when there is a shoulder that could be used. Anyway, hit-from-behind, nothing this cyclist could have done as she was already off the road when she was hit. Murder charges should be pending against the driver but it is unlikely she will even get a ticket.

They think hey might have found the weapon vehicle in a hit-and-run killing in Seattle. Police seize, release SUV in bike hit-and-run fatality One of the comments connected to this article asked why the weapon was returned if someone died from it, and somebody else pointed out that it was a vehicle, and that the Seattle PD was typical of most PD in that they were all afflicted with “windshield perspective” mostly viewing life through the windshield of a car and can’t conceive of living without one.

An Atlanta lawyer says it’s dangerous out there for bicycles but the new GA law requiring 3 feet to pass a cyclist will make it easier for your heirs to sue. Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Cautions Drivers to Look Out for Bicyclists In Light of New Law

And in NYC recent cyclist and pedestrian deaths on Delancy Street have resulted in people looking to make changes to improve safety for people not in cars. Lower East Side Electeds Come Together for Safer Delancey Street I’m sure that any solution that is approved will only be the one that doesn’t cost any money or slow down drivers…

And that’s all I have at this time.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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  1. Of course, that’s why they have to get licenses and registration and insurance. Remind the motorist of the video when he/she blathers about bikes needing such. A person on a bike could not do such damage on purpose, much less by mistake. Even someone in a wagon driven by clydsdales would have to work pretty hard


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