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Filtering a huge Feed and other issues

Howdy, welcome to Monday. I noticed in my site stats that I’m getting a lot of hits to my Gay Marriage Challenge page, but no comments aside from the one positive comment praising the page for existing. That page exists to generate comments not just hits. If same-sex marriage really is a danger to “traditional” marriage, prove it and post your proof on that page (sounds of crickets chirping).

Because of being away from the house all day Saturday and most of Sunday I have an extra day’s links to filter today which bogs things down a bit… Because of the size of the Feed and the resulting slowing of this computer with all the flash the order of the post today will be in order of received rather than thematic. If I come on a second or third link to the same story I will add that link on at the tail end of the paragraph. This will be the only way I could get through the mess within a decent amount of time to get the post online.

Another report on the Shreveport cyclist killed crossing the road, apparently not a SWCC but just unlucky. Cyclist killed in collision with car As the story reads now the cyclist did not judge the speed and distance of oncoming traffic correctly and was hit. As there was no mention of hit-and-run the driver is assumed to have remained on the scene of the wreck.

CHiPpies stake out an area known for hig bicycle traffic and catch an aggressive driver that almost hit a cyclist. Yay us, yay CHP! CHP Stops Driver Who Nearly Clips Bicycle Near Where Zachary Parke was Killed This is the kind of LEO we need to see to reduce the number of aggressive drivers around bicycles. The suspect driver already has one hit-and-run conviction, now faces multiple felonies in connection with this incident…

SF pedestrian advocates ask why no charges have been filed against a cyclist in a pedestrian fatality. Dionette Cherney: DA Has Yet to File Charges Against Cyclist Who Killed Tourist As I pointed out in the comment I left on the article, this is the normal pace of justice when a cyclist is killed, the cyclist is just getting equal treatment to drivers in this case.

Not much in this one aside from noting that there was a cyclist killed. Former school counselor recently elected to school board killed in Cottage Grove bike crash You would think this was a UK paper instead of a US outlet. The other link is more informative and indicates that a 4-way stop is needed for cyclists to cross that intersection safely. Cottage Grove bike accident claims ‘a true humanitarian’ The driver came around a blind corner and the cyclist was already crossing the road, so the cyclist would not have been able to see the motor vehicle before it came around the turn either.

A cyclist fails to yield at an uncontrolled intersection and gets hit. One injured in car-bicycle crash The picture of the bike supports the claim that the cyclist rode into the motor vehicle as the damage is limited to the front wheel of the bike and indicates a right angle collision. Simple to avoid, just wait until oncoming traffic is clear before proceeding.

A senior citizen cyclist is injured in the Great White North. Cyclist, 77, injured in collision Again a total lack of details makes advising my readers of what to do/not do impossible.

A South African doctor is hit-from-behind by a pickup truck (bakkie). Well-known doctor killed in PMB crash At this point it is unknown if using hit-from-behind protocol could have prevented this wreck.

Back in the US a CA rider is left-crossed while riding on the sidewalk. Cyclist killed in crash with car in Pasadena All I can suggest is that the cyclist would be more visible riding in the street, but that still may not have helped in this case as the driver would still have to actually look where they were going to avoid something in the road as large as a human being.

Still in CA a cyclist hits a pothole and gets thrown into oncoming traffic. Updated: Alameda Man Killed in Oakland Hills Bike Accident This appears to be a case of too much going on at once causing a loss of SA resulting in the cyclist hitting the pothole and getting tossed from the bike.

Final wreck is from Oz. Lisarow cyclist critically injured Somehow the cyclist came in contact with a trailer being towed by a car, with detrimental effects on the cyclist. I shouldn’t have to point out that sometimes cars have trailers and that you need to allow enough clearance for both the vehicle and a trailer.

And that’s all I have today after leaving out the reports that a cyclist saw something, motorcycle wrecks, and bike races or stunt cyclists riding injured…

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