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After teaching a class this morning, the Feed

Well this morning I had to teach aspiring ritualists what to do in the case of the unexpected: how to deal with disruptions by unruly deities, how to deal with medical issues during a service, what to do when something catches fire, what to do if a critical member of the ritual team is taken out of action. and how to prepare so that such things don’t happen. Well obviously having an unruly deity crashing your service is not something you can prevent, nor is someone attending your service having a medical issue, but most things can be prevented with a little foresight, which is what I taught.

It was another difficult decision on what to put first today, not because there was so much that deserved to be first, but because nothing really jumped out at me as deserving to be first. What came closest was another cyclist getting hit after falling on the roads in SC. Woman swerving to miss man kills cyclist instead If you remember there was a man killed a while back in SC after he was hit after falling from his bike, this time there was someone trying to wave down traffic and get it to move over, and the driver moved the other way and ran over the cyclist. Can drivers not see human bodies in the road in SC? Is the vision standard to get a driver’s license really that low there? As for how to avoid, this guy had already wrecked once before the car ran him over, so don’t ridewreck a bicycle in SC?

A motorcyclist that hit a bicyclist from behind in PA is charged with DUI in the case, his second charge in as many months. Motorcyclist in fatal crash facing DUI charges OK there was REALLY no way for the cyclist to avoid this one, hit from behind by a drunk on a motorcycle, a serial drunk driver at that… The “official” report is the cyclist was SWSS.

In KC KS a cyclist was hit-from-behind and then hit-and-run. Driver sought after fatal hit-and-run accident These things just make me so angry, because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. You can try using the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid being in a similar wreck.

A driver that hit a cyclist riding on the shoulder of the road from behind, has his case continued in the Great White North. Fatal cyclist crash case adjourned I mentioned this case back when it happened, noting I couldn’t see how the driver managed to get that far off the highway to hit the cyclist as they were practically in different zip codes just prior to the wreck.

In Jolly Olde a driver that had 2 “pints” before driving gets sentenced in the death of a cyclist he hit that day. Wife’s relief at cyclist’s death crash verdict The drunk driver claimed his windshield was covered in “dead flies” and he couldn’t see the cyclist prior to the wreck. He was due to be sentenced yesterday but I can’t find any further information about the case.

In Oz a driver that was keeping awake with amphetamines is sentenced in the death of another cyclist. Driver jailed for killing cyclist He faces 2-3 years in prison for being chemically enhanced to the point he couldn’t see the cyclist’s reflective clothing, helmet, and blinky light even after hitting the cyclist.

And that’s it for today, come back tomorrow for Wreck-Free Sunday. I don’t know what it will be about, but I guarantee there will be no bicycle wrecks in it…

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