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not write goodbefore coffee, and the Feed

OK I sat down during breakfast to begin composing the day’s post, so I’m still processing the first cup of coffee, still slightly dehydrated from sleep, and still having trouble focussing on the dang screen. Yesterday was “Association Sunday” for all the churches and fellowships in the UUA, where we all get to interact with other churches via guest speakers and an explanation of how we fit in the UUA org chart, which is currently changing and becoming streamlined. The previous organization has several layers of mostly volunteer administration to coordinate the member congregations of the UUA, the new chart will have fewer layers with fewer administrators, but more full-time paid people and way fewer volunteer people. With this and the addition of social media and e-mail blasts the UUA hopes that they can get things rolling and taken care of much quicker than previously. The hope is that this will quicken our reaction time to social justice issues and natural disasters as well as improve 2-way communication between the head office in Boston and the congregations. The goals of the UUA don’t change, we still have the 7 Principles, but our mission changes as society changes and the focus of how we implement those 7 Principles changes. For me making sure people have transportation choices is a social justice issue that I deal with daily in this blog and shoes on the street and in the council chambers.

Up first is another report on the KC hit-and-run of a cyclist. In brief | Cyclist killed by hit-and-run motorist; arson, assault charges filed; Navy copter crashes IMNSHO hit-and-run that results in death should be treated as a homicide unless proven otherwise rather than an “accident” unless proven otherwise. Hit-and-run that does not result in death should be treated as an attempted homicide until proven otherwise. Anyway hit-from-behind protocols might have prevented this wreck, maybe not but with the existing built environment the protocols are the best thing we have to not get killed.

In the GA SC border area cyclists fear for their safety as LEO drag their feet prosecuting a driver that assaulted a group with his vehicle, killing one rider and injuring 4 others. Matthew Burke’s fatal injury made fellow cyclists fearful on roads More than a year later and a trial date has yet to be set, much less motions filed or anything else. TANJ!

In Oz another multiple cyclist accidentassault as two cyclists are seriously injured after being hit by a “white van”. Two cyclists injured in van strike and Cyclist hit by van, dragged along road There’s no way this was a simple SMIDSY wreck, not when he hit TWO cyclists at the same time. There are only 2 possibilities here: 1) the van driver is too stupid to drive and should not be on the roads, or 2) the van driver deliberately tried to hit both cyclists and should not be allowed to walk free with other human beings after committing assault with a deadly weapon.

Infrastructure from SoCal. Steve Scauzillo: It’s still safe to ride bikes in Los Angeles Just because there were 2 motor vehicle homicides in 2 weeks (exaggerating a bit) doesn’t mean that you aren’t statistically safe. In a population of 20 million if only 1 out of a million are homicidal maniacs with an intense hatred for cyclists, that means there are 20 drivers out there that will kill you if the last cyclist he saw ran a stop sign. Hakuna matata, no worries man! You have no control over what the maniac saw the last cyclist do, just ride within the law and be alert. They don’t actually have to be trying to kill you to kill you.

Also from Oz we have this unknown cyclist with a body fairing instead of fairing his bike. Space-age cyclist the latest addition to the crazy driver hall of fame The design has some up sides, it can be easily transferred from bike to bike, it provides a degree of weather protection for the cyclist, and the cyclist is not required to wear funny-looking clothing under the fairing. Downsides are the increased difficulty in getting on and off the bike and the fact you look like an alien from another planet while wearing it.

And that’s all I have for you today. Have a good day and go ride your bike(s).

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