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Facing a creative conundrum, and the Feed

My horoscope today said I should be creatively messy. I’m trying to figure that one out, how can I as a writer be “creatively messy”? Well there’s something that was messy in computer communications back in the day when 300 baud ruled: PsYcHo ChIcKeN TyPiNg which while messy is NoT VeRy CrEaTiVe. Not to mention that it freaks out the spell checker. I guess I could go cut up some old bike frames for raw materials to make new bikes, that usually makes a big mess, but also still isn’t very creative in that the final product is still months down the road.

I’m still trying to work out packaging problems with the full-suspension 20/20 Crank Forward bike, which cutting up some old bikes might help solve. The problem I’m having at the moment is using the existing swingarm assembly the spring/shock unit occupies the space where the seat post connects to the bottom bracket, to the point that the shock is up against the bottom of the top tube. If the customer did not insist on leaving the swingarm unaltered then I would take out the vertical member that runs from the pivot point to the mount for the shock and replace it with 2 members that would fit on either side of the seat tube, and use the shock mounting bolt to restore the structural integrity of the swingarm. Basically what I would have would be two halves of a swingarm welded together at the pivot point that fit on either side of the seat tube and bolted together at the shock mount after sliding it in place. But the customer has nixed that solution.

Up first is a retired police officer that didn’t get any better treatment as a victim of motorist carelessness than any other cyclist in San Antonio. Bike-riding SAPD retiree is killed There was a second link but it directs to the same article (and ignorant comments) as this one. Another driver driving while blind hits a cyclist, cyclist at fault for being there to be hit. I honestly don’t know what a cyclist can do about a wreck like this as they would be fighting the same sun in the eyes as the driver. One thing that would have helped would have been the vulnerable road user law that Perry vetoed in 2009. Another thing that would help would be a law that always assigns blame for a wreck on the vehicle that hits another from behind, that requires drivers to look where they are going and not run into things on the road in front of them…

Another driver can’t seem to avoid hitting something in front of him that wasn’t even on the road in OR. Canadian women on bicycles struck by driver near Gold Beach and a first-person account of witnesses BLACK MONDAY. and A Sad Blog Today… From the pictures you can clearly see the driver LEFT THE ROAD to hit at least one of the cyclists on a stretch of straight road with clear sightlines. This to me is an assault with a deadly weapon of mass destruction. You can see from the pictures that while there was reduced visibility, you could still see clearly for more than a mile. Other witnesses I can’t provide links to stated that both cyclists were on the shoulder with the one that ended up in the middle of the road near the fog line and the other near the soft shoulder. So, not a case of driver being blinded by sun or precipitation, not a case of the cyclist being in the middle of the road to get hit, and not a case of the driver choosing between a head-on crash with a motor vehicle or hitting a cyclist. At my most charitable I could say the driver had a “moment of inattention” and drifted off the road. It would have to be either that or a deliberate assault, and both are crimes.

A few hundred miles east of the OR wreck an SUV driver hits a salmon cyclist in ID. Bicycle rider and SUV collide As of the posting of this link LEO were still pondering filing charges against the driver for failing to look in both directions before pulling out. This wreck would probably not happened had the cyclist been on the correct side of the street for his direction of travel.

Another report from Canuckistan on the wreck between an e-assist bike and a dump truck that left the bike in such bad shape LEO could not tell which part got hit first. Altona cyclist killed in truck crash Nothing new here except the make and model of the dump truck and that the cyclist was not running a stop sign.

Still in Canada another cyclist is hit, this time without dying. Cyclist injured The pictures of the wreck scene show an area with numerous traffic controls and very close intersections making for a visually cluttered mess for the cyclist. As I read the report the cyclist managed to clear the first set of lanes but was hit by a vehicle on the far set of lanes which might have been stopped when the cyclist started crossing the street. Looking at the Google street view didn’t help either…

From Jolly Olde, a driver is given prison for hitting a cyclist. Leigh driver jailed and banned Neither punishment was very long, less than a year in prison and only a 3 year ban from driving. Meanwhile the cyclist is permanently crippled and may never be able to ride a bicycle again…

Well that’s all the outrage I can handle for today, fortunately my limits were not reached until I read my last links for the day, so you win!

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