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How can you save a world that doesn’t want to be saved? And the Feed

As of next month I will be starting my fourth year with this blog at this URL/provider, WordPress. For a blog that publishes daily or near daily, that’s either a sign of devotion to the cause or insanity. I’m not sure which at the moment. I have seen reports on just about every kind of wreck imaginable, and a few I couldn’t imagine. The most bizarre wreck I reported on was the salmon cyclist that was hit from behind by a car driven on the wrong side of the road, I think it was in WI. No wrecks are ever “mundane”, but the most common is the right-hook followed by a “I didn’t see (the cyclist)” The most frustrating for me? The people that get hit by trains while at a crossing, frequently going around/under the crossing arms. Interestingly enough more pedestrians do that than cyclists. The worst are all the fatalities where the driver gets off with a consoling pat on the back “for their pain”, and the families of the victims get goose-egg or are forced to compensate their loved-one’s killer for their “pain”.

Once again today had relatively few bicycle wrecks in the Feed. Up first is a report of a young man that was hit-and-run after being forced off the sidewalk in CT. Driver sought after collision with bike rider Still a hit-and-run, no matter who was at fault, but really avoiding this wreck would have required education first and foremost for the cyclist riding on the sidewalk, with proper lane position and other techniques to make a cyclist visible to cars. In other words the rider would have had to have some sense. That’s a condition of being a teen-ager in this country, though, not having much sense…

Some good news for a change in a case where a drunk driver killed a cyclist. Driver who killed cyclist gets 12-year sentence Pardon me if I don’t jump up and down with glee, because this is still a sad situation, and no matter what the sentence it would not bring back the cyclist. The only hope I can draw from this is that others will see the sentence and decide hitting a cyclist carries too high a price and swerve the other way into something that isn’t alive. Or maybe to decide that drinking and driving isn’t a good life choice. Or whatever as long as the decision results in no cyclists getting hit.

Another cyclist runs a red light in SC. Cyclist Seriously Injured After Collision with Car Seriously, folks. I know that in many places red lights will never change for a bicycle, but there is a right way and a wrong way to negotiate an intersection when that happens, just blowing the red or not watching for traffic is the wrong way. The right way is to treat the light as a stop sign and wait until traffic is clear, mindful that all cross traffic has the right of way. Use some sense, and come back to read my blog tomorrow, OK?

In Oz someone is destroying and removing Ghost Bikes. Call for ghost bikes to be left alone Individuals are apparently deciding that the Ghost Bikes are either litter or reminds than that bicycles belong on the roads and they disagree with that. It could be someone connected with the Gov’t, but not acting in any official capacity, or it could just be someone with an axe to grind.

And that’s all the news I have that gives me fits today.

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