Daily Archives: October 8, 2011

Working hard, and the Feed

Before I could do the post today I had to go to the C-store to get gas for the lawnmower, fill the lawnmower with gas, and then mow the lawn. Fortunately because there is still a big hole in the front lawn from the broken water main repair I didn’t have as much lawn to mow as usual. Unfortunately I still have a big hole in the front lawn…

Up first is a link to updates on the court case against a driver accused of killing a cyclist. Preliminary hearing scheduled in Santa Cruz cyclist’s hit-and-run death I’m sorry for those that feel this is being dragged out, but there is a procedure that must be followed if we want this driver to go to/stay in jail. If there are any shortcuts taken or corners cut, he gets off no matter how strong the case against him. I know this sounds weird coming from me, so you know if I’m advising patience you really need to display patience… Give him a fair trial and a decent hanging/Death by slow torture.

Another update on a really old case in NM. No charges filed in New Mexico death of Ringtown cyclist Not even a hit-and-run charge even though the driver left his victim to die in the noon sun. TANJ!

Cyclist hit in CA. CHINO HILLS: Cyclist killed when struck by car LEO still have not even finished their investigation as of the posting of the link, so I can’t tell you what to do to not end in a similar situation.

LifeStyle! in CA. Injured veterans on road to recovery Someone was rude enough to obscure the directional markings on the road which sent the riders without GPS on a slight detour over a few extra hill, or as randonnueres call it “bonus miles”.

And that’s all I have today.

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