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Why, Jerry, why? and the Feed

In case you hadn’t heard California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the 3 Feet 2 Pass bill. The official reason was he didn’t want cars to have to slow to bicycle speeds until it was safe to pass, so people in CA are still free to pass bicycles when it isn’t safe to do so. The next person hit from behind on a bicycle needs to sue Jerry. Unfortunately that didn’t work in TX where a person that would have been in a protected class had a bill not been vetoed can’t sue the gov for not creating that protected class when he vetoed the law. The surviving child of a couple that was killed while riding on the shoulder of a road in Bexar Co. would very much like to file that suit.

Up first is an unlicensed driver running over a cyclist from behind in CA (are you reading this, Jerry?). Cyclist killed during collision in Chino Hills And yes that headline could be better by substituting “by” or “in” for “during”, which makes it read like there was something else that killed the cyclist just as the wreck happened. I would like to see this handled as illegal possession of a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon instead of an “Ooopsie, I killed someone”, but I can already see that it will be the latter rather than the former. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols might help. A claymore mine with a touch switch trigger might help too, but you would still be dead from the collision or the backblast from the claymore.

Another cyclist hit-from-behind in MD this time. Bicyclist Hit By Car Friday Night on Veterans Highway Has Died From Injuries and Bicyclist struck, killed in Millersville Notice that the cyclist had a legal rear reflector and a blinky light but it was still made to look like the cyclist was at fault because he wasn’t dressed like a clown at the circus… Again hit-from-behind protocols with a brighter blinky light than the one ignored by the driver. TANJ!

Another cyclist hit by a train, this time in DE. Bicyclist killed by Amtrak train in Newark I’m still trying to figure out how the cyclist even got there to get hit. The site was a short distance from a grade crossing, but the place is not very conducive to bike riding. Anyway to avoid, just stay away from train tracks.

A long article on a bike wreck on a MUP in WA. On urban trails, trouble strikes quickly The problem is that while they call it a bike path it is really a MUP with strollers and dog walkers and joggers and whole hordes of people not watching where they are going or what other traffic around them is doing, and they have conflated a recreational area with a transportation corridor. While you might think that because there are no cars around you can be less careful this would be wrong. MUP actually require just as much attention to the environment as any busy road, it’s just that the threats are vastly different. The chances for devastating injury are much lower but you can still get hurt on a MUP, and more importantly you can inflict serious injury on another user. Or to put it another way, you are still just as unprotected as always, but now so is everybody else.

In the UK a cyclist is assaulted by the operators of a garbage truck. Missile knocks cyclist off his bike This is a common thing to have happen here in the US, from all different kinds of vehicles (I was hit on the back of my helmet by a chrome-plated drain pipe once), but when it happens from a city-owned vehicle you expect a bit better reply than this.

And that’s all I have today, lots of stuff to read through but not much actually related to bicycles and cycling…

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