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Building ugly panniers, and the Feed

After I finish this post I’m going to rebuild the brackets on the kitty-litter bucket panniers and put them back on Blue. The reason I took them off before was besides being ugly they made a lot of noise bouncing around on the back of the bike. This time I’m going to restrain them top and bottom to hold them rigidly in 2 planes instead of just running angle aluminum from the rack to where the handles went when they were buckets. I’m going to stiffen that part up a bit, too, where it attaches to the rack. All so I can haul more stuff home from the grocery store and do a bit of camping without having to carry everything on my back.

Up first, sometimes cyclists are their own worst PR. 4 cyclists hospitalized, several injured on causeway As the report reads as I’m posting, there was a pack of about 60 in the bike lane drafting to about 35 MPH when 2 bikes touched near the front of the peloton causing a chain reaction that took down about 30 bikes. There was much loss of skin and a few broken bones. To avoid a similar wreck, don’t ride in a peloton drafting a few inches from the bike in front. To reduce loss of skin in a similar wreck, there are special shorts and jerseys made from materials that resist abrasion while wicking sweat, but they cost about $100-$150 for a pair of shorts and about $200 for a jersey.

Amazing news from LA (the state not L.A. the city). Man gets 5 years in hit & run and Man gets 5 years in hit-and-run What is so amazing about this? In just a few short years the state of LA went from cyclists use the roads at their own risk to a culture that actually sends people to jail for hitting a cyclist just like any other road user. And not just a slap on the wrist sentence either, 5 years is serious prison time in LA with mandatory 60% time before parole. And what is even more amazing, the driver was not drunk! Well he might have been but nobody bothered to prosecute for that or even test for metabolites of drugs that might have been in his system at the time of the wreck. He was prosecuted for a wreck while sober. That is an amazing turn around for this state. Imagine that, a man hits another person riding a bicycle and leaves the scene and goes to prison in LA. I’m running on at the keyboard over it…

A MT cyclist is cut off by an SUV, on the sidewalk… Bicyclist injured after crashing into vehicle The cyclist left skid marks and slid under the SUV, that sounds to me like the driver pulled on to the sidewalk and stopped. Both should get tickets, the cyclist for going too fast on a sidewalk, the driver for obstructing the sidewalk and not making sure there was no traffic (pedestrian or bicycle) before crossing the sidewalk.

Cyclists in CT try to get better law enforcement. Cyclists lobby for motorist penalties The issue is drivers that maim or kill cyclists and are clearly at fault are not even given so much as a ticket, which severely undermines the cyclist or their survivors in civil courts when trying to recover damages. Not to mention that cyclists riding safely on the sidewalks are routinely given tickets when there wasn’t any kind of conflict with another user of the right of way while drivers that maim or kill get off with a verbal warning… TANJ!

More on the ongoing sagas of the door prize and trial of accused bicycle assaulting driver in the Great White North. MorningFile: a cycling tragedy mourned, and a new CHEO CEO As the testimony from the trial is reported the story just keeps getting worse and worse. The driver is suspected of being drunk at the time but because he delayed arrest until more than 3 hours had passed from the wreck he was statutorily protected from blood or breath testing for alcohol consumption.

LifeStyle! of the bicyclic and famous. Ride 2 Recovery helps healing I like the picture that is at the head of the article as I read it now, it’s like a pro cyclist on a mountain with the guy running along side with the flag. Go Wounded Warriors!

Infrastructure! In NYC as maps of wreck sites allow people to decide where work needs to be done to prevent injury and fatality. Map Of The Day: CrashStat Plots Cyclist And Pedestrian Crashes The first thing you need to know when fixing things is where is the work needed most urgently, and this tool shows where that is.

And that’s the entire Feed for today.

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